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JANUARY 29, 2012 2:41PM

The Very, Very Embarrassing chip franklin

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chip franklin, horrible hound of San Diego radio, KOGO 600 and clear channel embarrassment, calls for smokers to be shot!!........gunned down by non-smokers rather than have the government make a new rule in our lives banning smoking.

the very, very embarrassing chip franklin

Friday morning--parking at the dog park--chip always accuses me of hanging on to his every word but it only takes a few seconds of radio listening and there is an overwhelming amount of material.

chip is still on the radio--unbelievably calling for people to be shot--smokers at a restaurant.  I guess he is trying to make his point, as usual, about government interference in our lives--he also does not like motorcycle helmets or lunches for low income students.  His talk is not only unbelievable--it is so disrespectful.

We have so many recent incidents of unpredictable violence--from Gabby Gifford's to recent tragedies in our own community.  Why do we have to have violence called for on the airwaves?  Who is listening, children, a potentially violent person, a family member of a victim who has recently suffered a violent attack. 

Its terrible--Obviously clear channel is embarrassed or they would not be trying to hide it.  It is so irresponsible.

I tried to verify this horrible talk but I was unable to locate it on the podcast.  I called the station to see if I was doing something incorrectly.  The lady on the phone was helpful but said she was not familiar with past broadcasts.  She said I could ask the program director.  I left a message with no response.

In the past chip has denied horrible verbal attacks and shouted "Listen to the podcast!"--even when I specifically heard him make a statement.  I have referred to this in past posts to my blog.

What was the purpose of chip franklin's call for smokers to be gunned down at a restaurant or public place?  I hope it was not an attempt at humor.  It is disrespectful to people who have family members who have suffered violent, unpredictable crimes.  It is disrespectful to listeners who just try to live correctly.  In a city where we have recently suffered unexplained violence at the hand of children--an incident that is painful for everyone on every side of the issue--whether it is a personally involved family member on either side of the tragedy or just parents or children that are listeners--this latest proclamation is in extremely poor taste.

At first glance it seems like a "talk" show but it is merely a podium for frankin to slither upon and make his disgusting jokes.  It not entertainment when he has to resort to this kind of a disgusting statement--a painful statement--just to get ratings.  chip franklin is a total sell out. 

That is the confusing part of it--it is not really "call-in" show either.  It is portrayed that way--as if there will be conversation and an interesting exchange of ideas.  That is the farthest thing from the truth.  It is all chip all of the time--he will say anything--insult any group to make a show.

Shame on clear channel and the advertisers for promoting this kind of violence on the air in San Diego.

this incident took place on Jan 20

to be continued...........


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