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APRIL 19, 2011 1:56PM

Violence: The Real Motives Driving Obama as an Ape Imagery

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Conservatives and the Tea Party GOP find great humor in depicting President Barack Obama as a monkey. Thus, it is no surprise that Marilyn Davenport, an elected member of the Orange County California Republican Party's Central Committee (and a Tea Party acolyte), was caught last week sending out racist emails about President Barack Obama that depicted him as a chimpanzee (while pressured to resign, to date she still refuses and cries that she is a "victim"). This is not the first of such racist escapades by Conservatives. Since at least 2008, The Tea Party GOP and its supporters have been obsessed with depicting Barack Obama and his family as being either subhuman or savage.

From signs at Tea Party rallies that portray the President of the United States as an "African witch doctor," to Palin rallies where her supporters mocked then candidate Barack Obama for being a "monkey," to a series of emails that recycled tired and hackneyed stereotypes of black men as pimps and the White House as a watermelon patch (implied to include the obligatory piccaninnies), Republicans and the Tea Party GOP have flown the flag of white racial resentment with great zest and zeal.

Critics have lambasted these episodes as merely constituting moments of poor judgement by misguided individuals. Conservatives have won the language wars in America. Thus, they have succeeded in introducing such nonsense phrases as reverse racism and white oppression into our vocabulary. The result of this move has been that voices who dare to utter sharp truths about the centrality of white racial resentment in the heart of contemporary Conservatism have been kowtowed by the big lie that is false equivalence: "George Bush was mocked as a monkey or gorilla too, so what is the difference?" For deniers of the obvious racial invective underlying the attacks on Barack Obama, the "they did it too" defense has become a convenient redoubt.

I do not give safe harbor to such lazy thinking. The depictions of President Obama as a monkey or ape are no laughing matter. They are rooted in more than a deep antipathy towards the idea of a black man being President and the accompanying upset which this reality has caused for the White Racial Frame. In fact, while the Marilyn Davenports of the world and the other assorted Right-wing mouth-breathing ilk who traffic in these images may be in fierce denial of the demons that lurk in their collective self-conscious, research in cognitive and social psychology has indicated that these caricatures are prefaced on a deep hatred of Black people.

Ultimately, images which link Barack Obama to apes and gorillas are integral elements of a centuries long project of White racial violence against people of color in this country and abroad.We cannot forget that Colonialism and Imperialism were predicated on a belief in the superiority of Europeans over other peoples of the world. To legitimate this project, a narrative which naturalized superficial human differences as deep, intractable, and impossible to overcome had to be created.

The history here is quite rich. Black Africans were imagined by white Europeans as being part of a different species, one that was not quite human. In fact, respectable European anthropologists and scientists hypothesized that black people were the result of copulation between humans and apes. As a complement, white European biologists constructed the "chain of being"--a metaphorical tree of human types where Europeans were "naturally" at the "top" and black Africans (because they were closest to beasts) at the "bottom."

During the three centuries of slavery in the United States and the struggles over Reconstruction and against Jim and Jane Crow, images of black people as gorillas and apes were used to alternatively depict African Americans as either childlike and simple--or like the Irish before they earned their Whiteness--as violent brutes who were unassimilable and by implication a threat to the White body politic.

By depicting black people as subhuman primates a two tiered system of citizenship was legitimated where separate but equal was understood to be common sense, and mass violence by whites against a not quite equal and fully human racial Other was accepted practice.

Jumping forward to the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, the violent impulses that are legitimated by depicting black Americans as apes and gorillas continues to this day. Researchers have found that test takers who are first shown pictures of apes are more likely to subsequently exhibit anti-black sentiment. In a second, and even more chilling example, white men were shown comparable videos of police brutality against two individuals, one black and one white. In contrast to the white victim, after being shown pictures of apes, the test takers felt that police violence towards the black suspect was justified.

The Tea Party GOP's love of depicting Barack Obama as an ape or gorilla is not simply an outlier or interesting curiosity and artifact of "old school" racism. Rather, it is a stark example that serves as the connective tissue tying together much of the "take America back," "real America" narrative which drives the contemporary Tea Party GOP imagination. Consider: at least 50 percent of Republicans believe that President Obama was not born in this country. And serious attention is given to the premise that America's first black President is somehow controlled by his dead father's Kenyan voodoo politics or that Obama himself is a Manchurian candidate, and some type of Mau Mau who wants to kill white people.

As an additional data point, public opinion surveys suggest a deep divide where Tea Party Republicans show even higher levels of anti-black sentiment than baseline Republicans, two groups where such sentiments are not at all modest in their scale. Echoing and reinforcing these beliefs, the mouthpieces of popular Conservatism such as Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, suggest that white people are oppressed and that Obama's voting base are "savages" and "walking human debris." In total, the opposition against Barack Obama is premised on both ideology and racial hostility. If the New Right's cries of States' Rights and Nullification are dog whistles, the depictions of black people as apes and monkeys are clarion calls to the sick racial id that drives the White Conservative Soul.

The portrayals of America's first Black President as an ape or gorilla are racially explicit examples of a broad assault on his legitimacy and authority. In the eyes of contemporary Conservatism, Obama is not fit for the Presidency because he is not one of their tribe. This belief is reinforced by a deep notion that his blackness places him outside of being fully American...and perhaps even the human family. In a moment when the election of America's first black President has resulted in a rise in militia activity, a record number of assassination threats, and a resurgence in the popularity of White Nationalist organizations, these images of Obama as a monkey or ape are matters of the most utmost and dire seriousness.

Let me be specific, careful, and precise. My claim is not that the Marilyn Davenports of the world (and those on the Right and elsewhere) who find these images funny are going to personally indulge in racially motivated violence. However, the energy they channel, and the history which the white racial reactionaries of the Right draw upon for aid and comfort, does legitimate the worst and not the best of America's national character. Because humor reflects social norms, as well as legitimates (and also at times subverts) conventional wisdom, it is a potent force for both good and evil.

I do not know Marilyn Davenport personally. But I do understand her type. They may not hold the noose in hand, or personally light the fuse that sets the fire, but "backstage" bigots of that stripe would not run from the lynching tree. Instead, they would watch in mass and take a picnic (as many thousands of white folks did) as the ruinous energies channeled by the dark heart of Whiteness ran their inexorable course and strange fruit was made to hang by the town square. They hide their unrepentant ugliness behind humor and laughs. Yet despite their best efforts, the guffaws are based on a deep seeded prejudice which they cannot easily or long mask.


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Perfect assessment of the ugliness we are steeped in. ~r
"I do not know Marilyn Davenport personally."

"[W]hile . . . . the Marilyn Davenports of the world . . . may be in fierce denial of the demons that lurk in their . . . self-conscious, research in cognitive and social psychology has indicated that these caricatures are prefaced on a deep hatred of Black people."

Let us know when you might talk out of just one side of your mouth. You might start looking for that chip on your shoulder, too.

Ohhhhhhhhhh, and feel free to analyze me for 1,800 miles away.
I don't believe for a minute this was some misguided or poor judgement call. I agree this is a feeling so strong it runs along the sub conscious of some white Americans. I also think Obama 's presidency has brought out the hidden agendas and racist fears in those that previously kept them hidden. There should be zero tolerance for this and those in office should be the first to go.
Some fools are attempting to justify this idiocy by pointing out that Bush the Lesser was similarly monkeyfied. That's just one more sorry example of false equivalency.

Obama's ancestry is being questioned -- and the comparison with monkeys is an insult to black people everywhere. Bush's intelligence is being questioned -- and the comparison with monkeys is an insult to monkeys everywhere.
Eloquent. You are eloquent here.
No surprise the Conservative Movement that was built on racism still has a few racists.
One can try to defend her by saying she's just innocently ignorant, but that is a real stretch given obvious history. However, a movement based on racism naturally attracts ignorant people, so it can easily be self-fulfilling.

This kind of self-undetected ignorance can be expressed many ways. For example, not being able to realize that saying you don't know a person personally, but a study says her behavior *indicates* racism--doesn't represent 2 contradictory thoughts. Indicate meaning symptomatic, not conclusive. Perhaps English comprehension is the issue, and the true source of the spurious charge of double-speak.

It would be interesting to see the alternative theory of why and how she could circulate racist pictures while remaining free of racism. Interesting, because the attempt would reveal its absurdity through logical leaps and contortions.
We can only hope that their numbers are as small as their minds.
@ Uncle Chri: you are an idiot.

Marilyn Davenport is a hard core racist and a liar who is now just trying to save her pitiful uno what.

But what she has done is to expose the racism in so many others who have done the same things and who have, when confronted, responded with the same self serving and juvenile nonsense.
A Monkey's Uncle?

I could run through the litany of historical and cultural specifics, but, since you've established here, very eloquently, the institution of racism which runs so deep that many either can't see it due to tribalism, or, as AG Holder has pointed out, are simply cowards. Instead, I will herein prove how ingrained and institutionalized racism is, and how, as you point out, it reaches out in ugliness and hate from the sub-conscious:

I, multi-racial, identifying as Polynesian, have dated dozens of black women (African American, African, Caribbean, African European, Hawaiian Raised), have spent much time in inner city minority neighborhoods, in the Deep South- and, in middle class, and yes, upper class (Fox Hills, Baldwin Hills, Oakland Hills) black neighborhoods, have many, many close friends in all these environments, and yet, and I freely admit here, when I see a mixed race couple (and in Hawaii that is the MAJORITY) which is a black male and a white female, I, regrettably, and due to institutionalization, I, for a split second, feel a strange pang- thank goodness in me it immediately goes away, though it makes feel sick and ashamed- and that is the result of the Mandingo brainwashing, used to cover up the horror of slavery, and is, truly, the bane of our society.

Denying it means you too are either a coward, totally brainwashed, or- a worthless, and dangerous, racist.

highly rated post>/I>
The racism is a diversionary tactic to cover up the reals reasons for objecting to Obama's policies which are so close to those of G.W.Bush that surface appearances are irrelevant. The backlash against the racism (which is obviously despicable) gives Obama support by decent people who permit it to overshadow Obama's destructive support for corporate and Wall Street and Pentagon power which is destroying whatever democracy that remains in the country.
When you say that "the racism is obviously despicable", John Sand, is that a "diversionary tactic" on your part as well? Or is this act of racism just plain despicable?

The racism is not remotely related to the policies of the Obama administration. Just for the sake of this discussion, Obama could be the worst despot in the history of the world, that does not justify a racial statement depicting him and his race as subhuman. His polices are entirely unrelated. All of the acts of the Obama administration or any single despot pale in comparison to the whole of racism. Racism (and oppression) itself is far larger, older, deeper, and more evil than any administration's polices.
Thank you for this post. I noticed that CNN didn't publish this story, although they had no problem posting Breitbart's faked "anti-White" video of Sherrod's speech to the NAACP.

There is no debate that TEABAGGERS are racists. It's amazing how they just can't hide it. Has the woman who sent this racist drivel to her friends been fired from her position? If not, that just shows that TEABAGGERS have no problem with connecting themselves with old-style racial stereotyping.

I hope they continue to hyperventilate about President Obama's birth certificate. I guess that's their way of creating jobs -- which is supposedly their focus.
Ahhh, okay...consider me schooled. This is one of the most edifying posts I've read in some time. Rated for making me a little smarter.
america is a violent racist country. it imprisons hundreds of thousands of black men every year for no reason except intimidation. why do you care so much about what happens to one very rich imperialist?
Lincoln's enemies called him "Honest Ape". Clementine Churchill called the Japanese "The monkey men" , as did many of the US Chiefs of Staff. The "ape" moniker was not strictly "racial". We should beware of "presentism" when doing history. Nasty, even evil, yes, but it depends on the times. Clearly, anyone who describes our president as such is a fool, or worse. But, beware of judging the past by the standards of today.
Racism is cruel and ugly. Your post reflects how subtle, vicious and self serving this hatred is. We also know this is a learned behavior. A person is a product of their upbringing and many of us were raised in homes with a fixed attitude and assumption of white superiority. There was fear and contempt for other races. As I read the piece it occurred to me that enough of us have set aside the fear and prejudice to elect a black man to the highest office. The racism in my family has lessened over the years, giving way to acceptance, respect, and our limited understanding of how institutionalized discrimination has hurt us all. It is a sad and disgusting to have leadership figures transferring legitimate fears of our collapsing economy to the illegitimate fear of difference.
Unfortunately, Beck, you cannot delete me here as you do when I confront you with facts in your blog. I have been fighting for the rights of black people for a good deal of my life but I will not swallow bullshit coming from either blacks or whites. The assholes who fall for the racial propaganda against Obama are obvious tools of the reactionary forces in the country drumming up sympathy for Obama on the basis of his color. But a black reactionary like Clarence Thomas or Condoleezza Rice is just as disreputable as any of the white people who support the destruction of the basic democratic principles upon which the country was founded. It is Obama's policies of vigorously supporting the hugely expensive meaningless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, of rewarding the mafia types on Wall Street that scammed and blasted the US economy, who fabricated a phony health reform that rewarded the crooks in the health insurance and pharmaceutical industries that are destroying health care in the USA, that is acceding to vital cuts in the basic care of the unemployed, the poor, the sick and the disabled and swallowing the disgusting tax cuts to the bloated wealthy, who employed the executive of GE that operates to destroy the US industrial complex and pays no taxes on its huge profits. Obama continually puts on a face of standing up for the people and continually collapses when confronted by the insane clowns in Congress. The man's policies are the problem, not his color. Race is a red herring and it seems to be working nicely with many otherwise sensible blacks and white people who are offended by the crude obscenity of attacking a man because of his race.
Ok, so let me get this straight, because you are a little hard to follow here. Did you say that reactionary whites are doing this to get support for Obama, by means of this diversion, because he is actually doing the reactionaries bidding, and this is cover for him? That is a good one.
Obviously a very good one since it seems to be working very nicely on you.
Working? Jan, you're entitled to your own view. I'm not the only one here who disagrees with it. But you mentioned "facts." Everything you stated was opinion, not fact. Again, totally entitled, but the statement that Obama is reactionary is your opinion. The notion that it is being done to provide cover for him to do their bidding is opinion, etc. You have a lot of work to do to establish that as fact. Even your statement that uses the qualification of "sensible blacks, and white people...". That's a really good one.
He looks more like a Caribbean cabana boy to me. Tell me, whose dirty underpants is he washing lately? Jamie Dimon's?
Well, we've had 8 years of Bush Or Chimp pictures (google it) and 8 years of calling Bush the "Chimp in Chief." It doesn't surprise me in the least that Obama would get the same treatment.
Beck, I suspect our general politics is not all that far apart but since I am white and you are black there are obviously problems in our difference in outlook. I would appreciate a denial of the points I cited rather than an attack on my personal integrity.
Incidentally, I would suggest a look at the blog at this site by Dr. Stuart Jeanne Bramhall. She is excellently informed about the sophisticated manipulation conducted by the economic powers that really control the country and how they use the abrasive relationships of minorities to the general public in a most sophisticated and frankly evil way to maintain control and power and frustrate any real democracy in the country. These powers are in control at the moment in a way that no force seems possible to contravert it except violence and that is a frightful tragedy.
Well stated. It is a sad commentary; however, accurate in experience and opinion. Thanks.
The woman who sent this despicable email should resign ah, yesterday.

That said, I'd also like people who make racist comments in the Democratic party to step down ASAP. Diane Watson anyone? Harry Reid anyone?

For more on this, listen to Larry Elder's April 20th show.

I did not attack your personal integrity. My race does not determine my viewpoint. I am surprised to hear that yours does.

You said deny your points, I deny them. To keep it brief, I neither think the President is reactionary, nor do I think there is a conspiracy of racist attacks to provide cover for him. That sounds a bit wacky to me.

I see it a bit more simply. Race is but one of the groups used to divide people in this country since it has been a country. Other such insignificant classifications are religion, gender, sexual preference, and just about every other way to falsely divide people. Race is an especially powerful and successful one.
The lack of comments on this, an outstanding and front page post, simply scream out the cowardice of too many residents of the US Mainland.

Jan- rather than take your issues one at at a time, I will simply observe that I have lived in Morningside Heights (when it was still rough-hewn), spent much time in both the Bronx and the Hamptons (lots of surf there, Fire Island to Montauk), saw the devastation at Ground Zero up close, and have mentors I call friends who were at Tuskugee and have shared their tragic memories, and their victories, with me personally.

You, however, know very little or less about Hawaii, refuse to look into, or even acknowledge the institution that is Punahou, and what it has meant for several centuries now, and insist that a mixed race individual who went their while on food stamps, while his classmates were some of the most elite of the whole planet, is somehow a self-hating, and self-destructive, hater like Justice Thomas. You seem to have stopped learning a while back, after a great run- I suggest you open your eyes again as the world is changing, fast, and not just in the way you describe, though much of that is valid.

IMUA (Onward)
I find it highly ironic that race has become a main issue in the decline and fall of the USA shepherded by a block of the power elite now firmly in control of the political, economic, financial, media and whatever other sector handles the levers of how a nation moves and prospers and declines. It is frighteningly obvious that the wealth of the nation and most of the world now is determined to impoverish and deny truth to the bulk of humanity in a manner that can only inexorably and inevitably destroy the potential for decent civilization not only for the species in general but in a dark comic manner is suicidal for even those in control.

I am a born and raised New Yorker who knew, lived with and highly respected people of all colors, races, religions and nationalities. I marched with CORE in Tennessee in the 1960's and had the KKK burn a cross on my lawn, I was a member or Archie Smith's black Warhawks flying club in the late 1940's and Archie, who I highly respected, taught me to fly, I graduated from Pratt Institute with fellow black classmates who were wonderful creative designers, my mother knew and worked with and brought to our home in the 1930's black associates in the city bureaucracy who worked under Fiorello Laguardia who were our good friends. The insinuation that I find black people in any way anything other than fellow humans institutionally crapped upon by US prejudicial society is deeply insulting to me and to the fine people of all colors I knew and respected.

But to wrap basically totalitarian contemptuous undemocratic murderous policy in an apparently brainless and openly vicious pseudo-Texan white package like G.W.Bush or in a sophisticated articulate academic black package like Obama does not disguise the total stupidity and basic nastiness of the policies. In general, it is a huge sector of poor black people who will continually be put in jail for idiotic legal procedures, who will be denied employment and medical care merely because they are black, who will be denied proper education and opportunity and will be perpetually fleeced by financial scammers, who will seek some sort of financial out in joining the armed forces because all other opportunities are frustrated, all with the enthusiastic support of the current smoothly sophisticated fraud of Obama policies.

Being black or white or yellow or red or any variety of the combination does not over-ride being human. Nastiness and greed is spread evenly throughout humanity just as well as decency and compassion and intelligence and all sorts of inherent skills and here, at least, there is no color barrier.
Jan- agreed, and well put, though I am more optimistic.

Now, you still won't address who the prez actually is, and insist on calling him black, when he's not.

SHINING EXAMPLE: one of his first moves in office was to finally change the drug laws that put whites hoovering up powder on probation while giving life sentences to blacks who the CIA provided with rocks. How is this more of the same? What does it tell you about what he doing behind the scenes? How can you imply if he tried to move faster that half the South and Midwest, New Hampshire and Orange County (source of this post) wouldn't explode in racist hate and rage ... as they did with Wallace, Conner, Maddox, Nixon, Reagan ... and the sundown towns, all of which you know very well from personal experience, which I respect ... now, respect the prez's! The man is doing plenty, but it is kind of like Jackie Robinson's batting average ... even that gets criticized in ways never before seen! Why?- because of race, period.
Sorry, but my stand holds. Obama is an obvious fake, a black sugar coat on a very bitter pill. If the US doesn't explode on the obvious robbery of jobs and homes and medical care to whites and blacks alike it seems to be permanently anesthetized on any sort of sensible or vicious reaction.
Insofar as color is concerned I doubt any so called black person is totally innocent of some white ancestry. We are all mixed and as white as I am I have no guarantee some of my ancestors were not black. Doesn't anthropology indicate we all came out of Africa?
Yeah, a fake who comes from a school older than any west of the Mississippi, except for mine!, a school that IS the Illuminati, but in a fairly good way, a school that produced more Senators (multiple states), more Congressmen, more Admirals, more Generals, more Pro Surfers!, many Diplomats, more self-made Billionaires, hundreds of inherited millionaires, and now, a US President, than any other, even Ivy League prep ... you are simply immune to digesting this, it is like a lactose intolerance- your body simply can't process it.
I don't question Obama's educational credentials nor his intelligence, merely his loyalties. Doesn't the fact that he is so integrated with the reactionary right give you some clue as to where he stands?
What interests me is his actions as president, not that he is black or whatever color you assign to him. Those actions are totally damning and inexcusable.
The sad thing is that although we have our first person of color in the White House, America is still waiting for it's first pro black President. One that actually has policies that can make a difference for the oppressed in this country. He has done nothing to curb the abuse of our for profit prison system that continues to incarcerate young black men at an alarming rate perpetuating the cycle of poverty and despair in the black community, unemployment in the black community is double that of whites, blacks make 57 cents to the dollar compared to whites, and black America is foreclosed upon by banks and preyed upon by unscrupulous mortgage lenders at a far greater rate than whites, yet Obama has done nothing.

This Tea Party racism is appalling, but it deflects from the real problem. The fact that Obama is a corporatist doing the bidding of Wall Street and the MIC.
The real motives? It's 'cause we don't a negro president. I thought that was obvious.
Oops. I meant "we don't want" a black president. It's very clear to us white folk. Color is bad. We hate it. It's the Angl0-Saxon burden.
Who is "we"?
He was voted in on what he promised and lots of black people and whites were very happy that a black man made it to the presidency. It's his broken promises that turned people off.

Your assessment of this situation is an interesting one. You give short shrift to the actual concept, which applies to billions of people, in order to redirect the issue to a criticism of one. Change the details slightly and say that the subject showed up in need of emergency care due to some medical condition that potentially affected billions of people, and you want to redirect the emergency based upon policy decisions that he made. In the process you mention who you went to school with (people of his race), and where you marched. Those are all very nice, thanks for being a decent human being, but the emergency at hand has nothing to do with his policy decisions. It certainly has nothing to do with you either. Racism is not a diversion. You're grandstanding with nonsense about yourself.
I wish you had not given safe harbor to these photos.
They are OBSCENE and they are an insult to ALL DECENT people everywhere.

"Each person has inside a basic decency and goodness. If he listens to it and acts on it, he is giving a great deal of what it is the world needs most. It is not complicated but it takes courage--Pablo Casals
There are a lot of stupid, reactive people involved in politics. I try to avoid all of them because they just make me hate the fact that there are so many stupid, reactive people involved in politics.
The fact that you claim the 'you did it too' doesn't begin to describe how utterly childish one can be. The sooner we look at someone's depiction or read the comment or blog and decide what it means to us without letting the hair on our necks command our next action, the better off we all shall be.

Diversity and Tolerance are both two-way streets. Get a grip!
Thank your for this great piece, and for being "specific, careful and precise". In my book, you exercised great restraint at a time when WTF is about all I can incoherently say regarding about 99% of what is in the news these days.
My pointing out that my life was absent of racial prejudice is most strangely characterized as "grandstanding" since I have been accused of racial prejudice and I am merely giving clear evidence that there is no basis in the accusation. It is on target that my criticism of Obama is on his policies, not his race. And there has been no evidence to indicate he has deviated from the G.W.Bush detrimental policies in any important way. All his important consultants have been derived from corporate or Wall Street sources and that is undeniable. Talk about his helplessness and some sort of secret agenda merely confirms his lack of leadership and that has nothing to do with his race. He has incessantly surrendered to the opposition to the detriment of his supporters and the the people who put him in office and that is undeniable. Race has nothing to do with it.
It is not undeniable. It is your particular perspective. Many disagree with you. I am one.

Second, I keep scanning for where you were accused of racial prejudice. I can't find it. I know it was not me. I dont see how a discussion of whether or not this email from Southern California has anything to do with where you went to school, or whether or not you are prejudiced. Also, you keep directing your disagreement with me. Have you noticed that I did not write the post. I merely agreed with it.
George W. Bush looks much more like a chimpanzee than Obama!
Great read.
Jan- I never accused you personally of racism, or called your own credentials into question, either here or elsewhere on OS. I have, instead, completely disagreed on your assessment, and that of others here, who, it seems, can't see how their attempts to minimize this through bait and switch ignore the problem- racist hate and its legacy.

Speaking more directly, to you, and to all the others here who ramble about corporatism and wall street insiders- you're wrong! You brought us Bush by supporting Nader with this nonsense, and even throught 8 years of the hell of war and total meltdown you still say, with a straight face- Gore and Bush were the same- both bought and paid for corporatists; yeah, right, Gore tries with valiant effort to save the world as we know and enjoy it- Bush destroys it ... yeah, they are identical twins! You all are dead wrong. Completely. Now, you start it again with Obama, and ignore everything I, someone who grew up a mile away from him, tell you about him. I have to say, if someone grew up a mile from a not so clever and undercover operative like Paul Ryan, and shared with me some things I couldn't possible learn otherwise, I would listen, digest, and adjust accordingly- and that's not just me, we all know who promotes constant learning as opposed to lines in the sand.

You don't like all the Wall Street players- who does? yet, you think that anyone can effect change, and hope!, without working with them. You think the economy will, by magic, just suddenly have new people who run it! They are one of the power groups, for now, like the Repubs this post is about, and, so, our Black Hawaiian Fearless Leader must work with them, it is his job to keep ours, and the world's economy going, and they run it ... what are you proposing- that he ignore them? so the markets fail and a massive depression begins? everyone's retirement goes completely down the drain? Idealism has some truly fantasy-based components- life is like a big wave, you better deal with the 3 Dimensions coming down the track, or else!
Thanks for an educational read.
I'll spend more quality time later.
I am on the road - it government.
I recall when I first began reading digits and mechanical contraptions. I did't enjoy a blog called ` The Aping Chimp. That was when George Bush was the One to demean. Let's TEACH CONVERSATION?
I f We People just toss nasty 'cheap-shots' all day we peons will be all in the earthen grave.
Then - We decompose.
Talk - Civil Critique duh.

Let's be realist before we people are caught with the CROOPING COUGH and never Lived.
Let's respect Conscrutive Critiques, and all of us 'fiddling' folks Respect Diverse Opinions.
I know there is Teaching Lessons HERE. PEDAGOGY (sp?) I've seen you (Chauncey DeVega) @ the Great Web Alner/Net. Google?

The web was called The Smirking Chimp. Poor George was the Monk loww-self esteem folk CHOSE to AIM to hurt (HAMARTIA) By the Way?
Hops in Colf 45?
They make me sleepy.
No drink Colt 45. huh?
Your old enough. Duh.
Drink Adams Wine ay.
That pure water H20.
Take H20 for croops.
Croop cough o hacks.
Hacking cough today!
Dialog with tickle in throat. I attended a T- Bagger's Rally in Hagerstown, Md. I still am bewildered because I was dressed shabby and wore a straw hat. Tea-GOPs began yelling for what REASON?
I went to watch.
I left the rally.
Who's listen?

So Be gentle.
O Calm who?
Crazy folks!
I love the old Harper's book.
I found a few at a book flea mart.
The illustrations are quality cartoonist.
I'd aspire to be a cartoonist. I can't draw.
Today We critters wake to offend possums.

I Fear that it's beyond White-Black. Who is B.O.?
Maybe if someone wrote a book for me i'D SELL?
No sell the interior essence. I think about old lits.`
Disembodied Spirits...
Cloud of Invissibles...
Cloud of Witnesses ...
I thirsty for Colt 45 Malt?
My great "Shrink" is sober?
It's best to drink plain water.
That was so well said, Oahusurfer. The process is a bait and switch. The question was whether or not an act was wrong. Jan turns it to a discussion of himself. Then, this most interesting part. Jan had referred to the act by the woman from Southern California as a diversion from Obama's failings. The irony is, Jan blatantly diverted the point to a false accusation of racism on his part. By his diversion logic tactic, would he not be trying to divert the impact of the racism of the woman from Southern California and thereby support the cause of racism? Jan has two choices here. He can say that he is in fact doing the same convoluted conspiratorial act to support racism which he denies, or he can admit that this convoluted conspiracy theory is nonsense, just like it is with his theory as being a cover for Obama's being the tool of the oligarchs. Live by the nutty theory, die by the nutty theory.
This is your open statement indicating I am racist.

Quote: "I did not attack your personal integrity. My race does not determine my viewpoint. I am surprised to hear that yours does. "

I felt it was crucial to demonstrate it was Obama's policies, not his color that made me unhappy with his presidency. There was no "grandstanding" involved.
Incidentally, this is one of many sites objecting to Obama's loyalties to the super wealthy who finance his campaign.

You said the following:

"Beck, I suspect our general politics is not all that far apart but since I am white and you are black there are obviously problems in our difference in outlook. I would appreciate a denial of the points I cited rather than an attack on my personal integrity."

I responded by saying that my view is not determined by my race and that I am surprised to hear that yours is. That was not calling you a racist. That was saying how I see things is not determined by my race.

You really ought to be ashamed of yourself for how you throw around accusations. Those were/are your words. Even then, I did not say you were racist. I said, "view determined by your race." You said that about yourself and presumed it about me. Shame on you.
What I find rather fascinating is the direct parallel in strategy between the Israeli automatic accusation of antisemitism to any criticism of any Israeli policies and the accusation of racism to any criticism of Obama's policies. That there is actual antisemitism I do not doubt and that there is actual racism is well illustrated in the photos in this blog and both are execrable but the rather neat technique of making any policy objections immediately subject to the easy and convenient smear of antisemitism or racism is a noteworthy and not particularly commendable ploy and a diversion from the real problems.
Obama's recent declaration that he claims the right to assassinate anyone merely accused of terrorism on his judgment and not by any validated evidence is a clear extension of executive powers into totalitarianism and I find that totally unacceptable.
Nice diversion there, Jan. The email that Chauncey DeVega wrote about was clearly racist. Now you are slithering over to Israeli whatever. If it possible to drop below zero credibility, you have just done it.
Nice diversion there, Jan. The email that Chauncey DeVega wrote about was clearly racist. Now you are slithering over to Israeli whatever. If it is possible to drop below zero credibility, you have just done it.
Nice diversion there, Jan. The email that Chauncey DeVega wrote about was clearly racist. Now you are slithering over to Israeli whatever. If it is possible to drop below zero credibility, you have just done it.
I am not throwing around accusations, merely concluding from your inability to examine the open and obvious agenda of the Obama administration to coddle the rich and powerful and ignore the scammed and impoverished multitudes of all races who have suffered mightily through corporate and Wall St. domination. It's pretty obvious where Obama's sympathies lie and it seems being black is a rather neat defense.
The subject is the email. There is no inability to examine his agenda. It is just not relevant to the question at hand. Your tactic is slimy. You increased the slime by saying that you were accused of racism when you clearly were not. You just slithered over to the next diversion.
I will make one accusation of you, Jan. All of your alternate personalities/characters all argue in the same way. You dont have one that concedes anything to reality. You love to take a post and turn the thread into some other issue. Just as you have here.
I am concluding my participation in this discussion as it has become too much of an imposition on the good manners of the host who has permitted too much interpersonal disagreement to intrude. I have had my say and my points have been made. Nothing further can be revealed.
In closing I should reiterate that I entirely agree the racist photos and opinions in the original blog are completely unacceptable
3 observations:

Germans, Irish,and Italians "became white" over time. Unfortunately, that's not possible for blacks because of the legacy of slavery.

knuckle draggers, all

A quote from Samuel Johnson" Why are those who cry most loudly for freedom the driver of negroes?"
Tom I like your quotation.
This campain is disgusting.I can't believe this is happening 2011.
Chauncey,I am a bit late here.Thank you for your engagement.