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MARCH 1, 2011 2:35PM

Bristol Palin Scores a Book Deal

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Is twenty years old too young to write a memoir? Apparently, the publisher HarperCollins thinks that is exactly what America and the world wants. Bristol Palin, the eldest daughter of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, is writing a book. The title is reported to be "Not Afraid of Life":

"...  "In 'Not Afraid of Life', Bristol gives readers an intimate behind-the-scenes look at her life for the first time, from growing up in Alaska to coming of age amid the media and political frenzy surrounding her mother's political rise," William Morrow said in a statement."

Bristol Palin may serve as an inspiration. She has shown that educational background is not a significant factor. Creativity and innovation are not the only paths to fame and riches. Name recognition and a good writing staff can lead to a book deal. She is showing the children of famous people everywhere that, where creative marketing exists, there will be buyers. In the process, Ms Palin may want to rephrase P.T. Barnum's old adage into "there's a buyer born every minute".

Catherine Forsythe
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 Bristol Palin:  May 5, 2010
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I wonder who the ghost writer is..:) Maybe Tink has a shot at this.:)
rated with hugs
Life is not fair, but I guess most of us know that by now.
This could be a good book if she's willing to "elaborate" on her mother!
Catherine, wait for the movie!
yuck yuck...thanks cath.
i'm typing with only one hand as the baby is in the other...
And here I thought writing a Salon blog was the path to getting a book deal. Apparently it's getting pregnant out of wedlock while preaching abstinence. Lesson learned.
I'm sure she'll have inherited all of her mother's literary brilliance. Which means I'll be amusing myself by going to the bookstore, removing the dust jacket and replacing it upside down. Cheap thrills, gotta love 'em =o)

But Cranky, the Right Wing LOVES you if you're an Abstinence Only teenaged unwed mother-to-be and the daughter of their VP candidate! It makes turning on a dime about teen sex so much easier for the Right Wing!
This is the kind of stuff that makes me sick - not your post - but this girl/woman and the culture that makes it possible. r
why oh why CF do you waste your talents on this drivel? Now I need to drink to get this out of my brain... if only I could target the specific memory cells...
I didn't know she could read. I didn't know she could write. I know she can't dance.
I wish her the best.
As for her mother, she's written one more book than she's ever read.
I have no words.....

Maybe I'll get my own writing staff.
She is the expert on abstinance.
Ergo I will abstain from purchase of the expert's book.
This book should be a big hit on Open Salon, considering how many people here have been spending the best years of their lives looking (and fighting) for book deals... But what does Ecclesiates say again? "By these, my son, be admonished: of making many books there is no end... And, behold, all was vanity and vexation of spirit..."
I can't wait! there must be at least 12 chapters devoted to DWTS, and you know how much I LOVE that!!
this is amazing, completely amazing. Thanks for the heads up!
rated with love

Thank you, Catherine, for the warning.
Kateeasley stole my comment. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
Like Cranky Cuss said...
Maybe I've been going about this whole getting published thing the wrong way...
This actually makes me sick.
" Which means I'll be amusing myself by going to the bookstore, removing the dust jacket and replacing it upside down."

@Shiral :That's too funny. I am going to do that!

Maybe with all the money she makes she will go to college and learn how to manage her money. I guess if she can afford a writing staff she can afford a financial advisor.

Since she does represent abstinence, do you think she is going to tell us when she has (had) sex again?
Memoirs such as Ms. Palin's are the equivalent of the offerings found in the junk food aisle of a market. But other aisles contain white truffles, and fresh cilantro, and perfectly marbled ribeye steaks. For every Missy Palin there are a dozen, five dozen, ten dozen fine published writers. As for Palin, publishers would be nutz to ignore what the market demands. Yet, the fact that her book can coexist in a bookstore with those of, say, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and Mark Twain says that the publishing industry has embraced diversity, a concept near and dear to many here. The vital question is: Who's going to do Ms. Palin's pop-ups and drawings?
What Fusun said. And the real bite is that she won't even have to do the hard work.
...sigh. Meanwhile, our kids of similar age are busting their asses working two or more jobs (with their college degrees and loans on their backs) just to stay afloat. This will be a book I actually could burn. geeez
I wonder if she will actually read the chapters before she signs off on them......Rated
BREAKING NEWS! I have learned through confidential and unamed sources the title of the aforementioned memoir by young Bristol. With apologies to Alaskan dogsledders it is:

Once you recall that everyone on "The Jersey Shore" scores, the power of the word is up for negotiation.
I'm not shocked; it was only a matter of time. I just try to think that books like this will sell well and maybe allow a real writer (i.e. someone who will actually write his/her book) a chance to be published.
I wish I had a book deal. I've got a lot to write about my grandfather in WWII his WWII letters, and many other things he did in his life like walk the Appalachian and Jenny Wiley trail, his collection of political election scrapbooks from 1947 to Margaret Truman's wedding. Then an excavation of a presidential cabinet member from the Civil War era and lots more. I'd love for others to know about him. I call him the Renaissance man.
I like your argument about name recognition here. If only my last name was Palin or Kardashian. My book would be published by now, and I wouldn't have had to spend a week writing it let alone all those years it took....
Oh man!! This is the best news EVER!! I already have her mom's books, so, well, I'll be the first in line to buy her's!!!! Hurray!!

**Snickering as he heads back into the thorn bushes**
And people wonder about the proliferation of self-publishing?
Sincerely, Bernadine Palin Hilton Kardashian
Oh for f**k sake.

Eat it up, America. Keep fueling the fool machine.
I shudder to imagine what kind of pathetic idiots would put down good money to buy a book of sanctimonious ghost-written platitudes by the mother of all hypocrites. Or maybe the daughter of all hypocrites.
This is nowhere near about her or her train wreck of a life.

It is a well known right wing tactic to funnel money from one place to another...probably into mommy dearest's pockets.
I enjoyed reading about this tell all book out on the Palins....
hey, even tbaggers gotta have something to read while they plant their ignorant asses on their toilets. actually, it's the only way to read this shit.
Jeez just remembered SP has five kids. Please tell me the OTHER four aren't planning memoirs too!
Who could imagine....? Not me obviously
I going to go with Linda; Just think how funny it would be if Tink did it. I can see it now, at the bottom of each page, there would be *wondering in and out* hahahaha

and Katesley on this one...............
We are approaching the speed of terminal idiocy velocity. When you try to think of something as absurd, or more absurd to put this in context, you can't really do it. Only fiction like "Idiocracy", or whatever the next really dumb thing is can make sense of this. Pauly Shore, Octo-Mom, or the next therapist slapped by Lindsay Lohan have more to contribute than this young woman possibly could. Stop the world, it is time for the Palins to get off. Take John McCain too, for good measure.
She and that silly fool Abby Sunderland (probably sharing same ghost writer) can go on book tours together, or the publisher can do a deal, read two books by naive, uneducated, easily manipulated young women for the price of one.
Maybe this is a money-laundering scam. Remember "Reflections of a Public Man" by Speaker of the House Jim Wright, which may have had the lowest ratio of readers to copies sold of any book in history?