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NOVEMBER 1, 2012 8:35PM

Please Just Vote

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Please tough out the lines. No matter your party, just exercise your rights.

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Yup! Jump right in and put your stamp of approval on a system that gets you nothing but more of the same, no matter who you vote for or who gets elected. It's IMPORTANT that you approve this fraudulent system so that the powers that be can be certain that you're still brain dead enough to go along with it.

Yes, that's the same powers that be who won't even allow NOTA on the ballot because they fear that too many just might chose that instead of one of their own wholly owned chosen lackeys.

So gird up your loins, get on out there, brave the line-ups and carefully select those who will be screwing you over for the next four years. You'll feel soooooo patriotic !!

Gee, Sky, turn that frown upside down!
Local stuff certainly matters.
For example!
There are plans to expand my beloved town library.
Yet a contingent has developed to vote down this referendum!
Bastards . They are worried that some precious park
alongside the library will be impacted. It will NOT BE!
and anyway, what's more important,
to be blunt as hell?
i'm gonna gird my loins on this one.
thank god a tree didnt fall on my goddamn polling place,
like alot of peoples'.

I was NOT referring to small municipal elections where most people know the candidates and what their values are and how they behave. It's once you get to elections that are big enough that the candidates rely on advertising to say who they are and what they'll do, that things start to go wonky. That's the time they need mucho dinero to fund those ads. To get those funds, they sell out the voters. Every time! That means that the voters are not electing someone who will represent them but electing the people who will screw them over as they take care of those who financed their run for office.

;-) (Just for you!)
Sky-I get it, but I did it anyway. Roseanne Bar was on my ballot here in Florida.
James- Every little bit counts.
True. If you do not exercise your right to vote, it might be taken away. R
Voting is for suckers (which reminds me. I gotta rip open my ballot and fill it out and postmark it no later than midnight tomorrow...damn you.)
the constitution was never approved by the people of america. when you vote, it is an act of submission to whichever crook makes the sweetest promises, promises which are necessarily lies.

nothing to do with democracy, it an act of feudalism.
Oh my lord, did we forget to ratify the constitution again? Where are our heads, Al?

Seriously? The fact that each would-be state/colony sent a delegation to the continental congress where the document was finalized, and the fact that these delegations basically forced Madison to make 12 amendments to the document (some pretty radical, though also somewhat limiting, ones), they only ratified 10 of them, and then each newly crowned state got a shiny new vellum copy to call their own and return to their states with and "the people" didn't get to approve the constitution (I get it was a rich, white man's world back then, but that's different from the present, not at, Abagail Adams, at the very least, brought a woman's perspective to that foundational document...not a lot of brothas droppin' knowledge on them crackas, though)
Trudge-I feel the same way.
Al-I will take the lumps.
XY-Sounds like that would make a good post, a sort of what-if.