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MARCH 31, 2012 11:50AM

Bad Boy Bill Maher's War on Women, Dr. Drew Drinks Kool-Aid

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Bad Boy And Trash Talker Bill Maher Continues His Own Personal War On Women And Dr. Drew Drinks The Kool-Aid

Speaking of smoking crack and drinking--I think this applies to the NYT and Dr. Drew re: Bill Maher. 

He went on Dr. Drew this week and continued to brag about his bid for no apologies referring to his bought and paid for op-ed this past weekend in the NYT.  Talking about shilling for some one........ 

I am not in support of Rush or Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachmann but there is a line of decency.  He said how funny he was in a club when he talked about Sarah Palin--everyone was laughing.  Really? 

We just had a horrible hate crime here in San Diego.  An Iraqi woman, mother of 5, was beaten to death and removed from life support as his column appeared in the paper.  Rush has already apologized.  Bill is the only one who does not have to apologize according to him.  I am real angry.  Everyone is drinking his kool-aid.  Many young people, particularly, look to Dr. Drew for the trendy view on things.  I think this Bill Maher is just a slippery, shape shifting trash-talker--which he also brags about--being a "potty-mouth."  To me--he is one of the worst ones because he is denying all responsibility and disguising his own war on women in humor.  He motioned, as if he was brushing words off his shoulders, "Just forget about it "   He makes it seem as if it is okay to humiliate a woman simply because humor is involved, as in the case of Sarah Palin.  I think his philosophy is disgusting and he needs to thinks two times before he opens his big mouth.

I don't think the kids of the fallen woman think these comments are entertaining.  That is what men do when they want to marginalize women--they start making sex, intelligence or promiscuity comments, as we saw with Herman Cain, and then stand and giggle and try to convince everyone to agree with them when they are actually the guilty party.  I admire Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin for their strength and saying their political opinion.  Bill thinks he is cool and liberal democrat and I guess he feels his opinion is of extreme importance.  I would love to hear your opinion.  Bill Maher gets to talk in the op-ed due to his big money and the slain woman does not have a voice.  Mitt Romney is having a hard time getting the proper message across no matter how much he talks while Bill Maher can get his idea to everyone real fast and with just a few words.

thank you for your time

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