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JUNE 23, 2012 12:00PM

Nintendo Admits Difficulty Explaining Gamepad, Games For Wii U Launch? - TYT Gaming

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With only months away from releasing their newest console, the media is starting to question Nintendo's recent missteps. Of course, TYT Gaming has been ahead of the mainstream on this but Nintendo came out and admitted their E3 presentation wasn't the most effective in explaining the Wii U. What games would be perfect for the Wii U Gamepad that would help sell the console at launch? Tell us in the comment below. CNN's article: articles.cnn.com Telegraph interview Nintendo's President and CEO: www.telegraph.co.uk Gamespot interview with marketing executive: www.gamespot.com Nintendo posts first loss ever: www.reuters.com Watch more TYT Gaming: www.youtube.com Reach TYT Gaming on Twitter: twitter.com Daily Videos And Let's Plays From Brandon: www.youtube.com Send your clips to TYT Nation at upload.theyoungturks.com
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