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AUGUST 7, 2011 11:00AM

How to Avoid the Weekend [and Weekday] Spam on Open Salon

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There appears to be even more spam on the Open Salon list of articles on the weekends. The spammers take advantage of Emily Holleman, the Open Salon Editor, being away from work and not being available to monitor the submission of posts. There is a way, however, to avoid seeing the spam posts.

This is a repeat of a previous post:  Using the Favorite Function to Avoid Open Salon Weekend Trash. A simple change in settings can hide all the spam.

By default, the list under the "Most Recent" tab shows every article posted on Open Salon. This includes those posts that want you to watch sports events, buy shoes, purchase fake handbags or whatever. There is a way to avoid seeing all that trash. In the header of the "Most Recent" page, there is a choice of functions. Unless the reader changes it, opposite the word "Show", it should indicate "All". Once the selection from the drop down menu is changed to "Favorites", all the advertising garbage disappears. 

The "Most Recent" list then will show only the posts of your favorites and none of the spam. Of course, that assumes that you have not made one of the spammers a favorite; and that someone you read regularly has not gone over to "the dark side" and started posting spam.

The one prominent objection to this suggestion is that this methodology would eliminate a new, legitimate member of Open Salon from being viewed. It is, however, possible to switch back at any time to view the complete list of postings, including the spam. All that is necessary is to switch the "Show" function back to "All". 

And, if somehow a spammer has been added mistakenly to the favorite list, just click "Remove Favorite" which is to the right of the avatar picture. With the aforementioned method, only legitimate Open Salon article submissions will appear under the "Most Recent" tab.

Catherine Forsythe

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Good stuff, Catherine although it still doesn't solve the problem of how seemingly when the spammers are at their most prolific, this site crawls in a most glacial fashion. It takes forever for screens to switch, for posts to open, etc. and it's enough to deter one with limited time from reading, commenting and even posting. More's the pity.
Walter, it is sad that the problems simply continue. Thanks for dropping by...
Thanks Catherine. I remember the previous post and do it, plus I'm getting where I can just disregard them in my mind. I have no idea what any of them say anymore.
Thanks Catherine, as always your suggestions are helpful and needed.
rated with love
This is really helpful! Thanks so much, Catherine!
Thank you for welcoming me, Catherine! And thanks for this helpful post.

So far I really like Open Salon! I am figuring out how to use it, and don't know how to respond on my own blog to comments that are posted. So I go to their blogs to comment.
My comment disappeared from before...
Thanks for this, Catherine. After a year on OS, I still just read from the front page and feed, which slights too many faves. This will help. : )
Claire, you just comment/reply using your own comment box, just like on other's.
...and Claire, welcome to OS!
I was wondering who posts at those sporting events. I can't believe how many there are.
Hey, this de-clutters things a bit. Thanks ...
I am new to OS. Please tell me what constitutes spam.