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JANUARY 9, 2012 12:20PM

Occupy Kroger Has Immediate Success for Vincent Swope

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Vincent Swope is a freshman at the University of Kentucky, home of the Wildcats. Vincent is famous now for a basketball shot, but watch his feet...
This was a shooting contest where a made-shot is worth $10,000. For a student, that amount of instant income is an enormous windfall. However, there was some dispute. Some pictures of Vincent's ten thousand dollar shot indicate that he may have been over the center court line. There are others photos, from differing angles, that showed a legitimate shot.

Kroger, the supermarket chain, indicated that it may not pay out the ten thousand dollars. Then there was an #OccupyKroger movement on Twitter. Kroger quickly realized that a ten thousand dollar saving would generate a load of bad publicity. Vincent Swope will be paid his contest winnings. 

Nice job, Internet!
Catherine Forsythe 

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This made me so angry.. he did the deed to heck with his feet.
Pay up and am glad they did.
I never liked Kroger. rated.
Linda, it was a great shot - good form too! Thanks for dropping by!
Jonathan, the internet's response was immediate and definitive. Kroger had to listen.
Why not Fred Meyer too? It's the same company.
Thanks to you- I wouldn't even have known about this,Catherine. :o)
Interesting piece of news. I didn't know about this. Social media seems to be a very effective tool as of late (BofA, Verizon, etc.).
In a contest like this, and without a clearly drawn line all the way across the court, Kroger's was stupid to even think about not paying off. The whole idea is to pay it out.
Screw you Kroger!! I got your 'Lets go Krogering' right here!! GRRRRR!! :(
Thank you for this, Catherine; I had no idea. R
Fair is fair and that is why they have to pay.
It looks to me like his feet left the ground before he let go of the ball and when he landed he was over the line...either way it was very very close, and you're right, the positive PR that comes with granting a guy's dreams is worth more than 10,000 dollars.