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FEBRUARY 28, 2012 10:34PM

The February Phantasmagorical, 2012

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Wherein ChillerPop presents a short, unwordy lazy roundup of the month in phantasmagoric, creepy, spooky, speculative, fantastical, wonderful, science-fictiony, monstrous, psychotronic and strange...and stuff like that...



Be warned - I'm going to threaten to blog on some of these topics in the future, a lot.  And then I won't actually do it.  It's an annoying quirk of mine.

 We begin with a return to Amityville.  It appears that, much like the Son of Sam, we have a second shooter theory with some evidence to  make it plausible.  Hopefully it won't be another hyperreal whackjob conspiracy  as espoused by Maury Terry in "The Ultimate Evil." Or hopefully it will!  I had no idea there was a trilogy of documentaries on Amityville, but at least this one isn't going to insist on demonic possession to support the careers of Lorraine and the late Ed Warren. 

In personal news, I have every intention of writing a novel about a mummy, a warlock, a Final Girl and an as yet to be determined horror movie stock character who team up to fight crime.  EVERY intention.  In the meantime,other people will actually write things while I daydream of writing them.

Lovecraftian horror resource Cthutube has evolved into an impressive eldritch empire!  Congrats, and I'm looking forward to your original content as well as your readings of the classics!

Theatrical releases of note for March 2012 (via
  • The Snowtown Murders seems to be a brutal, feral film based on a true story, and a little googling confirms it inspired an outstanding comic series by Warren Ellis and Ben Templesmith , Fell, whose short run I can’t recommend enough and I will write about (yea yeah, I always promise that and it never happens). 
  • The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye is a documentary about notorious UK rocker (and Satanic Panic victim) Genesis P. Orridge and his surgeries to resemble the love of his life. 
  • John Carter of Mars will also inspire a blog post from me about the erotic artistry of its pulp paperback covers. 
  • Playback’s poster looks like some kind The Ring-type J-horror remake – high school kids, evil spirits and Christian Slater. 
  • Seeking Justice has Nicolas Cage, thus, it’s psychotronic and deserves my mention. 
  • Silent House looks promising with its tense, “trapped in the house” plot. 
  • Sound of Noise is Swedish and involves “a band of crazy musicians decides to perform a musical apocalypse using the city as their orchestra... “ It’s teaser poster has a drummer in a ski mask – I’m in. 
  • Possibily psychotronic, perhaps not, but will Adrien Brody be a Nice White Lady in Detachment? 
  • A no-doubt quiet, character driven apocalypse from IFC looms in 4:44 Last Day on Earth. 
  • Brake puts Stephen Dorff in a claustrophobes’ nightmare of a kidnapping plot. 
  • The Hunger Games? What’s that? 
  •  Dark Tide – Halle Berry as a “shark whisperer” – need I say I’M THERE? 
  • Intruders’ poster managed to disturb me, as I remember having a similar childhood vision. 
  • Finally, Wrath of the Titans may consign me to live in a world without Ray Harryhausen and a charmless, dour, shiny CGI vision of the Gods of Olympus.
Friends, which of these shall I seek out and relate back to you?

I mean to do a small digest of fellow OSers dabblings in the macabre and strange and wonderful and horrible and just plain cool - however, the search function on OS currently sucks, and so, not this month kids.   As always I keep getting drawn back into Beth Winegarner's Backward Messages, where she champions reason and reports on the resurgence of Satanic Panic, goth panic and blame-video-game narratives. 
And in the midst of all this angst, we see America's numero uno Church Lady, that insidious imminent threat to the U.S. Constitution, Rick Santorum, who is naturally concerned about Satan attacking America, as well as President Obama's "earth-based spirituality."  The article I linked to comes from a conservative-leaning magazine, The Atlantic, and makes an interesting point:
But Santorum's America is an abstraction, a country untainted by evil, from its very origins set apart from the world. It is as if the entire continent were inside the garden of Eden and therefore without sin.
I don't think I need to reiterate that I'm no fan of this dangerous, repressive, regressive Dominionist fuckwit.  And so now that he is incessantly in the news, I feel it's my duty, however obnoxious, to contribute to do my part in manipulating Google results and keeping America free.
Santorum: the frothy mixture of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the byproduct of anal sex.

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Thanks for the round-up Chiller. Some of these titles look damn interesting. I can't believe you're not aware of the Hunger Games. I've read all three books in the trilogy and look forward to the film. It's a grim, futuristc, David and goliath kind of thing. Here David is a girl and goliath is an oppressive state. Lots of action, some romance (of the tween variety), and some interesting characters. Check it out.
Thanks for the updates. Procrastination seems to be an inherent trait in writers. For example, I read this post last night and put off writing a comment until now. R
Hi Bbabe! Actually, I was being a wiseass when I wrote that. I know Hunger Games is at least as huge as Twilight. My wife is really enjoying it and I am going to get around to reading it soon.
Hey Trudge! I'll take any comments I get, whenever I can get 'em! Thanks for stopping by.
Looking forward to the John Carter of Mars blog! Just seems too awesome to not explore.
Thanks KC for stopping by!