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NOVEMBER 22, 2010 8:00PM

How to Create an Active Link in an Open Salon Article

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An active link is sometimes called a 'hot link'. It is a piece of highlighted text in an article that, when clicked, will lead to another website. There is an easy way to create an active link in the New Post section of Open Salon.

For the purposes of this discussion, I will use an example with one of my previous articles. The article is about a dog named Oliver and the link is [

Now, the task is to make a piece of text lead to that page without posting the actual URL (Uniform Resource Locator) or web address. 

Suppose, in the following sentence, the words that I want to make "active" are 'Oliver is a wonderful dog'. Oliver is a wonderful dog who was trying to qualify as a search and rescue dog.

These are the step that I would need to follow:

1. In the body of the new post, I would find the term 'Oliver is a wonderful dog'. I would highlight that text in the body of the new post. In order to do that, I would depressed the left mouse button at the beginning of the word "Oliver" and drag the mouse to the right until I reached the end of the word "dog".

2.  The text string 'Oliver is a wonderful dog' should be shaded in blue. This indicates the text that will be made active. 

3.  In the header of the body section, you will see many symbols. After you have highlighted the text, you will see a link. It looks like a part of an actual chain. It is the third icon on the second level of the header. Click on that link icon.

4.  Another small window will open. There will be a bit of text that says "Link URL", followed by an empty box. In that empty box, place the web site address (URL) to which you would like to direct the reader. In the case of my example regarding Oliver, I would use this URL:
has_a_surprising_protective_side_part_3_of_4 . That URL would be pasted in that first empty box.

5.  Next, there is a line that says "Target". That line gives a choice to "Open link in the same window" or "Open link in a new window". I would suggest that the second option be used. The link will be seen in a new window. I make this suggestion because the reader still will have your page opened and does not have any trouble finding the original article again. 

6. The final step is to click "Insert", at the bottom left corner of that small window. That will return you to the New Post page. The bit of text that was highlighted in Step 1 will have a line underneath it now. That is exactly what you want to see.

7. After you have finished your article, just click on "Publish", as you would do normally. 

The end result should behave in this manner. In our example, the sentence is: "Oliver is a wonderful dog who was trying to qualify as a search and rescue dog.".  From the beginning of the word "Oliver" to the end of the word "dog" should be active. Clicking anywhere along that word string should take the reader to a new page. In this case, it is my previous dog article about Oliver.

And one final suggestion about the active link can be included here. If you had wanted the word "Oliver" to be bold, just go back after the active link has been created. Highlight the word Oliver, just like in Step 1. Click on the B symbol in the header of the Body section. It is the B icon that is the second icon from the left. After clicking the B icon, the word previously highlighted is now in bold text. 
What you have done is inserted HTML code into your article. HTML is HyperText Markup Language which controls how text is presented. In this case, you indeed have coded. You just used some shortcuts that Open Salon has provided, so you can focus on your writing.
Catherine Forsythe 

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Thank you so much for this...I never would have figured out how to do this....well, maybe in another lifetime

*Go to my blog and save a library*
Thanks so much for this Catherine and you know I can't resist a good dog story and so I had to go back and read about Oliver, which then took me to other posts in your archives. It is all glorious!!!
I stopped by to read about link stuff and found super dog stories! Great stories, Catherine. I mean really great! I'll have to read your archives after some of these school papers are done.
Thanks for showing me how to do this a few weeks ago.
From the Catherineencylopedia :)
Rated with hugs
Can you believe I've been typing in the HTML myself? I rarely link anything because of the time it takes. Who Knew? (Apparently almost everyone but me!)
These are incredibly helpful. Thank you. R.
well, this works! i had been doing it the "hard way."
when I write my stuff offline and I have some html with a link to it that will show up in my post, I further enhance the link by making it have an underline, a common convention for hot links. I do that by putting a "u" before and a "/u" after the active link words. <u> and </u> to produce the underline. It is sometimes hard for me to see the different colored text that indicates a hot link, the underline makes it easier for me.
if you make it too easy, they don't appreciate it.
Oh you are amazing, big thank you. I wondered how that worked, now I know. Is there a code to make the follicles on my scalp straight? I hate ironing my hair, it makes my arms tired.
Catherine- Thank you for this- I was just wondering how to do that. I'll try it soon! Very clearly written and looks easy to follow. Thanks!!! Kevin
Thank you so much for this. I have had other people try to explain it to me but it went right over my head.
Your posts are so helpful
Now if we could just do links in comments.
rated with love
Catherine, I marvel at info like this. You should write a book on this stuff called " How the Hell Does She Do That?"

I shal practice: meanwhile, thanks. R
Thank you! You are incredibly helpful.~r
Keep trying to integrate us tech neanderthals into your world, I appreciate this and will bookmark it. Thanks Catherine!

Now how do we put an active link in a comment?