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MAY 24, 2010 4:59PM

F is for Frog

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Unlike most of my friends, I liked high school. I liked my teachers and I did well in my classes. Not that I was a genius or anything, I just liked learning new things and most of my classes came easy to me. Except math but I’m not sure math comes easily to anybody so I’m not sure that counts. I figure I can balance a checkbook so I know enough.


Of all my classes though, science came easiest. I averaged an A- most of my four years and rarely opened a book. I almost never studied for a test and could work a Bunsen burner without setting the school lab on fire which in and of itself put me at the head of the class.. Until…


I still remember the announcement that on Monday we’d be dissecting frogs. I was appalled. I don’t even think I heard the rest of the announcement explaining why or what we’d be learning about science and anatomy I just knew I wasn’t going to do it. And this I do remember hearing…failure to participate will result in an automatic F.  This was not how I’d envisioned ending my senior year.


As it turns out, Monday no one dissected any frogs…there were no frogs to dissect, although the marsh behind the school was a bit more croaky. The culprit was demanded to come forward or the entire class would be failed. Hell, I’d planned on coming forward anyway, I was proud of what I’d done. And I was proud of the F on my record.


High school taught me a lot but not so much as that solitary act taught me about courage and standing up for what's right. My senior science record is the only high school token I've kept all these many years and that memory remains my proudest moment.


F is for frog…

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Courage is doing what is right, regardless of fear. You, my friend were courageous, and honorable.

That IS something to be proud of!

My favorite class was science as well. In English class we had to do a speech in 9th grade. I remember following a young lady who did a speech on how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

My presentation was on quantum physics and the phenomenon of the 'quantum leap,' and how it was a terrible idea to call a large development a tiny shift in atomic orbits.

I got an A for that.

Luckly we never wound up killing anything in biology. The things we cut up were very dead. I can still smell that aweful formaldahyde to this day. Ugh.

Anyway, bravo to you for doing the right thing!
good for you for saving those frogs. i hated the part of science where we dissected things. ick. and the smell of formaldahyde still makes me heave.
Thank you Doug, I appreciate your kind support. This remains my proudest high school accomplishment.

Lemon, I like to think that the freed frogs found their way back to friends and family! :))