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FEBRUARY 8, 2010 1:15PM

Jon Stewart Lovingly Strokes My Funny Bone

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There is such a hot steamy mess in my country these days. Everyone is broke. A lot of people are unemployed. Our corporate masters are being financially caned by an old testament economy. Thou shall not bear false witness. Our impotent leaders awkwardly fondle for solutions. Our political CEO uses a riding crop common sense rhetoric to dominate the choices of his underlings. And the Iraq War of Greed wages on.

Most people still don’t get adequate health care. The swine flu, or a pocket full of bills, keeps most of us in our homes—when we aren’t working ourselves to exhaustion. We’re isolated. We’re frightened. We’re lonely.

The Unites States of America is not a fun place to live anymore.

And then there’s you, Jon Stewart. Thank Evolution for you! You rip off my sadness. You throw me to the floor with laughter. You spank me on my mind again and again and again. Yes! I laugh with the pleasure, but I feel unsure. Should we be doing this, John Stewart? They always taught me that this intellectual intercourse was wrong. 

You understand. You sense my apprehension. You lovingly reassure me. And you are so passionate about it.

I am not wrong, you tell me. The people running the country are crazy. I am not broken, the system is. I am not the joke, the government is. I am not a worthless loser, the corporate CEOs are. They are a plague of selfish locusts upon the Earth. 

You work me like this for twenty minutes. When you finish, I'm spent. My eyes are full of tears. My body is relaxed and a little sore. It takes almost an hour for my worry to return—where the hell am I going to get this month's rent?

So, thank you, John Stewart, for your service. Thank you for making me feel human again, at least for a moment. If there is anything I can do to repay you—take my wife, please...see, I can write jokes—please contact me at the email below.


Your Brother in Awareness,


Charles Bivona  




Now, here it is, your moment of Zen. 

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Well.. you made me laugh, Charlie... but I don't know if that qualifies.
It qualifies to me, C.K.
Colbert is funnier. (More funny? A little help here...)
But I do give JStew. his props. He runs crazy interviewer circles around that old biddy Barbara Walters if you ask me.

Rated for amusing moment of zen: crazy cat ball-induced rapture in foreground, job loss conversation in the back. Oh to be a cat in today's economy.