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OCTOBER 29, 2011 4:00PM

How To Stop the Laptop Cursor From Jumping to Random Spots

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There are times when the laptop cursor seems to have a mind of its own. You may be typing some text and suddenly the cursor has moved. It is in a location that you do not want it to be and some words have been typed in an inappropriate place. Most likely, the problem has been caused by the touchpad. 

Just the slightest contact with the touchpad can send the cursor to a different, undesirable location. There are ways to resolve that. One way is to temporarily (or permanently) disable the touchpad on the laptop. To do that, there are some very easy steps:

*  Go to "Start" at the bottom left hand corner of the screen

*  Go to the Control Panel

*  Double click the Mouse Properties icon

*  Click on the Device Select tab

*  Make your selections about how you want your touchpad to operate.

These instructions may vary slightly, depending on the operating system that is on the laptop. However, the path to the touchpad selections should be found, following this route.

The touchpad selections can be accessed through the device manager. However, the aforementioned method may be more than enough for the casual laptop user.

Finally, there is a freeware program that makes this task much easier. The program is called Touchpad Pal. This software program is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. 

My personal preference is carrying a USB mouse and using that for the laptops that I use. It is faster for me than adjusting to the unique features of each laptop. Further, it stops my right hand from reaching for a mouse, when there isn't one. Yes, I am mouse-dependent and I have two in my backpack.

Catherine Forsythe 

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Catherine, I can't believe how timely this post is for me! I was stuck proctoring graduation exit testing for three days this week in a hotel conference room, and had taken my husband's little Acer Aspire with me. I thought the cursor had been seized by a poltergeist! Sure wish I'd known to do this before! Thank you! We were about to dump that little netbook in the trash!
I leaped with joy when I saw this post, Catherine, but now I am chagrined, as I have no clue as to what I should do in the device management box. (sniff...sob)
I forgot to add that my old driver's licenses - real old - say I'm blond.
Catherine.. you are he lady of many smart words.. wish you were here..:)
Happens to me all the time and I just want to roar! Usually I just right click and click on "undo", but this is a better solution, thanksss!!
Yup. I use an external wireless mouse most of the time.
Yup. I use an external wireless mouse most of the time.
I'm mouse-dependent too, and I've found the jumping cursor to be more than a minor irritation. Thanks once again for the useful advice.
Social justice first.

Strike OS -whoring – one tag only -OWS
Well done! I drive myself crazy hitting the enter key when I am aiming for the back key. I am so sick of the cursor going to another part of the editing screen....R
When I burned out two inexpensive mice within a month, I forced myself to learn to use the key pad. I still hate it, but at least I can do without the mouse. That cursor jumping drives me nuts.

thank you, thank you, thank you! This was driving me crazy!
"My personal preference is carrying a USB mouse and using that for the laptops that I use."

That is exactly what I have always done. I hate touchpads. R
More great computer advice from you. Thanks.