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FEBRUARY 13, 2012 7:34PM


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Bixby seems of all the over used, and mis-used, words in the English language, this one tops the list.

People love their car, their Kindle, their flat screen. They love the latest movie, restaurant, vacation spot.

I even know people who love the sound of their own voice! But I know very few of you who know what it is to truly love because very few of you bother to take the time to appreciate what it is to receive it - how is it then you can expect to experience  it?

So, as people are once again poised on the brink of another Valentine's Day, complete with all the stresses  of selecting that "just right" card to attach to that "just right" gift she / he will love, I thought I'd weigh in on the matter of this thing you people call L-O-V-E.  

Until recently, I will confess, I thought I knew what love was. I lived in a very upscale house with a very refined, self-made man who treated me well, bought me nice things, said he loved me, blah, blah, blah. And then the years started to pass. I could sense something had changed. There was a distance between us, the nice gifts stopped coming and the I love you was randomly heard anymore. And my affection was, when not coolly rejected, only moderately received.

And then one day I was out. Just like that. No good-bye, no show of any remorse, no sign I'd even be missed or remembered.

But I thought you loved me?, I pleaded. He just turned and walked away.

I tried to be brave. I tried to make a plan for my life, for managing alone but I was no young pup anymore and my hearing was a bit off and my eyesight a bit dim and frankly, my frisky days were pretty well behind me. I sensed there wasn't going to be much love in my life anymore.

And then I met Irving in the park. We became fast friends and he invited me to go home with him. No, I don' tthink so.  But he did look so happy...I followed after him to see where he lived. I watched him go inside this rather small, unappealing looking house with its shabby lawn and mangy looking bushes and I thought to myself how could he be happy living there?

I peeked inside the windows; there was an old couch all worn and tattered and a big boxy t.v. with rabbit ears and the carpeting looked all faded and discolored.  And then I spotted Irving sitting with a woman in a big overstuffed easy chair, and then I noticed others and they all looked so happy and it hit me; this was love! I was seeing love. For the first time in my life, I recognized love.

I made noise, a lot of noise, so they'd hear me and when the woman opened the door, she didn't ask who I was or where I'd come from or even what I wanted. She just said Well, hello, handsome, we've been waiting for you.

My name is Bixby... I used to have a  house now I have  a home.

I had to lose all I had to find all I wanted... and had my heart never broken I'd have never found love... 

 where love lives and hope shines~~~

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Wow....This just...made sense :) What a pleasure to read.