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Yes I know it’s a tad obsessive. Checking amazon every oh. . .lets just say “a lot.” But at 6:00 this morning, my new book,“Finding Work When There Are No Jobs,” that book was priced at $14.99. And when I checked at, well. . .a little later, it was listed at $11.34.And there were only 12 copies left! On sale AND selling! It's at


I wondered if amazon knew I was working on getting the Kindle out as soon as I could? I wondered if they knew what I was thinking? Is that why they put it briefly on sale? 


They sell a lot of books. Even really strange and different ones like mine.


People read the title and sometimes think, “Not for me!” I have a job. But when folks start reading the incredibly well edited stories in the book, (I was not the editor) and they start thinking about their own personal connection to work, they realize that it’s really a book for everyone. Not because there is some glorious pearl of wisdom in the book. Far from it. I am not a fan of self help books. Turns out there is no “magic answer.”


The purpose of this book is to start conversations about the way individuals connect to work. “Finding Work” is not a book that will tell every reader the one path to follow. Instead, these stories—some of which first appeared in Open Salon—these questions, and THE FIVE guiding principles will prompt every reader to chart their own path, beginning with the question


“What if I started thinking differently about the way I went about finding work? Maybe even consider, "What would I do if I HAD to find work?"



Questions for everyone.  Whether you have a job or have less of a job than you used to or have no job.


It’s not the book I planned to publish. But then an awful lot of people lost their jobs, had to scramble, found themselves just holding on for dear life.

When you are holding on for dear life, or even when you’re not, I suppose advice can help. But it’s the power of stories that can prompt us to think differently, figure out our own plans.

Stories start conversations. And this is a book of stories.

I did not know I’d end up starting a publishing company. But now there is “Think Different Press.” I didn’t think about a web site. But now www.findingwork.org is out there under construction. How that all happened are stories for another time.

The full story of the book I wrote, Think Different Press, and the book I meant to  write is now on fictionique under the title “Living the Dream”

The book I meant to write? Here’s a small story about that book if you’re interested.

Meanwhile. . .I gotta go to amazon and see if “Finding Work When There Are No Jobs” is still on sale. It’s been at least 20 minutes since I last looked.  And I have zero reviews! If anyone feels so moved? Reviews help.


As to that book I meant to write. . . .

Born on the crowded, cobblestone hills rolling down from the giant white Basilica of the Sacre Coeur under rainy gray Parisian skies; the book I meant to write would, of course, have been a novel.

It would have been based loosely on the early years, before Cristina left me for that bond trader named Ralph. It would be a classic tale of love lost and rebirth, offering plot twists that, even in repeated readings, delivered surprises. Perhaps it would have taken the reader walking through the ancient cobblestone streets of Montmartre, inviting the reader to stumble upon a hidden cheese shop run by Monsieur Joee LeBlanc. Monsieur Joee would offer a taste of a nutty, ripe old cheese, first made centuries ago in the Alsace-Lorraine by a forgotten band of monks.

Alsace-Lorraine would have been Cristina’s ancestral home. That she was really descended from a lineage of royalty, and that she was in fact a bona fide princess, were things she wouldn’t tell me until the morning after that all important third date.

I would stumble out of bed to throw open the shutters and let in waves of Paris street sounds and sunlight (hey – this was my book, and I’d cliché all over the place if I wanted). I would see Cristina, sun-drenched blonde hair flying, marching regally down the street with our coffee and croissants. Then, listening to her footsteps on the stairs, I would be thinking of the walking we’d do that day, the bookstore visits, the hours I’d have to write, and she would make her entrance into my little room to proclaim, “Roger. I’m a princess. I thought you should know.”

This being fiction, I’d make her funny and wild. A minor TV actress, from a suburb of LA. Looking to be the next Lucy, but still a princess. At least until we took that trip to Paris and Ralph the bond trader showed up at a smoky jazz joint in Montmartre where it was said that Picasso, Einstein and Steve Martin used to hang out.

That was the book I meant to write. . .


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Congratulations! I hope you sell bazillions of copies...by Friday!

"Stop Networking." Broadcast Your Story. Get yourself booked on Stewart or Colbert.

It's been a looooong time since I was part of the dating scene. Are those all important third dates still reserved for bondage games?
billiunz i will buy one, so we can read your novel next too. yay, Roger!!!! Big happy hugs to you. I will be back with a review later.
L--That was my goal too! Thanks!

Stim- Hah! Like I would actually know!

Yay Emily!! You rock!!!!
Congratulations! The second great book on this topic from a famous Chicago writer, though yours could be called NOT WORKING!
my book would be different, but same audience. Please tell me you have sold out soon. Nothing I could imagine would be better or nicer.
Bernadine--Awww. I wish.

Gabby--It's reading different levels inventory in different parts of the country. So not sold out---but selling well. The promotion today helped. And it is now in selected independent retailers. Keep going. This does work!

Thanks Sheila!
I like the notion of the common thread that weaves through the fabric of any of us trying to find meaningful work.

My new client this afternoon is the spitting image of a young Gina Lollobrigida and while that in itself may not be particularly meaningful it certainly beat looking for work when there is none.
Work is overrated. I'm waiting for you to write the book "How to Survive Without Working." I guarantee that one will be a bestseller.
ah, how wondrous!!!!
(I am still in awe of the whole founding a publishing company thing. I can't even begin to wrap my head around that one.)
Here's to it being a bestseller!
Congratulations! I've been sharing your stuff on my FB and now Im going to Amazon to buy a copy.
We ALL were meant to write that Book! But go ahead; I'll think of something else!
Best of Luck on this new Book - it'll help more people! R
also--After "young Gina L" I forgot what we were talking about!

Dr. B--Put me down for a copy.

Vanessa--For me, it's really about finding the right people. That's about it. profound, huh?

Jaime--Those FB shares have a HUGE effect. Seriously, I can't thank you enough for that. Hope you like the book!

Christine--Thank you!

Marilyn--You are so right. We WERE all meant to write that book!

Catch-22--Thank you!
I will add it to my Amazon wish list for the next time I order! The princess one will be out when :)
Oh yes and congrats!
This part on Amazon was funny:
9 new from $10.29 3 used from $27.20

So you're saying I should buy this book? When people who have already bought it seem eager to get rid of it? ;-)
LL--Hah! The princess one will be out when I win that eternal lottery we're all looking for!

NC--Those are dealers who buy from a back channel in case the book goes bust and then try and sell it as "out of print". It is a very weird system. The day the book went up, those went up too. I am learning a lot here!
Both of your books sound phenomenal; the one you wrote and the one you can finish now that you've written the book you didn't plan to write.
[r] CG, I would certainly pull this one off a shelf in B&N. Must look into. And a student of Terkel will definitely have the perfect empathy and sensibility! HUGE CONGRATS. Now finish the italicized one, too! best, libby
Libby--It is still making it's way into every B&N, but if they don't have it, they can order it. There is a Terkel story in it I think you'll like.

Thanks Margaret!
Congrats! You are living the dream. My book is going to be about finding work after 65. Problem is I don't know how. R
Roger, I am so happy for you. This is a fine thing and we see your dream assembling itself (not without sacrifice patience and heartache) right in front of us. Creativity, if nurtured, no matter the circumstances, will come to our rescue. I can't wait to shake your hand again.
Gerald--There are over 40 stories in the book and much of it is very applicable to folks over 65. It will not give you "the answer" (folks over 65 already know there is no one magic answer) but it will prompt you to figure out your own. One of my favorite stories is about a distinguished Welsh gentleman who is nearing 90.

Gary--After I finish the e-book prep and another round of publicity pieces, my publicist is pushing me to have a release party. Late March or April. I'll let you know when it's set and maybe you two can come up.
I recall I wrote a brilliantly clever comment on Our Salon for this, but I've forgotten it. Are you doing an ebook version? Now that I have a "Kindle for PC" on my laptop, I can afford more books.
Matt--All I can remember is that it was brilliant. . .
And yes, I am doing an ebook soon. In fact, just got off the phone with the very nice people at Bookbaby.
morning, noon, and night
Stories are the new everything.



So .... you are in synch with the zeitgeist.
Congratulations!! I don't know if you recall, but about a year or so ago and in response to an essay I had posted re my frustration with finding work, you were kind enough to recommend a book to me as well as to send me a couple of excerpts from your not-yet-published-but-in-the-works book. I cannot tell you how much I appreciated your kindness and encouragement.

I do so hope your book is an overwhelming success ... I know how much even just a chapter or two helped me.

~R~ with best wishes
JP---They NEVER sleep!

Nick--Those are really interesting sites. Especially the management practice. I bookmarked both. Thank you.

eyespye--I do remember that. Thank you so much. Your note made my day!

What you saw was before I found the world class editor who really made the book shine. If you liked it then, you'll really like it now! I'd be really interested to hear your reaction to the book. If you ever feel so moved, I still have no reviews on amazon. Either way, thanks again for remembering!