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MAY 31, 2009 7:12PM

Abortion Doctor Murdered

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Kansas abortion doctor George Tiller was murdered this morning at his church.  His wife was singing in the choir at the time.  He was shot to death as services began.  A 51-year-old suspect, as yet unidentified by police, is in custody.  Police are investigating whether he was associated with any specific anti-abortion groups.

 Dr. Tiller was in the news recently because he was prosecuted by anti-abortion Kansas attorney general Phill Kline, for performing late-term abortions with improperly obtained second opinions.  He was acquitted of all 19 charges in March, less than three months ago.  His is one of the few women's health clinics in the country that will perform late-term abortions.  "Prenatal testing without prenatal choices is medical fraud," Tiller once said.

This makes me sick.  I've just given a big donation to Planned Parenthood in his honor.

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Most late-term abortions are performed for three reasons:
1. Life or health of the mother.
2. The baby has a severe medical defect.
3. Unconscionable abortion laws that make early abortions difficult to obtain, such as making access difficult, requiring waiting periods, and those sorts of things.
They are almost never done because a woman decides in the 5th month that, never mind, she doesn't want a baby. I'd even say that it NEVER happens, except that I'm a fair-minded individual and maybe there is a case or two out there. Though I am very supportive of abortion rights, I might even give this to you as a point of "compromise" between the two positions, and agree to make this sort of late-term decision illegal, if you are willing to give up the point that late term abortions for medical reasons should remain legal. Are you?
Amniocentesis (when most genetic defects would be found) are not generally performed until week 15-20, or well into the second trimester.
I was explaining this to my 13 year old this morning. I echoed you, and said, Well, I won't say Never, because there's always exceptions to rules, but 99.9 percent of late-term abortions are because of what's been cited above. AND because of the stupid law passed by GWB, many women have risked losing their lives (others lost their lives), have lost a kidney or endured a hysterectomy because they couldn't terminate early. Late-term abortions are not Sport, they are not Trivial, and they're not approached as Such.