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Catherine Forsythe
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DECEMBER 18, 2011 11:16AM

"New Romantic" from Laura Marling

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Laura Marling is only twenty one. She won the award for the Best Female Solo Artist, presented at the 2011 BRIT Awards. It is not usual for the British Phonographic Industry to so honour a folk musician. 

Her music is glorious and perhaps may evoke memories...
For months, after I found Laura Marling's music, she reminded me of Leonard Cohen. Perhaps, it was the phrasing. That memory connection has changed somewhat. Now Mr Cohen's music brings to mind Laura Marling.
Catherine Forsythe
link to Laura Marling's website: 

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She is magnificent. I love Leonard and she does evoke him.
Thank you for this beauty
rated with love
had not heard of her.. but you are right..
I am going to listen to more..
Beautiful!! I'm a folkie from way back and I love her. She does have unusual phrasing and once you mentioned Cohen, I heard the similarities.