OCTOBER 3, 2010 11:33AM

A few more thoughts on masculinity

As a follow up to my earlier post, Why gender should matter to men, I would like to share an article published this morning over on the grownup, professional side of the Salon, I will put my little boy in pink pants. The author describes his efforts to raise a son… Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
OCTOBER 1, 2010 7:26AM

Why gender should matter to men

I’ve been following with shock and dismay the recent spate of suicides among LGBT youth lately. This month, four young men took their lives after being bullied and/or outed (or simply mocked and perceived) as gay. The latest is a truly awful story — a college freshman hurled himself off

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APRIL 22, 2010 10:53AM

An Earth Day Confessional

I have a confession to make: I couldn't give a rat's ass about Earth Day. Really.

 Maybe it's that I have more than a bit of agoraphobia and that wide open spaces give me panic attacks (seriously)?

Maybe it's that I am from the New Jersey, where "nature" ceased to… Read full post »

MAY 4, 2009 11:25AM

Freaks, Geeks, and Susan Boyle

By now, everyone on the face of the Earth has seen the video of Susan Boyle, the homely, aging virgin with the voice of an angel. With dreams of stardom, she went on Britian's Got Talent and utterly floored Simon Cowell, the mean sprirted American Idol judge who usually crushes dreams.… Read full post »

AUGUST 30, 2008 9:00AM

Everybody else said no

I had another thought about the Sarah Palin selection, one that didn't occur to me until after my previous post, and one that I think magnifies and amplifies the Hail Mary pass McCain threw yesterday.  Let me state clearly and for the record- this is entirely conjecture.  I have no inside… Read full post »

AUGUST 29, 2008 12:54PM

Hail Mary

We have our final four.  John McCain has picked Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to be his running mate.

On its face, this selection makes no sense.  She has about twenty months in office and no experience dealing with any national issues; and she governs a state with fewer people than Austin,… Read full post »