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Catherine Forsythe
know a bit about computer security, dogs, horses, skiing, medicine and making risotto. My nickname in real life/online is "Noggie" - I'm on Twitter, with the @dogreader account.

JUNE 26, 2011 9:55PM

A Prescription for Linda Seccaspina

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leaving a light on

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Hey, make one of those out in my name, will you?
Thank you my sweet.. HUGGGG
Sound advice from the good doctor.
Do they make gluten free TimBits? Can I get a 'script? I get my meds from Canada anyway, but is the postal service still on strike?
You can't go wrong with donuts.
You are a Ph.D. in Kindness.
Catherine, can't you doctor that prescription up a tad to reduce the vacation from OS by, oh, say, three weeks?
Lovely, please send it to Linda. R
Call me if you need renewals. I also prescribe rest, and trips to Fiji.
I recommend a trip to Portland, Oregon, where the best doughnuts ever are to be found at Voodoo Doughnut. Good healing energy in Portland too.
You see Linda, a little time off is just what the doctor ordered...a goodwill prescription indeed! Thanks Catherine.
Yes, Linda, if you leave forever, you let the terrorists win.
There's no harm in asking the good doctor to add a one-month supply of Oxycontin. For the emotional pain. It may not help - but it can't hurt.
Perfect. I think it will work, don't you?
Good medicine and good advice...
Sweet, terrific, and very nicely graphically executed!
good plan! very kind, catherine
Now that's an RX that makes sense. Lovely, Catherine.
So Perfect, thank you Doctor, I hope she follows it.
rated with love
that was so original and touching xoxo
I can deliver those donuts to her when she's close by, along with the bread crumbs.
LOL, I like that you made sure to add the gluten free donuts!!! YUM
It will work, the break will be good for rest. The bread crumbs will be made from gluten free cheesecake laced with love.
This is so sweet, Catherine... and hugs to Linda. R
This is really kind Catherine....
You got something stronger for me??? What? :D
You Catherine are the best doctor I know.

This I will comment on and say,

Thank-you for being a wonderful person.

I have been watching. That has been hard to do.
Take two and call on us in the morning, Miss Linda.
Put a big HUG from me on there too!!!
PerfectPrecription. r.
Thank you Catherine.

Linda, the light will always be on.
Catherine Forsythe.
Will Doctor write me two?
One moth or more off too?
I'll sulk at hacked down bush.
I love sitting in a wood chair.
Pout Chairs are old discipline.
The Grouch (I'm not critical)-
S/he Broods. Drink Raw Milk.
In thirty days She can pass gas.
Rx # Take one quart of Flax oil.
Wisdom, wisdom, wisdom...
Wisdom, wisdom, wisdom...
Wisdom, wisdom, wisdom...
By the way, the first dozen roses I received from a lover was signed "Hugo Z. Hackenbush." He also went by "Rufus T. Firefly." I like a sense of humor in a man. ;)
:) well, ms. linda! (((hugs)))
(abridged comment from tr ig's recent puke-and-post ... or is it post-and-puke?)

In rethinking this, I'd like to extract myself from the Linda S. "pile-on" as I violated my own guidelines for commenting. That is, I like to examine the position/data of a particular topic and make a comment/assessment based on an objective view.

I mistakenly embraced tr ig's comment "There is no way possible that (Linda S.) reads all these posts.. like hundreds a day." when initially agreeing with the circle-jerk conclusion.

In reality, OS has disintegrated to such a degree that two dozen posts by non-spammers looks to be the upper end of familiar or quality blog-authors. Figuring a couple of minutes to peruse, comment, and rate each one, that only occupies an hour or 2 (at most). Certainly doable (although not my preferred way of spending a large chunk of time).

Mistakenly-embracing tr ig's original assertion of Linda S. reading/rating "hundreds" of blogs a day along with my own dislike of sugary-sweet "{{{{ HUGS }}}}" played a role in my joining-in on the pile-on. The problem I have with "hugs" or Robin"boi"Sneed's "xox"s all over the place is really my problem -- I now realize that.

As such, I retract my circle-jerk designation of Linda S. and restate my leading comment on her "good-bye" blog that her posts are pretty good a lot of the times.

You are one fine chick.
Seems like you could make a small fortune selling these scripts to numerous OS'urghs.

Can I have one for Siamese with furBalls ?
Rated with an Ug
(wash separately)
Seems like you could make a small fortune selling these scripts to numerous OS'urghs.

Can I have one for Siamese with furBalls ?
Rated with an Ug
(wash separately)
For once, a prescription with all positive side effects. Let's hope Linda returns to us all better.

This is very kind of you, Catherine. Maybe a short break is all that is needed. Along with so many people, I would miss Linda.
very clever - and very kind!
This was great Catherine.
The light is always on, Linda.
Who is Tim Horton? ...what?

Nice light Catherine!
You forgot Pepto Bismol : )