Bundle of Contradictions

When I was in my 20s I thought people with kids—especially people over 30 with kids—were a different species whose entire existence revolved around diapers and puppet-based television. What could we possibly have in common? We were rebellious whippersnappers clinging to the last vestigesRead full post »

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MARCH 29, 2012 4:23PM

An open letter to people on the fence about Obamacare

Dear healthy people,

It’s great that you’re deriving intellectual pleasure from debating Obamacare. I love that this theoretical dance you’re engaged in has no repercussions to you, a healthy individual. I would love to join you some evening for a spirited discussion on the pros andRead full post »
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MARCH 15, 2012 1:41PM

Why Women are Leaving the Workforce

The Nation recently ran a story about how women, faced with unequal pay, are opting out of the workforce in increasing numbers. They report that between 1993 and 2006, the amount of college-educated women in the workforce declined .1 percent a year. By 2008, the workforce had 1.64 million less colleg/Read full post »
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FEBRUARY 27, 2012 2:18PM

Watching a Friend Win an Oscar

Oscar ready!

Oscar ready! 
It’s been years since I sat down and watched the whole Oscars. With a two-year-old, it’s hard to get out to the movies these days, much less afford a ticket on a one-income-household’s salary. All the pomp and glamour has seemed very much removed frRead full post »
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JANUARY 12, 2012 12:20PM

The Great Recession: Now It's Personal

As a good humanist, Judeo-Christian-leaning liberal, I was raised to protect and defend the poor--an instinct so ingrained I have voted and given every year of my adult life from the compass of my bleeding heart. Even growing up under the poverty line, I still had it drilled into me that… Read full post »

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DECEMBER 9, 2011 11:40AM

Aural History

I’ve been giving some thought lately to what music I should expose my toddler to. There’s a lot of pressure involved. One false move and she could end up a huge Gwar fan. Or god forbid, Ke$ha. I’m not one of those rabid “Play Mozart to your baby or they’llRead full post »
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JULY 11, 2011 4:39PM

Life After Harry Potter?

July 15 marks the end of an era--a nerdy 14-year epoch I like to call the Harry Potter years. This Friday, the final Harry Potter movie will hit the screens and leave all of us Potterites with little lightning bolt-shaped holes in our hearts. There will be no more books; noRead full post »
MARCH 30, 2011 3:28PM

Remembering Pinetop Perkins

Six years ago I was in Austin, TX for SXSW, a massive music conference that swallows up the city each March. I’d been sent there by my company, an independent distributor of independent music labels, and was beyond psyched to be there. I’d been to CMJ in New York butRead full post »
MARCH 18, 2011 12:30PM

Winged Minions of Satan

While I know that many country-dwelling folk are surrounded with Disneyesque scenery all the time, and probably have pet deer named Bambi trained to bring them their morning paper, we of the city dwelling persuasion aren’t as accustomed to such things. If we see something scurry by, our immediRead full post »
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MARCH 11, 2011 3:33PM

Hunger Games

This is Part II in a series. For Part I click here 
By high school, “Monstro: The Largest Refrigerator in the World” was consistently stocked with a strange assortment of consumables and I went elsewhere in my quest for nourishment. Left to my own devices after school,Read full post »
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MARCH 10, 2011 12:53PM

How I Failed at Anorexia

Sometime in junior high I found a copy of “The Best Little Girl in the World,” and I was never the same. This truly awful book, written in the late 70s, follows the inner life of one Francesca Dietrich, as she falls down the rabbit hole of anorexia. I wasRead full post »
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MARCH 3, 2011 1:28PM

Bingeing, Knockers, and Theft

This is Part II in a series. For Part I, click here
I was in the grocery store with my mother when it happened. Like most kids, I spent much of this shopping trip begging for sugary foods with brightly colored labels. “Can I have the fruityRead full post »
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MARCH 2, 2011 3:20PM

Binge Eating Before I Could Drive

I was four or five when I first decided I was fat. I’ll end the suspense now and assure you that I was not fat. I wasn’t even chubby. I was what mothers everywhere like to cringe-inducingly describe as “curvy.” Like a little J-Lo in terry cloth shorts and cookieRead full post »
OCTOBER 21, 2010 3:22PM

Junior Mint Brownies for Lazy People

I recently had to go dairy free for health reasons, which blows about as much as a whale with flatulence issues. Things are certainly better these days for the vegan and dairy free set--there are substitutes out the wazoo available, from coconut ice cream to tofutti cream cheese. But there are… Read full post »

JUNE 29, 2010 2:03PM

Remembering How to Move

This is a response to Greenheron's open call

I've never done an open call, but enjoy them, so here's a go at it.  Is there something that you knew about yourself when you were a child, a bit of authentic self wisdom that you lost, then found again as an adult? 

MyRead full post »

"Let them eat cake!" 

Columnist Paul Krugman declared in yesterday's New York Times that we are barreling toward, if not already in a "Third Depression."* I'm no economist, but this opinion echoed the uncomfortable, nagging knot that's been steadily growing in my stomach for the last cou/… Read full post »


My friend Tom cluelessly went to see the first Twilight movie one lazy Saturday because he likes vampires flicks. Needless to say, he left in a huff halfway through the movie, equally disenchanted by the plot, the overwrought delivery, and the laughable computer generated imagery.

His f… Read full post »

I can’t drink. At all. No wine, no beer, no hard alcohol—nuthin. I’m not a teetotaler or a recovering alcoholic—I have ulcerative colitis, an irritable bowel disease—a life-sentence of a condition about as sexy as ebola but without the book deal.

There’s a lot doc… Read full post »

JUNE 16, 2010 1:53PM

Put the Moat Over by the Bear-Pit

You only live once. I'm a big fan of this motto, and not because I'm some sort of extreme sport nut or bizarre foodie who seeks out delicacies like deer testicles. I refer to this mantra as more of an excuse for my sense of humor than for any latent lust… Read full post »

JUNE 14, 2010 1:25PM

OMG, Twilight! Glee! Gossip Girl!

It's interesting to watch the reaction in an acquaintance or relative when I first disclose my unrepentant love of teen TV shows and movies. There are some who share in my joy and match my excitement until we're reduced to a rising clatter of squeals and hand-clapping, but the vast majority… Read full post »

JUNE 11, 2010 2:22PM

The Politics of Parenthood

When I became visibly pregnant, I felt like I was suddenly jumped into a gang I'd only been peripherally aware of. Seeing my protruding belly as a badge of camaraderie, people began to approach me--in the grocery store, in line at the movies, in public restrooms--to discuss the pantheon of parenthood… Read full post »

No one likes to talk about money with their friends. Like discussing politics with your grandparents or weight with your rotund neighbor, it's just too touchy. So let me break it down to you. If you're doing any of the following, and are living paycheck to paycheck, just stop now.

1.… Read full post »

JUNE 9, 2010 2:13PM

Dressing My Post-Baby Body

Trying to dress myself in the months after I squeezed a baby out of my body was somewhat akin to forcing a water-balloon into a sock. A dated, uncool sock. Because sometime in the 9-plus months I took to bloat myself into the bastion of waddly glory I now find staring… Read full post »