MAY 28, 2012 11:19AM

"Willing To Lay Down All My Joys"

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A soldier’s last letter home.



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Love this, love all the letters and memoirs from this series, the best ever produced by anyone, anywhere.
I'm with them. The civil war series was heart rending. Thanks for reminding me. BTW, Mrs. Bass' mother (Mrs. Bass being my friend and garage sale guide in my memorial weekend post) will be interviewed in his next series about the Dust Bowl. Ken Burns is a master storyteller. Here he is talking about storytelling. Just like the artist who created the Cathedral of Junk said to me, " The sum is greater than the parts."
War. What is it good for? One of the most self-answering questions ever. Yet we can never stop ourselves from sending our young boys into hell. Absolutely nothing. Such a simple answer.
jmac--I bet Sullivan never thought of himself as a writer. Boy was he wrong!

Frank--The guy really can tell a story.

Hey PW!

Pandora---the Dust Bowl seems tailor made for him.

scanner---that's the part that never ceases to amaze me. It's simple.
"I know how American civilization now leans upon the triumph of the government." This soldier knew exactly what was believed by our greatest Republican president: Abraham Lincoln; it is ironic, then, that our most overrated Republican president (Reagan)believed the opposite. Ballou's letter was very prohetic in addition to being heartfelt and passionate; war is still not the answer.
Paul Haider, Chicago
Beautiful. What a letter. What a man.
Hey Candace, Suzy, Paul and Deborah! Thanks for stopping by!
Ken Burns IS a national treasure. Speaking of miniseries, I watched Part 1 of Hatfield McCoy last night -- had to -- had to see if I could spot any of my daddy's kin. Couldn't help but be amazed -- appalled -- shocked -- at the fact that after all those men had to go thru in the Civil War, it apparently wasn't enough to put them off warring. Indeed, it may have only whetted their appetite for self-destruction.
It is amazing and wonderful that Sullivan Ballou's love letter made it to present day and he was able to share his words with us. Now, if only we can be moved by them enough to change, maybe just a bit, because of them. Thank you CG.