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MARCH 3, 2011 4:35PM

Exact Details on Embedding a YouTube Video on Open Salon

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Many people seem to be having trouble with embedding a YouTube on Open Salon. When I have attempted to send over the exact coding through email or the internal Open Salon mail system, the HTML coding is stripped out. Then it becomes necessary to create an attachment and hope that the person is using a computer on which the attachment is readable. 

In short, it becomes somewhat of a nightmare to assist in having a YouTube video embedded in an Open Salon article. Therefore, this is a step-by-step, highly detailed 'how-to' about placing a YouTube video within an Open Salon article. The video that I will use, as an illustration, is this classic from Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel. I believe that this video was from a 1967 appearance in Monterey:
*  Open a New Post page and place a title for the article. The title is limited to 60 characters.

*  Go to the YouTube page where the video you want to embed is located. In the case of this Simon and Garfunkel video, the URL address is:  []. Right below the video, there is an "Embed" button. Click on that "Embed" button.

*  Directly below the "Embed" button, a small box will appear. It will contain lines of code. For the moment, ignore the code. Directly below the code box are four options. Place a check mark opposite "Use old embed code". All the other boxes should not have check marks. You may notice that the lines in the box containing the code have changed. That is good.

*  With the check mark placed opposite "Use old embed code", highlight the lines of code in the box and copy that to your computer's clipboard. In the example that I am using, the code begins in the following manner:  < object width= "480"  ( I had to put spaces so that it would show up in this post)  and goes on. It is necessary to copy every bit of that code and it is not necessary to make any changes.

*  Now, go back to the Open Salon New Post page and click the HTML button. That is found in the line directly under where tags are placed for an article. Once the HTML button is clicked, a new window will open. You will see the HTML Source Editor.

*  In the HTML Source Editor, find where you want the video to be placed in the article. Once you have found where you want the video placed, move the cursor to that location, in the HTLM Source Editor window. Paste the code that was copied from the YouTube embed box.

*  Once the code has been pasted in the specific location in the article, click "Update". This is a button in the lower left hand corner of the HTML Source Editor. 

*  When you return to your New Post page, you may not see the video. It will depend on the browser that you are using. Take a deep breath and do not panic. Your video will be there. Click "Save Draft and Preview". This is near the bottom right hand corner,  below where the text content for an article is entered.

*  On the Preview page, the YouTube video should appear. Now there is the option of publishing from that Preview page or returning to do some edits on the article, prior to publishing. The video does not need to be sized. When the article is published, the Open Salon parameters will size the video properly and automatically. The changes may take a few minutes but the video will be sized without any user input. In other words, please leave it alone.

These instructions should be valid no matter what operating system is used or which browser has been used.    
Good luck; ... and as Captain James T. Kirk might say, "Standard obit, Mr Sulu - ahead warp one".
Catherine Forsythe 

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Great Post. I have been asked many times and I can now just give them your link. You are a Godsend to OS!
I can't get this to rate. It's happened all day! I'll try again later!
Man this is so slow... but so many people ask me too Catherine.. now it is out in laymans terms..
Scanner is right- you are a godsend.
This is hard? Well, nice of you to spend the time to do this.
I have this figured out, but I wanted to read it anyway. I just think that you are really a great teacher when it comes to this stuff and after reading it, I see how wonderful you really are! Good work, and I am sure many people appreciated these instructions. My You Tube defaults now to the old code everytime I use it, in other words the box comes checked! It remembers!
Thank you! I wondered what happened as I had never had a problem before this.
Thanks. I had figured it out but it took me a while to figure out I wanted the old fashioned code. Not the default.
Going onto my home page left hand column in my collection of 'How To Rock OS' posts ~ for posterity and newbies!
This is why I call you Catherine the Great.
I was just thinking of something to embed today, but woe is me, I didn't know how to do it. Thanks!
I'd like to ad that on occasion, when you hit "Publish" and go over to your page, that video (and sometimes a photo too) doesn't show up. If that happens to you, before you have a heart attack or send out a search party for Catherine, look up at your URL bar at the top of your screen. If you see a wee tiny curved arrow there, click on it and wait a few seconds. That is the "refresh" symbol and clicking on it refreshes the whole page. Your video or photo should now show up.

It didn't?

C A T H E R I N E !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yay Catherine, it's so frustrating when things stop working. I could embed videos and suddenly one day I couldn't. I have no idea what goes on, I just started clicking different things on youtube and reading their FAQ pages trying to get it to embed in HTML, sure enough when I checked the old embed code it put in the video. Maybe they updated something and it changed the default selection on youtube.

I'm giggling at the Kirk quote, is that a Freudian slip? Perhaps a warning to me not to mess with the link for a few more days, lest the brain gets loopy again and I take a hammer to my computer.
Thank you for taking the time to write this post. It may not have been your favorite one to write, but it was needed by many of us here on OpenSalon! I will mark this as a favorite so I'll have it to use in the future.
Thank you thank you! I've been having trouble with it lately.
Thanks so much for this! For the technologically challenged among us (me!), this is really helpful. Just this weekend, I struggled with this, but now I've got it fixed. Much better. Thanks again.
Wow. What a remarkable pain. But thanks for sharing these directions!!
Thank you. I had no idea about the "old code" option. Thank you, thank you!!!!!
Thanks for solving that mystery. Now then can you tell me how to imbed a hyperlink in a comment?