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JUNE 16, 2012 6:53PM

Sensordrone(?) and Atlas: the Human Powered Helicopter! - Nerdfunder #2

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Kickstarter and IndieGoGo are massive, and getting MASSIVE...er. But how do you find the perfect project to invest in amongst tens of thousands? Kim Horcher and John Iadarola are here to guide your dollars with nerdFunder, a weekly guide to the most exciting crowdfunding opportunities on the web. In nerdFunder #2 we've got the Sensordrone, which will turn your iPhone into a Star Trek style tricorder. Packed with sensors and measuring devices for pretty much every need, any sci-fi enthusiast will want to take a look at this. We're also taking a look at Atlas, the human powered helicopter, which aims to break historic records for human flight. Or produce a series of epic youtube slow speed crash videos. I'll take either. To find out more about these projects or watch the full un-cut demo videos head to: www.kickstarter.com www.kickstarter.com If you'd like to see more of nerdFunder and Kim Horcher, please hit that "like" button, and SHARE with your friends on Facebook and Twitter! www.twitter.com/kimscorcher www.twitter.com/jiadarola www.twitter.com/tytuniversity TAGS: "kickstarter" "kickstarter projects" nerdfunder "tyt university" "kickstarter video" kickstarter tips "cutting edge technology" "cool tech" "crowd funding"
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