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SEPTEMBER 15, 2011 4:26PM

Stray Cat Strut Suits

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I never knew my grandfather
From what my granny told me
It was his cobra charming smile that got to her first
(they say it’s that very first bite that is actually the worst)
In some pictures of him he wears khaki slacks and white t-shirts
In others, stray cat strut suits every day he went to work
The camera caught him and his jaunty glance
Under a hat tipped and smoke sipped in a contented man's stance
As though his kind bluebird eyes beg pre-emptive forgiveness
For leaving his family too early, my granny a working widow
A mother of three, in love with a dead man
Watching the time every night, rings wound 'round the moon
Exhaling light over heart-smashed rocks even Virgins neglect

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smashed rocks! heart smashed! and granny is there, hm?
i know an old widow lady too.
she is beautiful beyond

ah:?:As though his kind blue bird eyes beg pre-emptive forgiveness
For leaving his family too early

from death, i hope, not playing around..?
no need for setzer to play tuned-down
your poem hits all the blues notes
done right.
damn girl
this needs a sound track but wait...
I take that back ... it's good enough on its own
but this is for you anyhow.
Tasty, tangy smooth. Mmmmm. The olive: As she exhales light over heart-smashed rocks...
soon you will dance over the hot coals, feet and heart in flames

we'll dance even with the soles of our feet ironed
even if we have our hearts toasted crisp
with multicolored butterfly wings
and spins of... "tell me what
you want" ...give me your
hand... or if not... your
foot... doen't matter
how you do it, but
that you might

exit the chrysalis
with a warm smile
and your promises too
and potent dose e doe and


Saludos catch!
Terrific hot poem ...w ords and images woven well...RATED
i'm sure i would have fallen for your cobra-smiled grandfather if your granny hadn't found him first. fabulous poem. and i'm having so much fun watching you and I I speaking spanish (so i have to scurry for the dictionary and try to decipher bits here and there before the next exchange). more, please. this is lovely.
hola James ~ beautiful beyond hyperbole...maybe you knew my gran, then. I don't think her man was a playah...I just know he was superguapo. My gran didn't talk about him much but when she did, well, I got the feeling his memory kept her up more than one night. Always nice to see you, chamo.

Yeah, Damon. I wish I coulda found out for myself.

Thank you, Chuck. Those Gretsch's sure can shred a heart when they get a fixin' to.

Aw, Scarlett, you're too kind...and too cool, too...there are some things it's best mama don't know about, eh? ; ;

Thanks, blinddream ~

Hello, Matt ~ There's a tear in my...martini...

Capitan I.I. ~ es un dosis mas rica con repetición...gracias siempre por tu presencia, por tus ganas de bailar y pablabrear ~

Thank you, PMuse ~ come visit anytime ~
Candace! Thank you for that lovely comment, bright and full of light.
It is good to have fabulous taste in los hombres, no crees? So much fun among the bits of heartbreak. That I.I. is somethin' else, I agree!
My, how this turns: from the immortality of his jaunty image to the lived pain of his mortality, smashing life on nasty, nasty rocks. Speaking of rocks, this poem does.
( Aye.................. flattery will get you everywhere, ladies )

catch, what a privelege you give, allowing us a glimpse at the spirit of this woman you love who, even in her leaving, is also the becoming you.

well also a *privilege* that........
late to this.. how we dream out past our family's past those old black and whites bringing us smiles and waves from beyond the beyond.
So well captured the loss, the man. Nice, Catch.
Hola Pilgrim ~ that turn, exactly. Una rueda, deified, reified…always from living to not and back again.

y tu, piraguero, piraguero ~
Que puntería tienen tus fleches, comrade.

Piropos y wet ojos
Las mejores lágrimas lloradas
Hasta que sean doradas
La rueda siempre confiesa
Entre potencial y promesa
Mano, pie y cabeza
Te entrego to’ito en un baile enterito
Livianito como el piso
De mariposa

rita ~ you are always on time, chama ~
…to dream out past…that is perfectly put, just like that.
Thank you, rita, for your visits here ~
This is my favourite of all the poem's you've published here. I can visualize him, I like the "cobra charming smile," and the bittersweet conclusion. And I like that Stray Cut Strut is in the title and poem.
tejemos alas,
chapoteamos olas,
las palabras bailando
en ruedas, nadando
con las chapoletas
revoloteando del
piélago pluma
tuya, fuerte
y guapa
Thank you, VA ~ for reading and commenting and for sharing your musical note. I think the man in this poem had a natural swagger, borne out of being happy with his life...and that made him devastatingly handsome.
Dale, pues ~

Aquí presente
Echándole ganas nadando al lado de tu ponga
Mis alas tejidas fuertes y bien merecidas
Capaces de esquivar redes atrapadoras
Puestas entre olas atacadoras
Lejos de suelo solido en territorio del marinero
Los sueños flotan en aguas que nos hace a todas aun más guapas