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MAY 5, 2011 3:35PM

Raid on bin Laden: When a Dog Becomes a Seal

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The military raid on bin Laden's hideaway instantly made Seal Team 6 a known entity worldwide. The public is learning that there is elevated secrecy about this branch of the military. The training and equipment available to this elite unit are the finest in the world. The members of Seal Team 6 are all men, with one notable exception. Even with the most sophisticated, state-of-the-art equipment and technology, this fighting force availed itself of a trusted squad member, with unique abilities.

A dog was along on the raid to find Osama bin Laden:

"...  According to a series of reports, the so far unidentified canine was lowered into the compound from a helicopter while strapped to a human member of the team. It was most likely needed to check for hidden explosives, or perhaps to seek Bin Laden if the house contained a secret hiding place."

Those who have had the privilege of seeing working dogs perform know that this dog must have been very special and capable. To augment the finest, most advanced technology, these men had along old fashion canine abilities. A well trained dog's scenting abilities and hearing remain unsurpassed. Courage is unquestioned. Further, in the tradition of the Navy Seals, this is a loyal team member who will keep a secret - always.

Catherine Forsythe 
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I want to write his "as told to" book for him.

The article I read also said the dog was vaulable for escapees. They run faster than humans, sink their teeth in and hold on so the soldiers don't have to shoot.
Con, I didn't know you spoke 'Belgian Malinois" - another skills revealed!

Cranky, remember too that a dog (even as a pet) is prohibited in Islam and is thought to be unclean. It heightens the fear factor.
Google "Slugger the Sea Dog" half dog, half seal.
Sheepie, you're evil! I was almost ready to go to my Google tab!
Oh wow I loved learning about this. So cool! Thank you and thank you Mr. Dog.
I found a dog for you today. I am going to blog about him next week. He is not all there.. That is all I will tell you.
Nothing like this though.
rated with hugs
I hope the dog can now retire with honors.
I hadn't heard that, but I'm not surprised!
thanks, catherine. what a fine dog he must be.
My Chloe would have done the same....especially if there were mice in the compound.
How wonderful!! I am reposting to all my doglover friends on Facebook!!
sending this to a dog trainer I know who has 2 malinois- he will be so pleased
Information I've seen indicates that Bin Ladin was given up by the Pakistan military since he was in a military center and Pakistan soldiers flooded the area when the raid took place. It was impossible that the helicopters could sneak in unnoticed. It was all a baloney ploy by Obama to raise his general standing in the USA which has been sinking disastrously. Unfortunately for Obama his totally incompetent performance as president will come to the fore again before the election as the economy plunges and more and more people lose their houses and jobs and the country keeps throwing more money down the black hole of Iraq and Afghanistan.
THAT is too cool. I can't imagine how much the Seal Dog must've bouyed those soldier's spirits...

When the film of the "house tour" of Osama's compound was broadcast, I noticed there was a mutt dog there. It was barking and dodging away from the people shooting the footage. I hope it is ok.
Belgian Malinois -- yes, very often trained and used as military working dogs. (I used to do video stuff at Lackand AFB, which is the all-services training school for dog-handlers)European bred - they are largeish dogs, looking something like a long-haired Alsatian, but with rather more tan than black fur. Nice dogs, really. Not as friendly as Labs, though. There was a pic posted on my milblog a couple of months ago, of a dog-handler parachuting from the back of an aircraft, with the dog in a special harness, strapped to his chest.
Apparently, from the testimony of those handlers, the dogs handle parachute jumping very well, once past the noise of the AC engines.
Such amazing animals! I'm glad to hear a canine helped in the capture!
Great story!
I was just reading about this earlier!! Rated!! Even though its about a dog!! PFFFT!! :D
No, per Cathrine Forsythe, dogs are not considered "unclean" by Muslims or "forbidden" as pets. It's far more complicated, but in short both Shia and Sunni sects accord rights and respect to all animals; neither "forbids" the keeping of dogs. The dog was likely along to sniff out a hidden bin Laden. And, Jan writes nonsense, albeit with the absolute certitude of a zealot.
TheBadScot: Here is a quote from a CBC article:

"... Some devout Muslims consider dogs to be unclean animals and try to avoid any contact with them. Some Muslim cab drivers in Vancouver have even refused to take guide dogs in their vehicles and will call for a second vehicle to take the fare instead.

Shawket Hassan, the vice-president of the B.C. Muslim Association, says he wants to make sure the dogs will not touch passengers during searches, which could lead to problems, particularly for Muslims heading to a mosque to pray."

- the link is found at:
TheBadScot: and this from a Reuters article -

"(Reuters) - A senior Iranian cleric has decreed dogs are "unclean" and should not be kept as pets -- a move aimed at discouraging Western-style dog ownership in the Islamic state, a newspaper reported on Saturday."

- here is the link: The news article was published on June 19, 2010.
Key word, very key word, in your response: "Some". SOME Muslims...blah blah... including a TAXI driver in Vancouver. Well, THAT settles the matter.
Canine inclusion in the Seal operations is fascinating, particularly their $2000 a pop titanium armor-piercing teeth.
TheBadScot: I had looked up another link for you while you were replying. Here it is:

I will not quote from it. It seems that somehow I have disturbed you. That is unfortunate. My intent simply was to be informative about a topic (dogs) with which I have an abiding interest.
Great reporting on this under-reported always, informative and well done!
I am not disturbed in the least. I liked the gist of your post. But two feet to my left is a copy of the Koran, which I've perused for 30 years. Next to it is a pretty good explication, THE MEANING OF THE GLORIOUS KORAN, edited by Mohammed Marmaduke Pickthall, published by Mentor Religious Classics. from these and other hard-cover works I've derived opinions. You seem to get yours from the Web, a place rife with misinformation. Do the homework and I'll give some credence to your pronouncements. But if you depend on the Web for your so-called information: No dice.
I'm surprised to hear that the team had at least one member with some intelligence.

You are the best. Thanks for the report and the links. R
Seals and dogs both bark
Oh dear! It seems that good ol' "Hard-Cover BadScot" has declared Catherine unfit to discuss this issue with this "hard-cover eminence" because her "sources" don't meet with his approval.

What a joke! It is axiomatic in discussion and debate that one never attacks the individual or his/her sources. You discuss the topic and ONLY the topic, there "BadScot" old man.

If BadScot can dictate to Catherine where she must obtain her information before he will deign to have a discussion with her it can ONLY be because he cannot respond to the position she has put forward.

Argue your position sir, NOT your "hard cover" sources. I suggest that you apologize to Catherine. You are definitely scholar enough to know better than to do what you did. You have shamed yourself.

The Bad Scot certainly has the technique down of declaiming himself an authority on unknowns with little or no basis or even probability to back himself up. It's a kind of school teacherish technique used commonly to carry an opinion and cow any thought. Sorry, it doesn't work.
Grrrrrrrrrrrr.BARK!BARK!BARK! Ruff...ruff. Grrrrrrrr.

Who let the dogs out?
Incidentally, there is now clear indication that Bin Laden's location was known by US authorities since 2005 and this whole heroic theater and hasty and hugely suspicious disposal of his body where nobody can verify the facts is nicely timed to recoup whatever stature Obama claims for his performance as a president. The presentation that the Pakistan military were ignorant of goings on in their secure military installation where Bin Laden has been more or less openly living for six years is food for fools. Since the American public is so ecstatic over this performance it looks like the PR event has been successful and might function for a while until the economic disaster in the USA restores the public's sense of reality.
I love your love for dogs and all the ways you show us how wonderful they are.
rated with love