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Newark, New Jersey, USA
July 22
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Poetic writer, Writing Professor activist, retired ass model--I've worn many hats. Luckily, I look good in hats. Presently, I'm mouthing off on the internet.


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FEBRUARY 2, 2010 10:06PM

News Flash: Charles Bivona is losing it.

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Mass Text

by Charles Bivona


My best friend

is dead


and tonight

my only grandparent


is dying.  

Who will be


getting me



I suggest you

team up.


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I can mix 'em, but don't drink 'em. I'll be your designated driver if you promise not to puke in my car.

Glad you're here talking about it Charlie.
Hang on. Don't tunnel too far into the grief. It's hard to come back.
\ /
------ I attempted to draw you a Martini. *hug
oh my, delete that... it looked so good in draft.
Aw, man. If you lived around here, I could pour your shots of Tequila . . .
Good luck with getting over this Charles Cherish their memory, be glad you knew them, but don't make a terrible situation worse by a long spell in the tank yourself. I'm raising a glass to you as I type.
Sometimes, alcohol is completely appropriate.
One night of slurring does not a spell in the tank make,
and besides, I'm still stone sober, sort of.
I followed scupper over here. Now I know what his comment on my post meant. Go read me. I am very sorry for your loss.
I read this earlier and then went back to know more about your friend, Sang. Write about him every time you feel the need or desire to. I hope it's not presuptious to say that he would want you to? Not FOR him, or because of him - for you, to do what he truly believed you can do. And somewhere (and you already have found), there will be a gift in his death.
I wish he had lived so you could have opened your school together and continued inspiring each other.
Thanks so much for sharing him so deeply here. I am honored to know him. And you.
We're all so connected. I love poetry.
nah, you're not losing it.

you're living it.

it's a bitch

but we can all relate to it.

And now, a round of teq shots; hold the veggies.