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Claire Dobie

Claire Dobie
Martinez, California, USA
April 26
freelance writer, editor, researcher, proofreader
I was a TV news anchor and reporter in three major markets and now focus on writing, editing, research and proofreading. See my crude but functional website at My favorite quote is Mark Twain's "The difference between a word and the exactly right word is the difference between lightning and the lightning bug." With approximately 2,000 books in my garage library, ninety-nine percent are reference books because I am an admitted information junkie. I could not tell you the current hottest novel except "Fifty Shades of Gray" because my friends and daughter read it. Not really interested. Research--not S&M--is my heart. I've interviewed Ronald Reagan, Sen. Ted Kennedy, the Sr. President Bush, Governor Jerry Brown, and entertainers such as Patti LaBelle, Sister Sledge, David Brenner, and Melba Moore. Seizing the day, observing people, smiling at strangers (especially those with grumpy faces), and yielding to the guy in the car who's been trying to get into traffic for the past five minutes are my favorite things to do.


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APRIL 11, 2011 4:28PM

Mercury Gone Berserk

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 No, no, it can't be....

Notice any strange things happening lately in the communications area?  Can’t open downloads? Error messages? E-mail you thought you sent never reached its destination?

Double-booked appointments?  Said the wrong thing at an interview and knew it as soon as you said it?

Gas gage says you have ¼ tank but oh, oh, you drive twenty miles and notice a sudden drop and now you’re running on fumes?  Car problems in general? Especially electrical issues?

Just bought a brand new TV and had to take it back because it just went poof! Signed an important contract and now wish you hadn’t? Just can’t seem to make up your mind about a relatively small issue? Made a bad decision about a relatively large issue?

Notice an increase in road rage? How about friends just saying weird stuff?  Think that whole “miscommunication” between Gov. Walker and the labor unions in Wisconsin was just a fluke? Is Donald Trump serious or just pulling our chain? And what about that down-to-the-hour rumble over a government shutdown?

Be patient until April 25 or later

It could be you but I’m blaming it on Mercury—the planet that rules the mind, how you think and communicate, your speech patterns, even your sense of humor. Its key words are intelligence, language, communication, memory, and expression. And right now, it's retrograde until April 23, give or take a day.

A few times a year, Mercury slows down in its orbit around the Sun, and like a fabulous illusionist, appears to be traveling backward. This is what astrologers call a retrograde. So about eleven weeks out of every year, we may be feeling frustrated about the way things are moving, or not! 

He’s a speedy little planet (circles the zodiac in 88 days) and can be mischievous and downright nasty when he’s retrograde.  Mercury has been retrograde since March 30 and he’ll stay that way, kind of falling asleep on the job (like the air traffic controllers we read about recently), and  jacking you up through April 23. If it’s not too late, better go back and check that input on your tax return.

In Greek mythology, Mercury was known as Hermes, messenger of the gods, and known trickster, with one foot in the physical world and another in the world of the unsee-able.

The word “mercurial” can mean fast, lively and witty, but also refers to a shifting and changing nature, and depending on where it is placed in your horoscope, can make you likely to do things on the fly. How are your impulse buying habits these days? No you did NOT just get that $6 edition of PEOPLE because that close-up cover photo of Elizabeth Taylor put you under her spell!

Astrologer, Rob Tillett (, notes “This fast-moving planet stands for ideas, methods and information, especially as expressed through communication and media."

When Mercury is moving direct, he can be most helpful. Things get done. Decisions get made quickly. BUT, sometimes the retrograde is a gift in disguise. Haste often makes waste and Mercury retrograde almost forces you to slow down and take your time about making important decisions.

See Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone  ( for specific info on Mercury’s effects on your sign. One thing she points out is “During Mercury retrograde you CAN successfully schedule repairs to your home, continue ongoing renovations, or even move if you signed papers prior to March 30. However, the period from March 30 to April 23 would not be the time to close on a house, choose a new contractor, or commence work on a new project. It is also not the time to buy new furniture, appliances, electronics, a new car, or anything else expensive.”

Election 2012

Watch out for Mercury’s little tricks during 2012—election year. He turns retrograde on March 12, 2012  through April 4; again on July 15, 2012 through August 8; and again on November 6 through November 26.

Interestingly, Barack Obama’s birthday is August 4. He’s a Leo with Mercury in Leo as well. There’s only one former president with the same Sun/Mercury placements—Bill Clinton, born August 19, closer to the sign of Virgo. But the two charts are vastly different. Barack has an Aquarius rising (ascendant), Bill, a rising sign of Libra. Barack has his Moon in Gemini and Bill’s Moon is in Taurus. More about these two Leos in another post.

After the 23rd of April, there are two more Mercury retrogrades this year--August 2 to 26 and November 23 to December 13. This time, get those holiday gifts waaay early or they will probably be out of stock by Halloween. Until April 23 then....



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