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MARCH 1, 2012 12:21PM

KOGO 600 Makes a Poor Decision in Losing Bryan Suits

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Bryan Suits will be missed in San Diego.  It seems like KOGO 600 is just a bunch of mad men yelling at every one.  Bryan Suits was a breath of fresh air for that station.  He was the only one who could get his point across without shouting and unnecessarily using humiliation to make his point. 

Even though we may have been on opposite sides of the fence politically I really enjoyed listening to him.  Oh my gosh--one day listening to him at the dog park talking about the old rockers--he was so funny I was laughing out loud.  What a poor decision by KOGO and a loss for San Diego!


For example--just this morning at he 7:30 hour chip franklin got in a fight with a man about raising chickens in Carmel Valley.  Well, the man ended up making a good point that chip could not beat.  I thought that was so unusual for chip to let the man get the best of him.  Predictably, as soon as chip came back on the air after the break, he had to call him an "ass," twice.  

Chip may be taller with the lifts in his shoes, that he is always trying to sell so bad, but he is still a little tiny man in my book.


According to the caller he can raise chickens legit because he has 6 acres in Carmel Valley but chip thinks chickens should not be allowed because they smell.


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