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Catherine Forsythe
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OCTOBER 19, 2011 10:00PM

Glass Ball Street Magic [Video]

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This is a street performer in Tokyo. The name listed in the description of the video is "Okotanpe". He has a website but it is mostly in Japanese. The art form is called "contact juggling" and it's just magical:

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I watched it a couple of times..Amazing...
Crystal ball magic. Wow. The future is always spinning around like that.
Watching this is hypnotic.
That was lovely!Thank you,Catherine.-R-
This boy is a good artist.It takes ages to reach this perfection.
Fascinating. I love how it mesmerizes and stretches the limits of imagination.
It really looks, at times, like he's playing with a bubble, and the bubble is playing with him. This was my moment of Zen.
Puh!!! That's the most intelligent comment I can come up with. Riveting
Beautiful. Thanks for posting this!!
Love this guy! He is a mime like no other!
Thanks Catherine! My kids + I loved this!
Wow That was amazing!!