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JANUARY 31, 2012 3:48PM

The January Phantasmagorical, 2012

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Wherein ChillerPop presents a short, unwordy lazy roundup of the month in phantasmagoric, creepy, spooky, speculative, fantastical, wonderful, science-fictiony, monstrous, psychotronic and strange...and stuff like that...


I was introduced by my friend to the jaw droppingly disturbing world of....Salad Fingers!  (and you may have probably known about this for months, however I am not highly susceptible to viral stuff)


I'm frustrated in my attempts to try to see Wicker Man pseudo-sequel (spiritual sequel?) The Wicker Tree, on which across the pond and selected screening reviewers have had mixed feelings.  I don't care - that's how much I love the original.  Again: Nic Cage? NOT INVITED TO THIS PARTY.

This may turn into a stand-alone article, but Lifetime Movies have much worth for connoiseurs of psychotronica.  And there surely could be no more perfect Lifetime movie than Drew Peterson: Untouchable starring Rob Lowe.  I don't want to suggest that we should find mirth and amusement in a true story of domestic violence (in fact, this article takes that very stand), but Drew Peterson: Untouchable was unfortunately a howlingly funny bit of unintentional wrong fun.  Try not to be enthralled by the hypnotic power of the 'stache and the midwestern accent....or Rob Lowe's striptease...

Finally, a fellow OSer and I share an obsession with pop culture moral panics and conspiracies of a spiritual nature.   I encourage you to read Beth Winegarner's "Backward Messages" (I'm very jealous of the blog title).

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On The Soup, they completely made me want to watch the Drew Peterson: Untouchable, especially the last scene where he does the slow strip tease at the police station!! ~L~

Poor Nic Cage. Hasn't he managed to pay off the IRS yet? Why else would he continue to make such awful movies/remakes?

With regard to Rob Lowe, my junior high crush, not even for him will I watch the Victim Channel. I look forward to your stand alone post.
Thanks for the link to The Wicker Tree trailer. I know we're both big fans of The Wicker Man, and I'll certainly be seeing this new film from Robin Hardy, too. I have avoided the Nic Cage remake like the bubonic plague.

I didn't even realize it was Rob Lowe in that photo until I read your text and then looked back up ... and then wailed with laughter. Thought Salad Fingers was great, too.

I like this idea for a monthly digest!
Tink - I just knew the soup would have to show something about Drew Peterson! I wish I'd seen it!
Muse - the Victim Channel indeed! There's something almost endearingly constant about the formula of their movies of the week
VA - great to hear from you as always! I'm glad you liked Salad Fingers...he's quite an interesting chap.
Drew Peterson: Untouchable? Oh no. Say it isn't so!