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DECEMBER 31, 2008 9:57PM

25? Really?

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  1. I'm afraid to write down 25 things about me out here, in public.  I'm afraid that someone's going to go out on the web, search for me, find all this personal stuff, and learn way too much about me.  Like a psycho killer.  Or an ID thief.  Or what's-her-name in Single White Female.  Bridget Fonda, or Jennifer Jason-Leigh.  Which one?  I don't remember.  Does anyone remember?  No?  How's that for scary?
  2. I'm not really afraid, just nervous.
  3. I'm not reallynervous, just suspicious.
  4. I'm not really suspicious, just reticent.
  5. I'm not really reticent, just shy.
  6. I'm not really shy, just secretive.
  7. I'm not really secretive, just sneaky.
  8. I'm not really sneaky, just ornery.
  9. I'm not really ornery, I'm just contrary.


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25 things about me

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Jennifer Jason Leigh was the stalker. Bridget Fonda the stalkee. ;-)
Happy New Year
Ha! I love how you spun the words into different meanings. Do you work in politics?
Ha ha... No, but I can sure talk about politics!