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MAY 28, 2011 3:00AM

Do Nothing

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Breathe deeply. Try not to multitask. Do nothing for two minutes. Click the following link and just listen. It won't hurt...
It's like a speed bump on the internet.  

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Can't comment now - busy doing nothing.... (*‿*)

I read this at a totally bad time, since I have to log off my computer and get ready for a full afternoon of errand running! D'oh! But I will definitely have to try this later! Thanks for giving us a reason to take what for many of us is probably a much-needed pause!
I do nothing constantly. so this is nothin' new to me....being one of the masses of unemployed...
Now I really need some coffee!
I'm probably the only person who got the "fail" sign flashed at them. ~r
Clever. No one can do nothing for two minutes. It's impossible. The brain records a minimum of one new impression ever six seconds. I've been trying to do nothing for two minutes for more than 40 years, meditating an hour a day in the effort. Sam Lewis once told his students that they should only meditate for two minutes at a time for this very reason. Two minutes of non-thought is a lifetime achievement.
Couldn't go the distance at first, but practicing! ;)
This reminds me of the 30-second sound and sight postcards on CBS Good Morning on Sunday.
okay. Breathe in ...
a poem just Given by bar*tle*by
2011 vol. 31. "Roadside" by poet
Melissa Ann Bryant.
My heart crushed against your chest.
Fingers woven together.
sutured until ripped apart.
Warm lips surrender
soft instinctual pulses of passion.
No longer the blunt,
monochrome bitterness of rejection.
The roadside caress of my soul revived,
white tail bounding into the woods.
Although it felt like gut-wrenching death,
I was merely stunned
by your reckless driving
Breath out. No forget to breathe and bathe.
Breathe in and back out if in washtub today.
Be alive
okay and ay
Be behaved
comment stink
it go to a moon
moo cow chew
maybe Kerry?
he chew crap?
no comment.
I tried but my hand was on the mouse before I could stop it! I'll go stand in the corner with Joan.
This should get a few people fired at work.
Okay I shall try this..
Excellent piece for me on a busy Saturday.
I cannot do nothing for two minutes, because I will be doing something even if it is only nothing!!

UUUUUUmmmmmmmmmm uuuuuuuuuummmm!!!!

--Zen and the Art of the Nothing by Raja Dama Lana Sun

Failed, twice (the first time simply trying to bookmark the page)
third time I shut it off. Sweet Jesus, can I really not sit still for 2 freakin' minutes?
You captured one of my favorite sounds....the ocean and the seagulls above. I couldn't enjoy the link for the whole 2 minutes since I'm out of town and surrounded by my family....but I liked it.
I'll have to come back to this later...
thank you Catherine, I needed that.
rated with love.
I just came back from a walk/run, I am learning to exercise in sprints and stops, and this was part of my "stop". After my two minutes were up, I was dazing into the sunset another few minutes, not moving anything but eyelashes and my breathing belly. I have no problem going into rest and digest.....
That's what I do while I wait for Open Salon to load something, but it is longer that a couple of minutes.
love it. i'm going to see if lola can do it. max is already a zen master.
Yes, do that. Sit in Lotus position even. Then when you are done, listen to extremely loud music and dance like a maniac! Such is the truest nature of humanity.
I could not do it, I swear!