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JUNE 3, 2011 3:15AM

Are You Ready for the "Windows 8" Operating System?

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There may be a drastic drop in price of mouse hardware over the next few years. The mouse soon may be joining the floppy disk as technology that once appeared to be standard equipment then faded. In fact, some people might have made several purchases of a favourite mouse, in order to be prepared for an eventual hardware malfunction. Having the same version of the mouse makes replacement truly easy. There is no learning curve to switch over to a new mouse.

As Microsoft advances to its new operating system, temporarily named "Windows 8", a mouse may not be necessary. The mouse may be relegated to attic storage, along side of the IBM ball typewriter. 

Windows 8 will offer touch functionality. Of course, with the new software, new hardware will be required. For example, a touch screen monitor will be necessary. Microsoft has given a preview of what Windows 8 might be like. The Windows 8 operating system will be based on HTML5. 

Microsoft has released a first look at Windows 8, with Jensen Harris, the Director of PM (Program Management) Windows User Experience: 
Are you ready for Windows 8? Perhaps this is the point where there is a significant advancement in your personal technology, with purchases in both hardware and software. It may be the tipping point where some long-time Microsoft users have a close look at Apple and see what Mr Jobs has to offer.

Catherine Forsythe  
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Just bought a new HP laptop w an electronic, wireless mouse. I love it and the Windows 7; not at all sure I'd want a touch-screen.

I just bought my first laptop and it came with Windows 7. I was thinking about getting a wireless mouse,too. Just goes to show that obsolete happens in a nanosecond.
I wont be able to eat ribs and be on the computer at the same time.
I can only hope that touch functionality will be a loving touch, given the rather pot-holed nature of my technological abilities!
I wonder how long it will be before we can manipulate a computer screen by our thoughts and not by touch. Mice were never long for this world.
Thanks all for stopping by. I should add that one of my laptops still runs on Windows XP Pro and the machine runs well. I don't think it has enough resources to run the 'latest and greatest' from Microsoft. The machine just does what it is suppose to do and is stellar.
Are you ready to buy an iPad, Catherine? I'll sell you one that was bought on the very first day. It may be considered an antique by now. I'll factor that into the price ;)
catherine: as you know I am never ready for anything new as I have a hard time with the old. I am afraid of the touch screen as it seems to be like banging a casino machine but I guess I will not have much choice.
Informative article once again.. I feel as I was born with one chip less than everyone else hahaha
Jon / lschmoopie, do you two shop together? Let me know if you want some security software for your new laptops.

Larry, just set it on "rib mode" - I am certain there will be an app for that.
Jerry, from what I have heard, the touch technology is very intuitive and the learning curve is very kind.

Kathy, hacking of mind controlled computers would be very interesting. Perhaps brain waves have their own unique 'fingerprint'.

I DO NOT want a "touch screen" until they come up with a simple, effective way to clean that screen instantly ...... and CHEAPLY!

XP Pro was/IS the BEST!!!

i'll be buying stock in companies that make screen cleaners. oh, and this is why i own a mac. with a mouse, the coolest evah.
Eve, I remember when you bought that iPad and the subsequent problems you had with it. I am considering an iPad 3 though - you know I will call upon you for troubleshooting. You have had the experience ;)

Linda, all this technology stuff seems to be moving too fast for me. It is impossible to become really familiar with an operating system before a new one is released.
Catherine here's a serious question you or a reader might answer for me.

I had a Dell laptop, and it was ok until it started getting sick with things Norton or anyone couldn't filter. The final straw was when I hooked it up to a Brother scanner & it went all Californian with sirens, the full bit : WARNING ! WARNING ! etc, telling me I had to do this or that, with credit card details, to restore function.
I gave it to a tech-person to save my picasa files and clean it out, then passed it onto a friend & bought a macbook.
That was 18 months ago. The touch pad wore out inside a year, so I bought a wireless mouse. Apart from that, no virus ; full combatibility with the brother; simplicity & great service.

( That wasn't the question, just the background. ) My serious question is this : Why do people use pc's, when there's macs ?
My daughter always told me, whenever I complained, which was often - Dad, get a mac, but I held out for so long. I had no idea how much joy a computer could be until I got thing little gizmo.

ok the touch-screen wore out, but I tend to hit things too hard ( not being a touch typist ) and the little mouse with blue teeth is great.

So : PC or mac - why a pc ?
I'd love to hear your view on this.


I am definitely not ready. Newness is always a headache for me at first. Whether it's the ipod, Kindle or what have you, I will use the old technology until it falls apart or there's a compelling reason to change. I used the same ipod for six years and only changed because I started downloading books and ran out of space.
Not " thing," "this.."
I hope they maintain some sort of parallel product for business. I couldn't work for a minute with a touch-only system.

I want someone to put me in charge of Microsoft. We would respect our core customers and have the most kickass business product line you ever saw. We'd stop trying to play catch-up with products we suck at.

@Kim Gamble: I've been using a PC since 1989 and have never lost anything to a virus. I am not primarily a graphic artist or any sort of artist; nor do I use the computer primarily for the internet. If any of these things were true, a mac might make more sense. They're not, it doesn't.
Thanks, kh3333 - I've heard it said, that macs are for graphic work, but that's not howI use mine.
I just email, google & write here with it, same as the dell, but without the drama. Honestly, it crashed daily, and my emails were full of weirdo things, despite Norton and some other brand I don't remember - admittedly, our major service provider ( Bigpond ) has compatibility issues with microsoft, but still, most people in Australia use and put up with it. I don't understand why. There must be some advantage with a pc that I just didn't get.
( It can't be price either, considering how much time is lost waiting for a system to restore.)
( Sorry if my query is off-topic, Catherine - don't even know if pc's have touch pads already, let alone touch-screens. )