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Chris K
Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires (DF), Argentina
January 11
I'm a starving artist and ramblin' man. Currently in Buenos Aires for art-related purposes.


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AUGUST 13, 2008 4:30PM

Ghost Rider (A Roadside Tribute)

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I imagine we're all familiar with the roadside crosses and flowers that commemorate people who have died in traffic accidents. Usually I drive past and think, "There's another one of those crosses" if I think anything at all. Here, however, is a moving, secular tribute to a cyclist killed in a traffic accident. It's kind of beautiful, in a sad way. 


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I find this quite lovely.
Me, too. Heartbreaking and lovely.
These are found in American and European cities. In my town (Portland, Oregon) they seem to be on every corner. Amazingly, they are never stolen or vandalized. This symbol seems to touch everyone.
Interesting. I've never seen one before. Given, I lived in NYC for a long time, but I've also spent a fair amount of time on the highway.
That's a very moving image.
Wow. That's amazing. It makes me think of this post: