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MAY 27, 2011 6:40PM

Something Truly Geeky for Your Laptop: The Stash Card

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When I bought my desktop computer, there were a couple of stacks of computer games included. Every single one of those games remains in the shrink wrap. They are unopened. Initially, my tech friends thought this was strange. I wasn't enjoying the full computing experience if I was not playing games on the new machine. 
The desktop still works well. My tech friends ("geeks") now think that these unopened games are worth big dollars, since they are still in the original shrink wrap. Nevertheless, it is their mission to convert me into being a geek. To this end, I have been given a present today. It is a gadget that uses a card slot on my laptop. The Stash Card hides stuff:

"...  The Stash Card from Wireless Garden is a secret compartment that slides into the slot to stash away all sorts of stuff: Memory cards, Money, Stamps, Keys, Photos, and so much more..."

link:   The Stash Card

I admit it. It's cool. It is one of the few gadgets that my friends have purchased that I actually will use. Thanks, guys - now I have said it online. 


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Now that sounds great!!
Sell those games Catherine.. Amazon awaits you..:)
rated with hugs
Linda, I wouldn't know how to sell on Amazon. I don't even have an eBay account. An eBay account is on my to-do list though...
I haven't got any money to stash, and thats all I could think to use it for. What will they come up ....,
Will a Dove Bar fit in there?
noooooooooooooo! It would be awful if the TSA thought laptops have secret storage nooks.