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FEBRUARY 9, 2013 6:34PM

Mujeres Solteras/Single Women

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Check me out in my many colors miniskirt
Excellent mileage on pocas palabras means mucho flirt
Let’s get together en el coche y en la guagua
Detrás de cada puerta en my Soviet made Lada
Con su máquina running, cunning, purring, no-shirting
Oh, and like I mentioned, full throttle flirting
Salsa music on the radio, carne asada waiting for us on my patio
To feel the carbon burning between tu y yo
Los VanVan calling us to twirl to and fro
Shoulder, elbow, pie, cadera
Dos pulmones y un piso de madera
Rumbamos como los volcanes porque en realidad
Cada uno es una mujer soltera

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a little fun to heat up a cold, snowy Saturday night...
oh catch, you caught me. I love to flirt! This is delightful.
thanks, Emily!
ain't no shame in the game ~
I loved that part about the machina. ;) shall I confess I toyed with the idea of being mujer fuerte instead of the French version?
you are undeniable in any lengua, ms. mann ~
no translation necessary, feeling the heat here in the severe norte
work this passionate deserves more than a tweet
trabajar este apasionado merece más que un tweet
D ~ in some places the freezing rain melts on contact

j.p. ~ a spin on the dance floor would be more than suficiente...
six syllable warm up
bilabials and taps
toes touching, wings flapped

es tan rico verte, aye aye ~
listen to the zampoña
toma tu chocolate caliente
lo vas a necesitar para cuando
nos ponemos a bailar es que yo te puedo convencer...
mi mimi che... un besito de mi aleta pa' ti.... tutu ~
¿A quién no le gusta eso?
~Que bonito, I.I., gracias mil~
hey! two languages thrown together, with a damn miniskirt
at the beginning to grab a dude's attention...and then mucho flirt.
full throttle flirt!

i put the last few verses in my idiot computer translator and got:

Two lungs and a wood floor
We rumbamos like volcanoes because actually
Each is a single woman"
hola j.m.e. ~

two lungs for breathing deep when you're a minute in, spinning during a hot and heavy rumba on wooden dancefloor. I like to think of all those pounding feet and hearts getting ready to erupt like volcanoes. I just made that last part up, about every volcano being a single woman. It feels like it might be least some of the time.