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NOVEMBER 15, 2011 7:06PM

Hobo Lover

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Harmonica tuned to the train track
He gets spiffed up, spliff lit up
Comes and knocks on my door
Takes me up the hill past the yard
So he can be closer to the moon
He needs me, my body a ladder
I can't blame him. I howl, too.
After, he's the only one who rests
His boxcar hammock swaying him to sleep

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so easy - yet so complicated
bodies as ladders
i love that idea
Snowden ~ could happen to anyone...

vanessa ~ arriba, pues!
Every line is memorable! I really REALLY like this one! I'm linking it in my Facebook. Brava!
howling is good for the soul. as are other things, but we'll stick with that for now. this is a gloriously good poem, every line excellent - but i *do* keep going back to that first one and reading it again.
"So he can be closer to the moon
He needs me, my body a ladder
I can't blame him."

Neither can I catch, neither can I ...

your cosmicomics are better than Marvel
Gracias, ASH ~

hola, Candace ~ always good to have your ear here ~

Scarlett ~ thanks, WonderWoman ~
Dr., I kinda thought you would feel this one...
The train kept arollin' - Yardbirds
Italo Calvino, huh? Don't tell me. Don't tell me. I want to try to figure that out myself.
Damon ~ I couldn't let go, either.

Querido Brass, I won't stand in your way ~
Time travel! Very cool! Ladderback!
... tuned to the train track ~ I saw a harmonica on its end, a ladder ...

I saw Miro's Dog, barking at the Moon ... I saw lovely things ...
I love the words you use to build this magnificent image.
rated with love
Each line here is so deliberate ... each filled with a picture that commands me to see and take it in fully ...before moving on to the next one.

This is a lot of things to me ...captivating, delightful, disturbing, sensual ... to mention a few.

This poem ... a lovely short story. The moon ... well it used to be closer to the Earth.
from the middle of the lake
I can't see the city

but it's lovely
floating out here

I think
Ooooh! Aaaah! What a conjuration; I love it! R.
mhold ~ thank you! I love Ladderback ~

Kim, I'm glad it worked ~

it's a kind of mirror, RP. Always good to see you here ~

It's true, Little Kate! Close enough to touch...

Capitán , from the middle of the lake, it the water holding us up or is it the moon pulling?

Thanks, Songbird, so pretty up there, so pretty down here...
the moon is pulling long strokes on the oars feathering the blades as

they skim the green salt sequined surfaces of all the earth's oceans at

once and your man has fallen from his ladder straight into the sea

where someone has dressed him up in a grey felt hat and black satin

flippers and placed a tiny silver button in plain sight on the crown of

his head through which he can breathe and when lonely enough and

far off depth soundings and in dark desolate places can be used to

play music used as a musical instrument like an underwater oboe

like the old poet salvatore quasimodo swimming through the night

with nothing but phytoplankton and a phosphorescent hobo lovers

reminiscences, boxcar beauties in an inverted world of pure oxygen

up above who always seemed saddened to hear the last long note

from the melancholy mouth harp and the old steam whistle blow

¡Saludos dos y dos!
Increíble, piraguero! Como sabias eso de the grey felt hat?? Así anda mi querido con mucha’ve made him even mas bello as shoulder blades slide under skin, wrists twist the blades, who knew feathers could create so much movement? An elegant watery tuxedo, stroking to a gala just for two, white light repelling rocky shores, letting vibrating oboe notes glint off the sea...he plays for me and for all seafaring souls...

~you are too good, Capitán, by far, much too good ~
On the road with you is great fun.
I feel the same about you, dear Algis ~
Very visual, although my favourite part is "my body a ladder." I love the concept.
catch 22 - We crashed into each other
one another . . .
We "bum" on the Open Salon Feed
@ 10:32 -
I felt like a million smackers @ 10:32
a four year old
assuring God he'll never
swear again
Let's split a Fat Tire
Break it in two
Promises like smiles
No cussin', no fussin'
In a banjo lullabye ~