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DECEMBER 28, 2011 6:30PM

KOGO's Morning Moron chip franklin Replaced by Bryan Suits

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KOGO's  morning moron chip franklin knocked off the air waves by Bryan Suits

Has clear channel finally come to its senses and and unloaded the heavy baggage of chip franklin?  It was a breath of fresh air this morning to wake up to humor and political opinion instead of the usual woman and player hater, chip franklin.  No talk of body slamming any girls.  No talk of punching Whoppee Goldberg.  No juvenile giggling after thinly disguised off-color comments about women, or any other group of our society chip does not have the intelligence or training to understand.

Congratulations to Clear Channel for using good judgement and discretion.  The complaints about chip franklin were overwhelming, even by his own admission.  He has made the statement more than once about watching what he says--re:  kids riding in the car, etc. 

Everyone in San Diego is breathing a sigh of relief!!


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