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AUGUST 26, 2011 1:00PM

Governor Rick Perry Explains High Teen Pregnancy Rates

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More than 60 teenage girls out of every 1,000 in Texas become pregnant. That statistic places Texas in third place nationally, when assessing teen pregnancy rates. Texas has an abstinence-only sex education program. And Governor Rick Perry has an explanation:
In the face of the data, Governor Perry plainly states that "it works". As seen from the video, Governor Perry thinks that blame may be placed on how the teachers are presenting the abstinence program and how the teens are applying the curriculum. 

There are several conclusions that may be drawn from Governor Perry's approach. As a fiscal conservative, Governor Perry believes in a tightly controlled budget. However, that does not stop him from supporting educational expenditures on a curriculum that somehow produces poor results. Clearly, Governor Perry's approach is that policy should follow personal belief systems rather than be derailed by inconvenient empirical data. 
Catherine Forsythe 
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I think it is all those guns. Texans are in touch with their primal selves.

Not to mention football.
So according to Rick the pregnancy rate doesn't matter so long as we don't teach safe sex. That guy is an utter clown and the fact that he's a presidential candidate, one taken seriously, makes us clowns in the eyes of the rest of the world.
Oh no. Thanks for this post.
Catherine, the governor should spend a full week in any school in his state. It might wake him up.
Most of us understand trying to control teenage sex is an uphill battle against Nature. That Texas leads the nation in repeat teen births at 24% is all any thinking person ought to know to realize "Just Say No" ain't working. But Perry is all too obviously not a thinking person. It's said Nature abhors a vacuum, and surely there is a massive one between Perry's heedless, careless ears.
#1. He sounds too much like GW Bush.
#2. How sad is it that he cannot grasp the societal implications of failed policy, but instead can only grasp black and white/ dollars and cents business sheets. It is clear how his brain works: no acknowledgement of humanity and its tendencies, but an understanding of how to spend money for returns...not that this has a great return, so maybe, his brain isn't working after all.
Can't argue with what you write. For 20 more in the same vein, see:
I am literally pulling my hair out here. Let Kinky explain this one, this just blew what little cells I have left out!
It works!!

Uh, sure does!! 3rd in the nation for teen pregnancy, it seems to be working on something.

~shaking head~ He scares me, he's got followers that nod at that crap. I mean, when I was in high school, I didn't have sex, but it wasn't a choice, damn being a geek!! ~:D But, kids are going to have sex, especially if you make it this evil naughty thing, I'd rather they had access to safe sex methods, not just for pregnancy, but STDs and such.

And contrary to these Right Wing Christian Poopooheads, married folks can get STDs just as easy as single folks.....God love you Poopooheads!!!

**wanders off**
I think Perry is not answering the question he's asked. The question is about teaching abstinence. The answer is about practicing abstinence.

I think it's a perfect illustration of the fatal flaw of the rigidly ideological. It’s especially visible now on the right, of course but I've seen it in ideologies of all directions. It's the only answer I've been able to come up with to why people who otherwise seem to have average intelligence subscribe to, even cling desperately to beliefs that fly in the face of empirical reality.

The ideology does not arise from thought, especially not reasoned analysis, but from emotion and psychology and it results in delusions that are necessary for the continued functioning of the people who hold to it. To maintain a life of delusion it is necessary to hear, see and read – to perceive selectively. As Perry demonstrates effectively in this vignette.

That’s not very thoroughly thought out but I’m just taking a short break from some extremely tedious bureaucratic functionarying and I need to get back to it.
Immaculate conception. uh, no, um, well, um.
that was stunningly dumb thanks for putting it here r.
The moderator here let this get nutsy. Perry - no friend of mine - was perfectly correct when he said, “Abstinence works.”
Hey, if you don’t fuck you can’t get pregnant....right?

The moderator didn’t make it clear that the “real” question is, “Does teaching abstinence, the way it is taught in Texas, effectively prevent unwanted teen-age pregnancies?”

When you ask an unclear question you leave yourself open to getting back an unclear or “propaganda” answer. The interviewer did that and got back just what you’d expect.

That interviewer did such a bad job that he almost - almost - managed to make Perry’s answers look reasonable. Had Perry been asked the ‘right’ question, he’d have been nailed. The stats contain the only correct answer to the right question.

Do you think that this Perry guy can pass a SAT? R
This guy gets more and more ridiculous..
The teachers must be to blame because they can't show porno in class.
mpirical data clearly says mr perry is a damn fool, though ripe for comedic
Relief for the rest of us. I say: the empirical data of the last damn fool
We elected from texas ought to make a policy
Like they have in nuclear fallout zones
For texas prez hopefuls:
Don’t go there for, oh, 40 yrs.
All the unaborted babies are future GOP voters. Anyone who believes in "safe" sex is probably a godless, heathen Dem. All sex must come with a pricetag. Remember: suffer the children to come unto G(OP)esus!
I really don't understand why Perry is so high in the polls. He just signed a pledge to support an amendment to the Constitution. That amendment would outlaw gay marriage.
As much as we wish him off ....he is probably getting the R ticket. All of us had at that point better get out and VOTE. Its not a choice anymore. Its an imperative!.............Scary!