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APRIL 23, 2010 6:51AM

Project Runway Finale

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The long, long, very long wait is over. The Project Runway finale is here! Poor Jay got ousted by Mila last week so our three finalists are Mila, Emilio, and Seth Aaron. I am expecting quite a bit of black on the runway.

We start the episode with the finalists leaving the hotel and entering the workroom one last time. They then immediately start to criticize each other’s work. Mila says Seth Aaron’s collection looks like a very glam Hot Topic  and that Emilio’s could have appeared in any boutique in 1994. Emilio says Mila’s collection is severe and demure (are those words opposites?). Seth Aaron says Emilio’s looks like an “older” collection. Like, for elders I’m assuming.

Tim walks in rocking the leather blazer he’s been wearing all season. He is shocked by Seth Aaron’s 24 looks (only 10 are required), says rather coolly to Emilio, “Haven’t we seen this before?”, and reminds Mila to rough up her styling a little bit.

We proceed to model casting, where the designers are forced to watch legions of leggy girls with amazing cheekbones parade in front of them. Mila wants an edgy mix of rocker/Hollywood/New York. Emilio wants multi-cultural, because the world is multi-cultural. Seth Aaron is merely looking for the “right vibe.” There is no fighting, and one can assume that the models are successfully cast.

They then proceed to the make-up room. I’m not saying the name of it. You all know what it’s called. Mila wants dirty and gritty eyes for her girls. Emilio wants an uptown New York girl look. Seth Aaron wants a really bold dark eye.

They then proceed to the “insert shameless plug here” hair studio, where Mila is happy with her model’s rock and roll hair style, which doesn’t really look much different from Mila’s real hair. Mila is her own muse apparently. The other two do variations of soft sophisticated ponytails.

The Lifetime “Moment of the Show” comes next. Emilio, rather graciously for a change, thanks everyone who believed in him. Seth Aaron cries and thanks his family.

They are off to bed, then quickly woken at 2:30am by the alarm clock. They walk up the dark, slushy streets to the tents at Bryant Park. They stand on the runway and stare. I get the chills. Then Seth Aaron lays down and pretends to make snow angels on the runway. If a model trips in that spot there will surely be hell to pay.

The backstage mayhem begins. It’s edited to seem rather controlled actually. That is until Mila realizes that she is missing three of her models and Emilio is missing one. They probably stopped for some food. They never show up, and Tim has to call in the alternates. Tim seems very composed, but he gives away a bit of anxiety by repeating everything three times. “Go, go, go.” “Hurry, hurry, hurry.”

It’s time for the show to begin, and Heidi comes onto the runway. She introduces Michael Kors, Nina Garcia, and Faith Hill as the judges. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Faith Hill a country singer? Oh, but I forgot. Country singers are known for their tasteful sartorial choices.

Seth Aaron starts the show with a collection inspired by 1940’s German and Russian military looks. I like it already. He sends his signature strong-shouldered jackets and lots of red and black that manages to not look tacky. Most surprisingly, he sends an amazing flowy T-backed tunic that is a complete departure for him, yet fits perfectly in his collection. He also sends a bright purple dress that looks like a crumpled up piece of plastic wrap.


Mila sends a lot of black and white looks, still very 60s inspired, but she does a better job styling and her models don’t look dated. There are lots of tunics and leggings, and the gorgeous paillette dress that we saw last week.


Emilio calls his collection “Color Me Bad” although I hear “Color Me Badd,” that horrid band from 1991. Which actually is appropriate, because Mila is right: his clothes are right out of 1994. Even Raven-Symoné (who?) thinks he’s doing a 90s flashback; she approves. He uses every jewel tone under the sun, and a not-at-all-egotistical abstract print that spells out “E. SOSA.” Subtle.


A bunch of semi-celebrities are interviewed about which collection they liked the best. Of course the answers are mixed. But the best part of this is that Ping is back. And she has grey hair, which according to a recent New York Times article, is very trendy now.

After the show, the designers are greeted quite politely by the judges, and the critiques start. Seth Aaron is first. Michael loves the collection and compliments Seth Aaron’s ability to craft clothes and to put on a show with “kaboom and pow.” He is happy that the clothes look more luxurious. Nina says it’s a very editorial collection, but filled with clothes people can wear. No one likes the purple dress, though.

Emilio is inspired by classic American sportswear. He is also well received by the judges. They like the sophistication and Faith Hill LOVES the print. Nina says it is a quiet and sophisticated collection, but she wishes there was a better transition between all the tailored pieces and the final gown that Emilio sent. Michael says it is more of a line than a collection, and that it is the most commercial.

Mila was inspired by shadows, and the layer and texture they produce. Heidi loves it and compliments the more modern styling. Michael Kors congratulates her for making it contemporary then sends me running to Google when he says, “You kicked out the girl in the cage doing the frug.” Michael then cements my undying love for him when he tells Mila that when she plays with shine “it turns me on. It’s a little nasty in a good way.”

It is a very difficult choice for the judges. Mila is great at mixing textiles, but her collection wasn’t surprising. Seth’s collection is luxurious and has great hanger appeal, but the judges worry that his clothes can get too overwrought. Emilio was thinking more about business than a show-stopping collection.

Mila is the first to be auf’ed. Then there is the interminable pause before SETH AARON is declared the winner. Emilio is clearly miffed, though he hugs Seth Aaron.

This season we met Ping. We saw Ricky do trashy clothes. We saw Anthony leave and come back and leave again. We saw Maya leave. We saw drama, we saw cheesy commercials on Lifetime, and we saw clothes.

The producers are currently casting for season eight. I’ll be watching.

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I really liked Mila's collection better, but then I am older than the 'target market'. However, I was glad that Seth Aaron won over Emilio.
His attitude the whole show seemed to be one of entitlement. I do think though, he is a good designer.
I also wanted to thank you for staying with the program, you write good re-views and re-visits of the show. Now that PR is done for awhile, what will you focus on now?
Hmmm. Good question. What WILL I focus on? I have about 12 blogs that I'm working on, plus a job, plus an internship. Oh, and I think I have a few kids too. Shoot, where ARE those kids??? :) Someday I'll write something that is not Project Runway related on here.
thanks fr keeping me in the fashion loop this season! Well done.
I got hooked on this show for the first time this season. As a former seamstress, I am floored by the skill that Seth Aaron and Emilio have to do what they do with fabrics. My daughter and I had Seth Aaron pegged as the winner from the get go. He has class.
I love living vicariously through their lives for this opportunity to show their talents.
I adored Seth Aaron's collection. Too bad I'm not tall and thin. But I noticed that his wife is probably about my height.
I loved Mila. Too bad the only color in her collection was "aubergine" in addition to the black and white. But Seth Aaron deserved the win - he has imagination and a great deal of technical skill.

Emilio should have listened to Tim, and gotten over his hubris.
When Seth Aaron said his collection is inspired by Nazi soldiers' uniforms, I felt both nausea and shock. There are people alive today whose family members were killed by Nazi soldiers. I hope none of those people watched the show. It was ghastly enough for viewers not directly involved in, but aware of, the Holocaust.
Even though I didn't like Emilio, I thought his print was beautiful.

The funniest part of the night came in the reunion show, when quote-machine Anthony apologized to a model he had offended. When Nina wasn't satisfied, he said, “well, i cant give her a kidney so an apology is about all I’ve got.” Anthony really grew on me over the course of the show, and I bet he gets invited to all kinds of events and "I love the 90s"-style quipping-head TV shows.
Oops, I meant apologized to Mila.
Unfortunately I missed the "reunion" show so I have no idea what Jay said or did. Is he the one who threw his model under the bus after she defended his work?

Emilio was insufferable. Someone said he was gracious - what he was saying was "Fuck you SA, even though you won I am still KING!!!"

And then he whined at the beginning of the reunion (which is why I stopped watching) about how he couldn't figure out why he didn't win because the judges' comments were so nice. Well Emilio, they said nice things to all of them.

And none of them lied about intending to make a bikini instead of a totally failing at making a dress.
"Raven-Symoné (who?) "

Former (littlest) Cosby Kid, who starred (stars) in two heavyweight Disney Channel franchises - "That's So Raven" and "The Cheetah Girls".

The little girls understand.
I agree with Irish, Fishing, Gregor, Lady, and Anybodhi!

Seth Aaron was always my favorite to win. Mila's nastiness and Emilio's cockiness completely turned me off which is why I hate seeing the behind the scenes stuff.
Seth Aaron really was the one to beat... his clothes were well made and extremely contemporary. I LOVED the second look he put down the runway... that flowy dress... it was beautiful and something I might even want to wear.
I'm just glad that the "esosa" print no longer looked like "ES (heart) SA"... I was right with Tim when he said that he thought the print said Emilio Sosa, heart, Seth Aaron when they did the "make your own print" challenge. Emilio was really pretty stuck up and whiny... and I'm really surprised nobody ever called him out on his outright lie with the washer-bikini. I did love that dress he put out last in his collection. I was thinking it would've been good for the "elements" challenge if he had gotten water because it really made me think of seaweed.
Mila just kind of bored me through the whole season, but she was the bitchy one, so they couldn't let her go.
Thanks for writing these recaps. They were fun! And I can't wait to read them again next season.
Oh, yeah... and on the Faith Hill thing. At least when they've brought in other celebrity judges, they've explained how they have a fashion connection... either their own line or that they are always on the best-dressed list, but Heidi just said, "and Faith Hill." It was bizarre (to use a Heidi word).
Raven-Symone's a former Disney Channel star so you know lol. And yeah I'm glad Seth Aaron won, but I loved Jay ever so much more...
I enjoyed your coverage as much as I enjoyed watching the show! I'll be watching next season AND reading along with you too. Rated.