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AUGUST 22, 2012 3:50PM

Yes, Biden Can Talk to Blacks in Ways That the GOP Cannot

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The chattering classes are still talking about Joe Biden's "y'all" and "put you back in chains" turn of phrase from a speech that he made last week in Danville, Virginia. Republicans, members of the party of Willie Horton and Birtherism, have lept at an opportunity to call a Democrat "racist." The Democrats are playing damage control and highlighting how Vice President Biden was essentially correct: the banksters and usurious financier classes do in fact want to have their full boots and heels on the necks of the American people--and the Republican Party will free them to do so with full force.

Despite all of the posturing and partisan sniping about Joe Biden's comment, the facts are actually quite plain, all this fuss about chains is really much to do about nothing, a non-controversy.

Why? Because white Democrats in the post Civil Rights era can say things to black and brown folks, and talk about race, in ways that Republicans cannot. The pundit classes are afraid to acknowledge this simple truth because their money is made from drama and conflict.

Part of the challenge here also lies in how Americans are immersed in a culture of false equivalence, one in which every point of view, however ridiculous it may be, is somehow made legitimate and valid.

The decline of traditional TV news programming and the rise of opinion journalism is simultaneously both a reflection of this cultural turn, while also contributing to it.

The craven greed of the corporate media means that they must find talking heads, opinion makers, and others to fill airtime with "interesting" points of view without regard for accuracy, truth, rigor, or substance. From this logic, if there is a scientist who represents the consensus view that global warming is real, then an "expert" who argues the opposite must be interviewed in order to create the illusion that both arguments are equally valid descriptions of empirical reality. The serious economists who dismiss the absurdity of trickle down economics and the Laffer curve have to be "balanced" by Right-wing hacks who argue against the mass of data which suggests that such theories are specious and fallacy laden. And in my favorite example, evolutionary biologists have to share TV time with creationists who believe in magic and other assorted hokum.

Ultimately the phrase "both sides do it" is a lie--although it does make for a nice Twitter hashtag.

The reality based community is left shaking their heads from these post-truth contortionists; those who believe in the fictions offered up these virtual snake oil salesman are emboldened. The Fourth Estate fails once more in its responsibilities.

In all, the culture of false equivalency is a product of the same logic that rewards every kid with a trophy even if they finish in last place.

Despite their supposed disgust with the "self-help" and "feelings" industries--the purveyors of the psychobabble pablum that told us that children should not be subjected to the pressures of competition--"personal responsibility" conservatives are deeply immersed in a parallel cultural project. Every day, millions of them watch Fox News and listen to talk radio, drinking in the toxic ether of the right wing echo chamber. This is a form of group therapy and mass hypnosis on a national scale, what is a mix of old fashioned propaganda and brainwashing, combined with political theater, and where participation is incentivized by the secret edicts and "truths" of a cult that are revealed only to the elect few.

When discussing the the politics of race in America, the lie of false equivalence (and the "both sides do it" defense) is a common redoubt for aggrieved white conservatives and those people who are invested in defending and protecting (white) privilege.

For example, the latter is operative when white folks want to use the word "nigger" and then have the gall to get upset when someone suggests that they ought not to. There are certainly words that our gay brothers and sisters say to each other that folks who are heterosexual best not mutter. I am certain that there are inside turns of phrase spoken between members of certain ethnic and religious groups that outsiders do not have the ear for, or understanding of nuance, to use correctly. As a working class black guy I lose no sleep over these reasonable norms of public and private speech: they all seem like good common sense to me. However, this same set of life experiences also helps to explain why I cannot understand those (mostly entitled and privileged) white folks who would argue the opposite position.

Alternatively, the upsetness at being told that white folks should not say nigger could perhaps just be a result of rank and arrogant privilege; the owners of whiteness and white privilege rebel and bristle at any suggestion that there are things they ought not to do.

The controversy over Joe Biden's comment about chains and debt peonage reminds me of  a close friend's wise words. One afternoon, she and I were talking about love and relationships. She made the great observation that relationships are about putting money in a metaphorical bank. Your good deeds are deposits; deeds that hurt or create emotional distance are debits. A successful relationship is the result of how people balance these debits and credits...all the while maintaining one's sanity and self-respect.

On matters of race, the Democratic Party, for all of its imperfections, has built up a ton of credits with the black community from FDR and the World War 2 era, on to the Civil Rights movement, and into the near present with the election of Barack Obama. The Republican Party is the party of the Southern Strategy, naked and subtle appeals to anti-black affect and white racial anxiety, is enamored with xenophobia and nativism, ruled by John Birchers in the Tea Party, drunk on Birtherism, and cannot avoid the addictive rhetoric of "real America" States' Rights Confederacy silly-talk.

Mitt Romney's repeated suggestions that President Obama, the country's first black President, is a lazy, angry, anti-American, welfare king thief have most certainly not helped to improve Tea Party GOP's negative ledger balance with people of color generally, and black Americans, specifically.

When Joe Biden spoke last week in Virginia there were black people in the audience. They heard his code switching and responded positively to it. If Biden had disrespected them, or African-Americans in general, we are most certainly capable of raising a stink and a fuss. Despite what tragic black conservatives and their white masters would suggest, black folks are not on a Democrat Plantation. We are shrewd political actors who are capable of making sophisticated choices about our politics, and possess a deep understanding of the realities of Power and white racism in the present.

Joe Biden can keep doing his thing. When he gets out of pocket, black folks, and those others with "money in the bank" on these matters, will certainly chime in and check him. Until Republicans get their own house in order, I would suggest they shut up and get to work on purging the racists from their own political party. 

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Why am I not surprised, after excoriating Romney for things he never said and never meant, that you would find some fuzzy logic to excuse Biden for explicit race baiting?

However, the intellectual heft of this post is light enough to elevate to another EP. Therefore, congratulations in advance.
I'm an old white dude and I can completely relate to those "chains" that Joe Biden was talking about. From 1980 - 1987, I paid 12% interest on an upside down mortgage to protect the $20,000 investment that my parents loaned to me. I was fortunate to sell at a 40% profit and pay them back with interest, but during those seven years I lived as a "wage slave."

Once I got out from under that obligation, I lived debt free for over twenty years, but in the last two years I've spent nearly a month in hospitals and been through three surgeries just to keep breathing. Now I'm 63 with nearly $200,000 in debt and I'll probably die in the "chains" of that debt. I'm quite literally the poster boy for Obamacare.

The skin color of whoever is in the audience doesn't matter; because the Republicans and Romney/Ryan have got no "dog whistle code" that will help anyone except the folks who want to make more money from the misfortune of others.
Amen, Chauncey, Amen! My extended family is actually biracial. Even though I have very good friends in all levels of society and communities of various races and beliefs, there are things I know I can't say and things I can say. We all know that, unless you live in an entirely vanilla world, and you're grasping at straws because you still don't have a grasp of how racist you truly are. I found nothing wrong with what Joe Biden said, and I was shocked to hear there was an uproar from the GOP side on Biden's wording. WHAT? They have truly lost their focus, but then that was clear when they ran off their better leaders.
I thought Biden was a bit hyperbolic, though there is much truth in the ideas of letting Wall Street put Americans in chains and rewarding the GOP for the conservative's long history of racist politics.

What I don't get is how anyone, even an idiot, would describe what Biden said as "race baiting," much less "explicit race baiting." Fortunately, we have an idiot in the thread who will, hopefully, explain how it was "explicit race baiting."

Romney certainly doesn't represent All White People nor does Wall Street. The statement doesn't degrade blacks or whites. I don't see it, but maybe the dumb guy will explain how that works.

So, Chris, summon all of your intellectual heft and describe why Biden's words were "explicit race baiting." To be fair and realistic, we'll lower the bar to merely summoning your heft. I wouldn't want to task you with 2 impossibilities.
Chauncey, generous of you to give Biden a pass. But it was a clumsy clueless remark that me cringe with embarrassment. Something I admire about Obama is his speaking skill with people of different colors and politics, his grace and thoughtfulness, his measured responses. He never blurts. I loved when he answered a deaf man's question in sign language. Biden is his VP, and his speech should reflect some of that cool. Joking about chains to a black audience seems akin to joking about showers to a Jewish audience, or rape to a group of women. Try not to be such an old white guy!
Paul, my good buddy. . . !!!!

Apparently you know perfectly well how to bait. What’s interesting is that you (and Chauncey) don’t consider “. . . gonna put y’all in chains . . .” race baiting.

That’s OK, Paul. You and Chauncey deserve each other. You two are closely matched in both hypocrisy and inanity.

I have to consider my audience just like Joe did. In this case, the wisdom of not dealing with your 'giant intellect' keeps me engaging with you on this issue.

See you next post, Bud.
I've written about some of these issues and couldn't agree more, particularly about phony symmetry. I've railed about that repeatedly - not only don't opposing viewpoints have equal validity, both sides do not have equal ethics.
I knew you couldn't explain it, Chris. Blowhards just like to look at their nonsense in print. Hardly the basis for launching accusations, considering you can't explain it yourself. Even less a basis but far more ironic and humorous is the pretense about having intellectual abilities. I guess those don't extend to being able to justify what you say.
The Chris explanation of race-baiting: "It's race baiting!"

Yup, them thar is sum powerfil intellekshul chops.
It's race baiting because he made the comment in Danville, VA, the last capital of the Confederate States of America. If he didn't have to fake the accent or said it someplace else it might not have been so bad.
Excellent post - especially the "debits and credits" - the republican extremists continue to increase the empathy deficit in this country.

The present crop of republican extremists and their inbred cousins the TeaBaggers are like Slinky toys: useless, but fun to watch going down stairs. The Slinky toy will stop at the bottom of the stairs. The rep/TeaBaggers reach the bottom of the stairs and start digging a basement.

I find much of what the GOP says to be intentional cognitive dissonance, including their response to Biden's comment.

Since Karl and his dark money have come on the scene it appears to be their modus operandi.

Your words were very informative for me. Thanks.
@ Barbara Joanne

Is your comment supposed to have meaning?
on the head as usual- it was an African American audience and they were enjoying a proven friend who obviously enjoyed being among them. And for the tea party- perhaps you might peruse Patrick Henry's "Give me Liberty" speech
Well reasoned, well stated.
My good friend greenheron and I often joke about how often we see things similarly, but this time I'm looking through a different lens. This latest Biden brouhaha is a perfect example of the dangers of taking single words and phrases out of the context in which they were uttered. Here is what Biden said, in context:

"(Mitt) Romney wants to let -- he said in the first hundred days, he's going to let the big banks once again write their own rules. 'Unchain Wall Street.' They're going to put y'all back in chains."

Had I been in that audience, I would have laughed at Mr. Biden's double entendre. Since the audience (Institute for Advanced Learning and Research) was presumably multi-cultural, had I been in it I would have thought Biden was playing off the "unchain" in the GOP's mantra, and the chains Biden meant were the chains of underwater mortgages, foreclosures, unemployment and hopelessness.

This is truly another example of the right pouncing on every opportunity to deliver its coded messaging to their belligerent base.

Chauncey, as usual, you have made a seldom stated point: Biden, Clinton and many other Democrats do have the "cred" to say things the others wont' get away with within the black community. I agree 100%.


Didn't I read somewhere that you studied or your work involved etymology? If so it surprises my you are so free at limiting speech and word usage. Words evoke emotion which is purely in the mind of the listener. Take CDV, all he hears is racism which is clearly in his mind
I wrote a pithy answer to Uncle Chri's comment and then decided to post it on my blog instead, to keep the ball rolling and draw more eyes to the issue which raises the question of whether it is polite to post a link to your blog in a comment on someone else's post.

The gist of my remarks were that there's absolutely no relationship between what Joe Biden said and the practice of race baiting and suggesting otherwise indicates a profound ignorance of our racial history.
I disagree White liberals confronted me on my stance on illegal immigration without any knowledge about the history of all immigration and its effects on Black people, or without any experience, and most importantly without any context. The argument they presented (because they have been allowed to by Black people who are more woefully ignorant of our history than anyone) was one of xenophobia on my part. They didn't nor could they discuss how is it xenophobic for a Black person born and raised during the Civil Rights era to understand that Title 7 of the Civil Rights Act was to protect me from citzens and non-citzens who built networks to circumvent hiring me. None of them seemed to know this nor did they seem to think it had much meaning and that is why neither Liberals nor Conservatives can 1 up each other on the topic of race and ethnicity.
"Joe Biden can keep doing his thing. When he gets out of pocket, black folks, and those others with "money in the bank" on these matters, will certainly chime in and check him."

You explain exactly who inhabits this country -- whores, perfectly willing to service you -- but not for free.

While you're amazed "...evolutionary biologists have to share TV time with creationists who believe in magic and other assorted hokum," I'm ashamed I live in a country where my freedom of expression is conditional while yours is absolute.

Good things came when Rome fell; and good things will come again soon.
Congrats on your EP even though I feel you earned it by giving permission to certain people to use images that you would fry others for using. You can't know what is in either Biden or Joan Walsh's heart and both have had the occassion to fall down on issues of race. Though they try to stay as PC as possible Open Salon picks pieces (mine included) that don't offend their Liberal sensabilities, because ultimately they are the judge of what is acceptable for them to say and not you or I.
I came back to rate this post, and came across twos comments that make absolutely no sense to me. Catrilion's comment might make sense to him but it is complete gibberish to me. I don't see how anything L wrote could be construed as encouraging the repression of free speech. the gist of her statement was that, because of their different histories, some people can speak to black people in ways that others cannot is a simple fact. I lived and worked in the black community for 25 years but it wasn't until I had worked in that world for around ten years that I noticed I no longer noticed when someone called me "Nigger" because I knew it was meant as a compliment. I had earned my place in that community. Nevertheless, I was once chastised for using the term blackmail when I meant extortion, and I once started to use the phrase "the nigger in the wood pile," stopped in the middle and then joined in the general was a large meeting....over the fact that I stopped.

Racial sensitivity isn't something you adopt. It's something you earn in the cauldron of your life's experience. Joe Biden has that cred from 30 years of working closely with black organizations. Joe has earned the right to use certain words that Mitt Romney doesn't have the moral right to use because he has been in that cauldron with the rest of us.

Desnee rode her own hobby horse to this rodeo when she introduced the question of immigration - which wasn't germane to anything - into a discussion of whether Joe Biden had been racially insensitive or inciting to riot. I understand her comment, but I don't understand exactly what she's disagreeing with.

I don't understand Sammyvine's comment at all. It seems to go off at a tangent to the discussion. The term "money in the bank" has nothing to do with prostitution. It has to do with having credibility on the basis of previous work or experience.

I'm getting old and foggy. What am I missing here?
Correction. Mr Romney has NOT been in that cauldron. No way, no how. We've never been in the same boat except for one time during the Charles River Regatta....but that's another story. By the way, does anyone actually know where Romney lives, in which state his vote will be cast? And does Mr Obama have to go back to Chicago, or is Washington now his "permanent" address?
Sagemerlin, as you stated YOU DIDN'T UNDERSTAND the point, which says nothing about whether it was valid or not. The point I was making is that Liberals get no special dispensation from me on the topic of race or on code words. I used an example which was above your head excuse me for that.
By the way whatever cred you've given Biden over the years disappeared when he introduced the different sentences for cocaine trafficking. As the very important book about it states it is the new Jim Crow. How would such a person possibily have earned enough in good works to overcome the hundreds of thousands he has sentenced to 50 year terms (that was the Federal minimum) because by color they were more likely to traffic in crack rather than powder cocaine?
@catnlion: You have me confused with someone else. I studied psychology.

CDV has every right, as do I, to have racism in his mind, but that is a ridiculous comment coming from someone I have thought was a reasonable thinker --you. Chauncey chooses to write about matters of race which is not and never has been synonymous with "racism." You've been hanging around this place long enough to have read many explanations of the difference, and I know you understand it.

Did you actually read this post? Chauncey was actually refuting charges of racism being lobbed at Biden by Republicans.

As for your comment about words evoking emotion, I have no argument with that. That is exactly why people strategically place certain "emotion-evoking" words out there -- to stir up that emotion in order to cloud any semblance of reason their so-called base might possess.

What I understand is, first of all, how to stay on topic, and, secondly, how to do it politely. I admit the hobby horse comment was off kilter, but it seem to me that you brought some freight to the conversation that shifted the focus away from the germane....but I am too old and too tired to fight verbal battles over nonsense. How did Joe Biden cross any lines when he didn't use any racial slurs or epithets of any kind in his speech. Saying that the Republicans are going to "put y'all back in your chains" is a metaphor, used in a racially mixed audience that was not gathered for some community event for the Black community. He was speaking at the Institute for Advanced Learning and Research at Virginia Tech and from what I could see I am not even sure that it was a predominantly Black audience and, unless you were there yourself, how would know that unless someone told you and is that a fact or a supposition.

How did this even become a racial issue in the first place?

What I see over and over again in this debate are people who have stopping thinking about the issues and react to everything the Democrats do as if the Devil made them do it.

Race wasn't an issue in the Biden Speech until the Republicans injected it.
What I understand is, first of all, how to stay on topic, and, secondly, how to do it politely. I admit the hobby horse comment was off kilter, but it seem to me that you brought some freight to the conversation that shifted the focus away from the germane....but I am too old and too tired to fight verbal battles over nonsense. How did Joe Biden cross any lines when he didn't use any racial slurs or epithets of any kind in his speech. Saying that the Republicans are going to "put y'all back in your chains" is a metaphor, used in a racially mixed audience that was not gathered for some community event for the Black community. He was speaking at the Institute for Advanced Learning and Research at Virginia Tech and from what I could see I am not even sure that it was a predominantly Black audience and, unless you were there yourself, how would know that unless someone told you and is that a fact or a supposition.

How did this even become a racial issue in the first place?

What I see over and over again in this debate are people who have stopping thinking about the issues and react to everything the Democrats do as if the Devil made them do it.

Race wasn't an issue in the Biden Speech until the Republicans injected it.
Thank you for posting this. When I first heard about the controversy, my first thought was "Well, what he said was true." And I couldn't understand how exactly it was racist for him to say that, but I couldn't work it out. I wasn't sure if I had just discovered an odd spot of privilege-blindness where I wasn't expecting it or what. Apparently not. :)
My response is to Lezlie's comment, and I hold Lezlie in the highest esteem. I don't think Biden was race baiting, and I'm glad that black people weren't offended. There were other jokes he could have made though. Obama would not have said that, and as black man, is more entitled to than Biden. Even if as you say Lezlie, the black audience was okay with a white guy making a chain joke in a fake southern accent, as a white person, I'm embarrassed.
"Senator Charles Sumner of Massachusetts, a prominent voice in the anti-slavery movement, delivered an impassioned speech denouncing the compromises that helped perpetuate slavery...

Continuing his speech the next day, Sumner singled out three men in particular: Senator Stephen Douglas of Illinois, a major proponent of the Kansas-Nebraska Act, Senator James Mason of Virginia, and Senator Andrew Pickens Butler of South Carolina.

Butler, who had recently been incapacitated by a stroke and was recuperating in South Carolina, was held to particular ridicule by Sumner. Sumner said that Butler had taken as his mistress “the harlot, slavery.” Sumner also referred to the South as an immoral place for allowing slavery, and he mocked South Carolina.

Listening from the back of the Senate chamber, Stephen Douglas reportedly said, “that damned fool will get himself killed by some other damned fool.”

Sumner’s impassioned case for a free Kansas was met with approval by northern newspapers, but many in Washington criticized the bitter and mocking tone of his speech.

A Southern Congressman Took Offense

One southerner, Preston Brooks, a member of the House of Representatives from South Carolina, was particularly incensed. Not only had the fiery Sumner ridiculed his home state, but Brooks was the nephew of Andrew Butler, one of Sumner's targets.

In the mind of Brooks, Sumner had violated some code of honor which should be avenged by fighting a duel. But Brooks felt that Sumner, by attacking Butler when he was home recuperating and not present in the Senate, had shown himself not to be a gentlemen deserving of the honor of dueling. Brooks thus reasoned that the proper response was for Sumner to be beaten, with a whip or a cane.

On the morning of May 21, Preston Brooks arrived at the Capitol, carrying a walking stick. He hoped to attack Sumner, but could not locate him.

The following day, May 22, proved fateful. After trying to find Sumner outside the Capitol, Brooks entered the building and walked into the Senate chamber. Sumner sat at his desk, writing letters.

Violence on the Floor of the Senate

Brooks hesitated before approaching Sumner, as several women were present in the Senate gallery. After the women left, Brooks walked to Sumner’s desk, and reportedly said: “You have libeled my state and slandered my relation, who is aged and absent. And I feel it to be my duty to punish you.”

With that, Brooks struck the seated Sumner across the head with his heavy cane. Sumner, who was quite tall, could not get to his feet as his legs were trapped under his Senate desk, which was bolted to the floor.

Brooks continued raining blows with the cane upon Sumner, who tried to fend them off with his arms. Sumner finally was able to break the desk free with his thighs, and staggered down the aisle of the Senate.

Brooks followed him, breaking the cane over Sumner’s head and continuing to strike him with pieces of the cane. The entire attack probably lasted for a full minute, and left Sumner dazed and bleeding. Carried into a Capitol anteroom, Sumner was attended by a doctor, who administered stitches to close wounds on his head.

Brooks was soon arrested on a charge of assault, and was quickly released on bail. "

This, very, very, very instructive pre-cursor to Joe Wilson says it all. The last straw for the authoritarian? His poor honor was insulted by the details left out above, that is the true, true, true, well can't even call it an accusation, just TRUE- fact that racist Southern white men spent 400 years raping black women at will, for fun, for sport, for profit, and simply because they could and they were scum.

This is what's under it all, guilt; and fear of retribution.

While you and I agree on some things and differ on others there is a huge difference between you and CDV.

When you write about something you may see race. You may not. It depends on the issue and the point. CDV on the other hand only sees race. He hears what what he thinks is code words. He admits to trolling websites, some are known hate sites some not, looking for "hate". IMHO, if he could not find something he could call hate he would go through withdraw.

You call them like you see them he only see things through his glasses.
Chauncey, I absolutely love your take on this latest non-episode. Yet, I am not sure if there are enough Repubs to clean their house of the TP 'ers, as when this is accomplished, there will be none left: the T Party IS the Republican party. They have played out this rather tacky Kibuki drama of them showing the regular Repubs for some media show cases, then have the Dog Whislters howling at loons when the rest are not available. Please, these are children with credit cards and narrow minds. Highly Rated>>>>>>>
I'm with Lezlie here -- I heard the whole thing and I certainly thought he was referring to the "unchain" mantra of the Repubs as well as the chains of debt and poverty. He did slightly hesitate, if I remember correctly, as if he heard himself as the words were coming out of his mouth....
I also agree with Biden if he was indeed referring to the chains placed on the average family by debt and poverty. I feel those chains coming for Americans -- as Republicans' (it will be a Paul Ryan-sponsored bill) next "great idea"/fallback to the old days: Debtors' Prisons.
Sagemerlin apparently you don't like in kind responses that's really too bad for you sir. My comment was that Joe Biden doesn't get a pass on race anymore than Mitt Romney because he too has been guilty of presenting laws that are not in any way color blind. My comment wasn't specifically about what is universally viewed as a racially tinged comment. And even with his Commander-in-Chief he has made some pretty remarkable comments such as his inference that the President unlike so many of us is well spoken and clean. You might have had your head buried in sand during the last election cycle and have no memory of that incident. He is known to suffer from hoof in mouth disease.
Joe Biden is not smart enough to be racist. And I'm beginning to think that CDV is not smart enough to be anything else.
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