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NOVEMBER 18, 2010 8:30AM

Sarah Palin Believes She Can Win in 2012

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Sarah Palin has often used the term "lamestream media". It is her form of a caustic opinion of how the media functions. However, Palin does use the traditional media to deliver a message. In an interview with Barbara Walters, Palin states that she believes that she can beat Barack Obama, if she ran for the presidency: 
She is reluctant to answer many questions from the media. Instead, Palin would rather communicate via social media and selected venues, such as her role as a political commentator through Fox news. 

Ms Palin is critical of the media in not fulfilling its role:

"...  We know that Obama wasn’t vetted through the campaign, and now some things are coming home to roost, if you will, with his experience and his associations. And that ultimately harms our republic, when a candidate isn’t vetted by the media, that cornerstone of our democracy..."

It seems highly disingenuous to use the media in a deliberate manner including avoiding questions and then criticize those news outlets for not fulfilling its role.  
Catherine Forsythe 
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There's not much more to expect from can you, no, my eyes!!!

stop the advance of the 451s
I saw a report on MSNBC this morning that including a portion of this interview. They mentioned that this is her attempt to keep herself relevant due to dropping approval ratings, and an embarrassing defeat in Alaska. The traveling road show could go on forever, and a Presidential run is possible. Even Mike Gravel ran. But fortunately it is still unlikely that she could win. But who knows.
and I believe I can fly
awww, CF, I love you, but must you too succumb to her manipulation? If we all ignore her, she might go away...
She really is beginning to scare me. Sarah Palin has trouble with stating coherent thoughts and she believes people want her to lead the country?!
I've never been able to understand what it is that people think this woman has to offer. She should be considered an albatross.
Wow you and Bonnie should get together a collaborate on a piece. Now that would be interesting. As for Sarah, she needs to get on the yellow brick road and find the few brain cells she lost along the way. -R-
yes Bonnie's report says it....Reporters need to get the facts on Palin and not ignore her. She is manipulating the media and we deserve her if we can not see that. It isnt that she is alone to do this. She has some very powerful people who are holding her puppet strings. Scary.
She also believes her daughter can win DWTS
rated with hugs
The Republican Party is trying to stop her, but there are enough crazies and die hard Republicans who would vote for her. Never say never.
George W won for a second term, didn't he? Never say "never"; the enemy operates in unexpected ways.
What is scary is that she might be able to win!
Now that would be a disaster.
"Better to be a virtuous heathen than a devout hypocrite"...Me

Sarah strikes me as the latter!

Amen Sistah
If she did win, she'd probably quit halfway through the term.
ms catherine ... i believe she is a polarizing political figure as is our
Nancy Pelosi, i had hoped for some moderation in the Democrats to
offset the Tea Party reactionism in the Republican camp ... rated ...
I am the opposite of Sarah Palin politically (just to the right of Karl Marx) but I actually like her. She is successful at everything she does, she has handled a challenged child well, she's an outdoor gal, she is attractive and she is smart. She is also hard to explain. I wouldn't vote for her but I like her. She also doesn't have an enormous ass ala Laura Bush, Hillary Clinton and Michelle O'bama. Sexist, I realize but Harding won the Presidency because women in their first election like his good looks. R
Bristol = can't dance, but will win Dancing With the Stars;
Sarah = can't govern, but will ...
PS You can center your video by clicking on it until eight squares appear on its perimeters and then click on the center icon (the lines at the top that are centered)
Dispatch from 2012 - Presidential candidate S. Palin has selected her running mate. In a move designed to attract Machine-American voters she has chosen the Ford 150 Pickup. Phone calls to the candidate were not immediately returned.
And sometimes I believe I am a hot blonde nuclear physicist. ~r
Ms. Palin does not scare me nearly as much as the attention being paid to her. There is zero about her that interests me, which makes me feel like an outsider in our culture.
Catie Couric already vetted her two years ago and outed her as an idiot.

If she gets the nod and runs as McCandidate it will make for great comedy.

If she wins, I will sell everything I own and move to Costa Rica.
Although it is incomprehensible to imagine a serious run, maybe it would be a good thing--for the Democrats, I mean. Or maybe it would turn into a nightmare.
Face it, sheeple just inhale anything sent their way on tee-vee ... then it gets into their sub-craw where it can be scratched over and over with more advertising later ... even comments here are disturbing.

Palin's unfamiliarity with the activities on her show prove conclusively she is NOT out-doorsy, not a nature girl- she looks like a marketing exec at an Outward Bound sales pep-talk rally.

Her ass I won't discuss but if you are a surfer and used to beauty she is far from it. Ms. Forsythe is far more attractive.

But the real truth was broadcast during a taped break when Fox "journalists" including two iron lady repubs, who probably are jealous of Palin's looks considering they radiate ugliness, letting loose with the facts ... must see tee vee!
If the media would PLEASE ignore her, she would go away like an attention seeking 46 year old toddler. I feel like I’m stuck down the rabbit hole and can’t get out.

What is it that the media sees in this person???
Catherine Forsythe
What is irritating is the hypocrisy progressives will never admit to. You have a problem with the term “lamestream media”, do you have a problem with the term “Teabaggers”? You have no problem calling people derogatory terms as long as they do not come back at you. This was a big reason for the progressive defeat. They under estimated the fight in the People.

You say “She is reluctant to answer many questions from the media. Instead, Palin would rather communicate via social media and selected venues, such as her role as a political commentator through Fox news.”

This sounds like Obama and his administration during the 2008 campaign. He was refusing to have town hall meetings and only using media and questioning that was acceptable to him. As a matter of fact, after Obama is in office, he tried to censor a news organization such as Fox. The problem was he did not expect the other news organizations to back Fox, probably because they saw they could be next. The same thing was happening, on a miniature scale in OS.

You have to admit that both sides use these political maneuvers. If you are unwilling to see that progressives act this way, then you have no right to call out Republicans. The only thing you are showing is your blindness to the Truth and progressive hypocrisy. Research the media and their interviews of Obama and his administration, and then tell me if they were just as fair as interviews with the conservatives. Fox news has the best ratings for some reason; otherwise millions would not be watching them.

Democrats, in their re-election of Pelosi and Reid, have shown they have returned right back to their old agenda and have not learned anything. They blame their losses on jobs. Gee, that is what they should have been concerned with from the beginning, instead of their healthcare agenda getting pushed through. The billions of dollars in bail outs started by Bush and accelerated by Obama is now going to cause huge tax increases. The excuse of not being able to afford the Bush tax cuts is not a viable one. We could afford it if Obama, Reid and Pelosi did not go on a huge spending spree, spending trillions of dollars. The smart move would be to turn toward the center, but progressive arrogance is what will lead you guys into extinction.

Now, is the chance of a lifetime to come together, but the progressive agenda and arrogance will not let that happen.
I am letting Sarah Palin travel down her own path, my concern is that she may run into mine and I wouldn't like that much.
If she wins, it just shows how irrelevant that actual voter is to the voting process. That she should even get a minute of screen time by the media is the reason that irrelevant and really bad candidates get so much opportunity as it is. The guy who fronts the party of the the rent is too damn high has more relevancy than she does, but he's considered a fringe candidate while there are actually people setting her up to be taken seriously. At least he has an actual issue.
There would be no better way to guarantee a victory for Obama in 2012 than to have Palin run against him. That Ms. Palin could think otherwise is prima facie evidence that she lacks the intelligence and judgment to be a viable candidate. She is a joke, a walking caricature of herself, and an embarassment; the GOP leadership knows that, even if the rank and file Tea folk don't.
Actually, a poll shows that if any of the "current" slate of Republicans run for president, a large percentage of republicans said they would not vote for them but vote for independent candidate.... and that especially included Palin.

Also, what else could she say???? Of course she said she could beat him. She's a liar.
I keep wondering what planet she's from.
Hell on Earth.
Mao Zedong would look very good, and I lived there.... R.
she has the most valuable commodity in politics: name recognition.
She has two years to introduce herself more. She should probably write another book, about what she wants to do with the office.
You know, I've been giving this a lot of thought today. I'm going to volunteer to run Sarah Palin's campaign. When I get her elected to the presidency, and I will, my only requirement is that she hires me to be her press secretary because I want to be the person who has to speak to the press each and every day and repeat the brilliant things she's going to be saying on a regular basis. And I'll say it with the greatest pleasure you can possibly imagine. And I'll say it knowing that every one of them have to actually pretend to respect the office of the person I'll be representing.

I will take my lessons from Saddam Hussein's press secretary and pretend to believe everything I say each and every day.

I will be the only person in the country having a grand ole' time.
I am watching the countdown clock on her 15 minutes of fame. She will have to go on the reality show circut, dragging her kids with her.

Perhaps she will go too far soon and that will be good. Then we can be rid of her presence.
It is sad that a country that prides itself on being progressive, the leader of the world, and whatever other accolades it bestows upon itself, has yet to have a woman president. How amazing is it that some patriarchal societies have had women presidents before us. Hilary would have made a good first female prez, but men don't like her. Men DO like Sarah. In a country where looks take preference over substance, we should perhaps brace ourselves...she might just end up winning. In which case I shall return my citizenship and move to Australia. At least they like tea and meat pies. And women presidents.
rated ;)
...highly disingenuous if she had a clue or a brain or could process multisyllabic words. Holding my breath in horror at the prospect. AAAARGHHHHHH! rated with thanks and nods enough to qualify for whiplash. xo
I just can't figure why she commands so much media attention in the first place. R
Tommy T has a point. There is an immense amount of hypocrisy on display here. But then, hypocrisy is no stranger to our political discourse, and it generally cuts both ways.

I agree too with some of what Stardazer says. We should by now have had a female president, and in a society as superficial as ours, good looks just might carry the day.

Palin will run and the media will follow her in a frenzy. Still, I'm not convinced she can win the GOP nomination, much less the general election. She is controversial with rank-and-file Republicans, and even with some Tea Party folk. Moreover, if Ron Paul runs in 2012, a significant portion of the Tea Party block will follow him, splitting that vote.
The only good thing that would come from a Palin presidency (Ouch. It hurts just to type those words.) is the fact she has never finished a full elected term. She'd end up the Half-Term President.
Sarah Palin should run for President in 2012 with the Ultimate Warrior. I'm pretty sure the Warrior has serious military credentials and he is a man of faith.