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March 23
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FEBRUARY 23, 2012 6:24PM

Perfect Gentleman?

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the primrose path possibilities
in your smiling face
and effortless charm
standing anywhere
talking with you
watching your eyes meet mine
and not hide their approval
you kept an easy cloud between us
your sad stories
your sincere laughter
at my sudden cleverness
I thought of that one heartbreak
Realized with pleasure how that taut string 
Is still enough to make me beg 
You, a little, to stop making me cry
As I laughed, lying to you,
I just can't take it.

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Well, clever isn't everything, he needs to get up off of that cloud.
The soul of seduction, no?
That's just it, Damon. Somehow, the cloud was key...maybe clever was the lock. Whatever was going on, the whole thing was a slow surprise.

Beancounter style, really.

ASH ~ yes. yes. +nodding+
I always find mystery and intrigue mixed with sensuality in your poetry. I may not follow the events behind the words exactly but you write with such emotional intelligence that you make it all accessible regardless.
Sharp stuff, catch 22 ... razor sharp.
You can cry in Art Museums ~ I think that's what they're there for.
Oh. For a flirtation. The glimmer, suggestion, the volley and return.
So fine.
Thanks for the zinger, Scarlett. And for always coming by like you do.

Kim ~ cry and have fun all at all around...let it be true

rita ~ ping...and fine, it was. thanks, rita.
Ah, catch, so tantalising and seductive .... he ... you .... an 'easy cloud' ... a taut string .... whew!

Perfect gentleman? Let it be true indeed.
Anyone who can make you beg is worth begging for.
rated with love
Love, as life... sometimes contradicts itself.
?there's a full stop
in that question

an easy cloud hangs from a taut string ~
un beso siempre efímero

saludos poeta ~
Easy clouds ... and possibilities ... sometimes in the sharing of tears ...
anna1 ~ some funny mix, huh?

I.I. ~ allí estabas tu, en momentos was a windy day that day and he was a marinero, you see...

RomanticP ~ even one letter of yours is a lesson, a snowflake.

Little Kate ~ fingers crossed for now, guapaKate!
on rollercoast ride right out the gate
every breath taken then graciously given away ~
Scarlett said what I was thinking, but said it better than I can. As for that opening line, I have a real love of alliteration.
must be the magic of the bilabials, VA...

thanks for floating by ~