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JANUARY 10, 2012 10:45AM

SpnKiX: Putting a Motor on Your Shoes

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A majority of the waiters and waitresses on the planet would want a pair of these. It's putting a motor on your shoes...

Peter Treadway is presenting this concept at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). It seems that Peter's name really is "Treadway". 


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I, myself, would be dead seconds given my "balance", yet I find this incredibly cool. :) r.
Jon, perhaps Mr Treadway can build in some stable 'training wheels'. Thanks for dropping by!
This is amazing but is his real name Peter Treadway?? I found that just wild hahaha
This is amazing but is his real name Peter Treadway?? I found that just wild hahaha
All I can think is, "If you build it, someone will use it and break their face..." But while I love bicycles and motorcycles, I hated roller skates, so my predjudice. I wonder what happens if you drop the remote while it's on high? Well, here's to anything people can make use of an reduce their profile, but I'm not a candidate, either. Rated, for turning people on to Kickstarter, a cool site.
But do they burn calories?
Love the idea. But I know I would trip and fall. I'm am ready for a motorized golf cart though! :)
Dead in the water. If people really started buying them the government would force the makers to install seat-belts, ABS braking systems, air bags, turn signals, helmets, knee & elbow protection and other safety devices. Then, of course, would come licencing, insurance, registration, etc., etc.

In the end the cost of all that, plus a good quality raincoat, would equal the cost of a car; and one can make love in a car. Try that on motorized wheels!
It takes me 15-20 minutes to drive to work, so if roadways for shoe travel were built, maybe I'd get there in 40 minutes? Not bad. However, I would not do it in the rain nor would I do it in the winter. Just couldn't do it. And to use the shoes to get down the long hallways at work would eliminate on of the only ways I get exercise. Hate to be negative about something so really cool.
I guess this is how you can keep running on the job? Excellent...