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MAY 18, 2009 10:07AM

Oops! Maureen Dowd's "error"

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Hey, remember that time I broke into your well-known house and took your TV? It was a simple error, really. I had heard from someone that there was a TV--which happened to be in your house, though they didn't mention that it was your house or that the house in fact belonged to anyone--and that TV sounded awful good to me, because I didn't have a TV.

So I sort of opened the window to the house, not knowing that the house belonged to anybody but simply interested in the TV that my friend had mentioned in passing at a cocktail party. And I crawled inside the house, which I didn't even realize was a house at all, and I certainly had no idea that the house belonged to anybody, let alone you. You know, I thought the whole thing was idle chit chat--except for, you know, the TV part.

No one was inside the non-house, so clearly this TV didn't belong to no one and surely no one would notice if I took it, because of course no one notices these things, even though I am quite famous (I should maybe have mentioned that at the outset). It just so happened that I took the TV in the very late evening, which made it somewhat difficult for people to see me, but this was purely coincidental. There was no reason to hide my TV.

Let me tell you, that TV looked great at my house! which is most certainly a real house that is most definitely owned by me. It looked so great I decided to put it on the lawn so everyone could appreciate the 180" splendor of my TV, which had just sort of fallen into my lap by chance.

When people saw it, they thought it looked pretty good, too. I was so proud. Then one of them was like, "Hey! That's so-and-so's TV." And I was like, "Who's so-and-so? This is my TV." And then so-and-so and a bunch of other people saw the TV and they said it was so-and-so's too. I started to worry.

Surely this TV didn't belong to someone else! I had simply found it, much like one finds loose change under the cushions of their couch. That change can really add up you know. Once I bought a whole pizza with the change from my sofa. Actually, I found the pizza under the cushions, but that's another story.

So, yeah, it turned out that the TV belonged to so-and-so. Boy was my face red with embarrassment. All because of a simple error. Just ask the AP, cos they wrote about it, though I don't know why, because they understood that it was just an error. I don't know what all the fuss is about. I mean, anyone could make the same mistake.

All I can say is: "Oops!"

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Is this about a paragraph of hers that just happened to duplicate somebody else's? Anyway, cute.
Yes, it's about plagiarism.
Perfection. You nailed her. (sorry for the innuendo)