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FEBRUARY 6, 2012 12:55PM

Now and Then

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I should have known.
All those nights we threw our heads back
our lion’s maws already satisfied, sated with just anticipation
Always after, we were so glad to have been had and held
so tight we weren’t sure we’d get out alive
After all, even the moth wing fringed surf must imagine
it can escape what’s pulling it
now and then.

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ooohhh "moth wing fringed surf" - beautiful - and beautiful how the moth always flying to what burns it fits it here.
I watched this one with the other hyenas at the sandbar - happy hour, of course.
Could it be that a moth qualifies satisfaction, by the degree of its burns?
thanks, c&v...lost and burning and loving it...

D.e.W ~ hyenas have always benn underrated

Limb ~ a question for over food at the, conversation, qualification...
Oh but the the feel of the burn.. no regrets I am sure.Bittersweet and very cool word choices.
Hindsight: if only we could have it at the time when things are going down.

Nice to see you back -- I've missed your poetry.
I "should have known" to check in earlier as it's always a good OS day when there's something from ms. 22.

"sated with just anticipation" conjures up all sorts of power but the last 3 lines ... great stuff, catch.
great catch, 22 :-)

I'm going with the tidal pull in the sea of love myself ;-) but there's always this undertoad ...
apologies to John Irving.
Keep on keeping on.

counting the ways
I have missed
the young
procuring logistics
a better
planting thoughts
duct tape
upon my wrists
a long sleeve
day of
lest the

2. Apart from each other either in position or in direction: The curtains had been drawn asunder.
hey, rita ~ no regrets, plenty o' that burning so bittersweet, though.

hi, VA! Nice to see you, too. I'm gonna get over to your best of, to see how my hindsight is doing...

Thanks, Scarlett ~ like those power chords from the 80's, no?
And the best punk bass, too.

oooh, Kim, The Sea of Love...Robert Plant's version...that undertoad gets me everytime...

!!Three flowers in a heart from Algis!! ***sigh***
Is that you, in jersey No. 43?

counting the days
it takes to return
to making choices
out of possibility
steady hands
for wrangling
if necessary
the curtains
from their
on each other ~
This poet is on her game.
alone together

the bittersweet confusion

but we've seen what happens
with fusion...

no space
and then an explosion.

but fission?
*all that frantik acceleration?

particles of promiss
of endless waves

*energy unabated

I say. can't escape it catch

even holding your breath
moth mouth (ha!)

wings whetted

...always unsated.

Saludos dos y dos ~
Brassawe, un brindis con hortacha ~

piraguero I.I. ~

Breath caught
Between shoulder blades
Rowing blades
Wings slice
Water, air
Climb out wet
On a sutra of sighs
...always unsated

te sigo mandando spiral shells, abrazos ~