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March 17
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DECEMBER 16, 2011 3:03PM

Christine and I Called this Home (Post Card Essay)

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Christine Geery and I grew up in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. It's a city that is comprised of two levels; the older part, which is between Lake Ontario and an escarpment known as "the mountain" which was developed later in the city’s history.  Christine and I might have ridden our dinosaurs to school, but these postcards depict the roadways up the escarpment that are even older than we are.

Imagine.....  Hamilton had a funiculaire!



(The above postcard was postmarked on March 25, 1908.)






The next postcards depict the two Inclines that once provided transportation up the escarpment.








The James Street Incline was opened on June 3, 1892, and made its final run on Boxing Day, 1931. 
The Wentworth Street Incline was built in 1895 and continued in operation until August 1, 1936. 

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What a magically beautiful place. Does it still look anything like that?
All the roads are, of course, paved and there are many more buildings. As in the pictures, there is much rustic beauty in the exposed rock and views of the lower part of the city.
These are spectacular postcards, Chrissie. How far back does your family go in Hamilton?

I think I saw James Bond and a Spectre killer fighting on one of those funiculaire cars. Wonderful dip back in time. Did you and Christine collaborate on this?
Lezlie, I've lived in Hamilton since I was two.
Matt, we certainly did! She told me what to do, and I did it!
Ya Matt, I give her orders all the time. But do you actually think she follows any?
So Missy, did I tell you this was an EP or not. Congratulations !! Damn I should have stolen it from you when you sent it in the e-mail. (Just kidding)..sort of. Talk soon.
Yes you did tell me it was EP material. I didn’t believe you because you tell me most of my work is EP material. My jaw is still on the floor. And there is no way you’d steal it. You have too much Cathedral High School morals imbedded too deep!
I lived there for a year. I had a little house on Avondale Street down near the steelworks. Hamilton is just another city now. It has lost much of its former charm in pursuit of - what else - the almighty dollar.

The people of Hamilton are very decent and friendly folks though. They tend to be afraid of Toronto which is only 40 miles east of them - and they hate driving the 401 or the Q.E.W. into Toronto. Of course Toronto drivers are all suicidal maniacs whom any sensible person would have some trepidation about driving among.
Neat!! But where are the pictures of the dinosaurs??? ;D

Those are most beautiful. I collect postcards and I have many from France dated around then. I adore the feeling of holding them in my hand and thinking about the people that sent them.
Magnificent memories, it makes me wish I had never tossed out a postcard.
rated with love
Sky, correct on all counts, but it’s home. The views from the top of the escarpment are still lovely. You think we might have passed one another on one of the streets of Hamilton at some point?
Tink, Christine wouldn’t let me post them.... I think she was jealous; mine was the upgrade model; it had stripes rather than her polka dotted one!
I think I know how you feel. We have the original version of the View-Master (not the child’s toy but an alternative to postcards) and I also wonder about the people in them.
Tink, Thank you, and rolling down that mountain was fun!
Poetess, so true. The ones that hid from me when I was throwing out memories give me great pleasure when I unearth them.
Why is it that these old photos hold more charm and carry more significance than "modern" digital photos of how urbane we've become? Perhaps in this question, I've already provided the answer. Thanks. This was a delightful trip.
The most beautiful postcard post I've seen, Chrissie. Thank you, and congratulations for a most deserving EP.

I visited your beautiful city when PWAC held it AGM there in 2005. It was lilac season at the Royal Botanical Gardens. I'll never forget the lilacs.

Those are really cool. You were lucky to live in a place of such beauty and history, especially if there were dinosaurs as well.
Walter, thank you for joining me for my nostalgic trip.
Jane, I wish I could say the hotel is still there.
Fusun, thank you. Lilac season at the RBG. Intoxicating!
What a nice place it must be!!!
Chrissie, I am totally intrigued by your collection of post cards! What a great cross section of views of that attractive area and how interesting to learn that both you and Christine Geery grew up there! Thanks for sharing your collection and stories.
What an amazing place! And what a lovely photo essay. But before I pack up and abandon the Napa cold does it get? And when does winter end? Great post!
A wonderful way to portray a city...congrats on the EP!
Gorgeous and magical images.
Love old postcards! Something about the romance of the past and what might have been vs. what has become...
Wonderful postcard collection. Rated.
end?! What is 'end'?
Wow I lived in hamilton for 6 months and am really pleased by these cards. Thanks for the nostalgic history and more.
Bellweather, I am, indeed, and the dinosaurs were a great bonus!
d, I was happy to share. Christine and I met in high school then she moved away and we lost touch for a while. Through the wonders of modern communication we reconnected have become good friends over the years. It helps that we are both just a teeny tiny bit us common ground!
Spike, thank you! It does get cold up here! Think Buffalo, New York.
Buffy, thank you.... and thank you!
Beth, thank you. I`d love to take more credit. I was just lucky enough to get them, copy them, and post them.
Lea, you are so correct. Most of what is in the postcards no longer exists as it was, although to give up modern conveniences vs the romance......
Erica, thank you.
Sky, now, now, those thirty seconds of summer can produce quite the tan!!
Algis, in what year were you here? Glad to provide some enjoyment.
I got lost in the photographs---it was a lovely loss of time, and a gain as well!
m, what's that expression, in reverse? Can't lose for winning.
love those old photocards! I wonder if any of those places are left unchanged?
Poppi, some of the roads are the same, but most of the buildings are gone.