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NOVEMBER 26, 2010 5:00PM

Standards For TSA Employment Are Simply Horrid

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A Transportation Security Administration (TSA) employee has been taken into custody on allegations of abduction and sexual assault. The employee, Randall King, has been hospitalized for trying to harm himself.

Investigations into King's background reveal that King does have a history of legal disputes:

"...  According to the records, King was charged with nine offenses of harassment and stalking by communication in January 2001. A court clerk told Regan that King pleaded guilty and spent three months in jail for skipping a court appearance.

TSA has a long list of "disqualifying offenses" for employment at the federal agency that operates airport security. Those offenses include felonies, violent crimes, theft, and crimes involving security and transportation. Regan checked the list and found that it did not include misdemeanor offenses of harassing and stalking."

It is befuddling that a TSA employee would have such a background, where there were legal problems such as harassment and stalking. In this economic climate, are there not potential employees who do not have such a personal history of legal problems? 

The employment standards of a government agency such as the Transportation Security Administration should be beyond question. It should preclude offenses like harassment and stalking. When did simple common sense drop out of the operational guidelines for this agency mandated with public safety?

Catherine Forsythe
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Transportation Security Agency (TSA) workers carry out security checks at Denver International Airport, the day before the Thanksgiving holiday in Denver November 24, 2010. Millions of Americans took to the skies on Wednesday for the start of the Thanksgiving holiday but air travel flowed smoothly despite protests over new security procedures, including calls for passengers to boycott high-tech body scanners. Over 160,000 people were expected to move through the airport today. REUTERS/Rick Wilking (UNITED STATES - Tags: TRANSPORT SOCIETY)
 Transportation Security Agency (TSA) security at Denver International Airport:  November 24, 2010
[photo credit: REUTERS/Rick Wilking] 

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Wait till they find all them pedophiles who are working and applying for TSA positions.
and now they go through more abuse..
rated with hugs
Another reason to dread flying in December! If I had the time, it would be the bus or the train for me. With the exam schedule I have, there is no choice except to fly.
sorry, there has to be a place for everyone to earn a living, or would you prefer to watch them starve?

all the good jobs are staffed, no shortage of applicants, so the less attractive jobs get the 'losers.' that's the way american society is structured, and i'm sure you wouldn't want to live in a socialist society, now would you.

besides, if you knew the quality of people directing and executing america's wars, you might not be so upset at relatively minor misdemeanors.
Unusual as it may seem, I think al has a point here. Every day you come into contact with many people who have had problems with the law. In most cases you will never have reason to find that a problem. The rare case like this that surfaces has everyone up in arms - more because they think they "should" be than for any reason borne of personal experience.

Keep in mind that 99.99% of us has done things that, if we' been caught, would have resulted in us too having a misdemeanour criminal record of some kind.
Yikes! What a bad case! I have to confess my experience with TSA workers has been ok. Further, as one who grew up in the east and felt that the civil rights era only began our need to combat discrimination against blacks, that after 9/11, when a lot of African Americans in Phoenix appeared on the scene, I was pleased on two accounts: 1)they got jobs; and 1)they spoke American. So sorry this guy slipped through the cracks. I think most of them are ok.
everyone deserves a second chance, or a tenth one, is that not the American way? :)
Still, they are better than the little Korean women who used to ask women business travelers: "Where yo man?" as if women shouldn't travel alone or walk in front of men, I guess.
arent they employed by private contractors like in Canada? ie: minimum wage...
Along with Al Loomis' comment & Brian B - TSA probably represents more driving wages down. People who have a hope of reasonable pay are holding out for more than TSA pays? Just a guess ...