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JUNE 15, 2010 6:40PM

Since when is treating performance anxiety a crime?

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In the news today, there was this article about prosecution of a doctor in Kansas for illegally prescribing painkillers and other drugs.  Nothing wrong with that at all.  But what I do have a problem with is a paragraph near the end of the article. 

 "[Treadway, the prosecutor, [ironically a woman- Ed.]] reminded jurors of one patient who worked as a stripper and who was prescribed the anxiety drug Xanex [sic] for her performance anxiety." 

Um, is it or is it not true that stripping is a legal occupation in Kansas?  If it is, then who the hell is she to judge the doctor for prescribing an anti-anxiety medication for - guess what - anxiety?  Would you judge him for prescribing it to an actor with performance anxiety?  A football player?  A CEO?  I doubt it.  So what's with the slam against strippers?

I'm sorry, but whatever else this doctor did, implying to the jury that he committed a crime by prescribing a drug for its intended purpose for someone that needed it is irresponsible.  Heck, maybe it's even criminal.

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I'm so glad that the stripper found a legal drug to deal with her job. I remember when the stereotype was that they were all high on stage and doing it to support a habit. Now we tend to think of it as a "dance form" freely chosen by surgically enhanced career-minded women. Ha!
Good point. Must be all those episodes of Law & Order and other cop dramas.
Yes, the judgments do come out everywhere.