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FEBRUARY 13, 2012 12:32PM

Tough Love or Child Abuse?

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I received this in an e-mail a few days ago.  I then followed the outcome.  Very interesting.  This father has stirred up quite the controversy.  Any opinions? 

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I saw this and I think he did what a lot of other parents should do.
I agree with what he did.
This is the first I heard of or saw this, Chrissy. My belief is that children learn and emulate what they see at home. I'm very sorry that this family has deeply rooted problems of communication, respect, and boundaries. That father is certainly no example for fathering and shouldn't be surprised for the results he got.
My vote is child abuse. Nothing about that is ok, but the laptop shooting is enough that I would remove any children from his home.
There are those who will shout "child abuse" because the "little darling" is not being sufficiently enabled and allowed to set and follow her own path. I'm from the other school of thought--while the man's actions were more than a bit extreme, perhaps it was time for him to re-assert the priorities of his household, the respect he is deserved as a father and the notion that the world does not revolve around the young (as too many families mistakenly practice).
He's a bit extreme, but this is not any more extreme than a lot of the crap that ends up on YouTube and is considered entertaining or "cute".
The cycle of abuse will continue. I understand both of their sides, but two wrongs doesn't make it right.
Smoking is probably not the best example of good parenting.
I agree with Buffy and I'm having a hard time getting past the smoking and the gun. r
These things usually turn out to be staged fakes, but if it is or isn't I don't get people who live their lives on the internet. These issues should be resolved in private between family members.R
I can't watch the video -- it's been removed? From my personal parenting experience if a parent's actions cause folks to wonder -- "is this child abuse?" it's at least toeing over the line toward abuse.
I couldn't watch the video which is fine with me. If the guy shot the girl's laptop, I vote he is a butt. Sorry. What was the point. Why destroy something either he or his daughter paid for?

I remember my first step father shooting at first a mama cat then killing her kittens because he thought he shot her while through it all I was screaming at the top of my young lungs for him to stop.

It was sadistic and cruel and a form of extreme control for either men to shoot anything. I can't bring myself to believe that it is any form of good parenting to use a gun to teach a lesson.
I just watched the video from what I'm assuming is the father's Youtube account. Guess in the description, he posts his daughter's Facebook account, and has gotten over 22 million hits!!


$130 dollars?? What kind of IT monkey is that stoopid father???

Suppose to be able to take two tooth picks and some duct tape and make memory sticks, and what IT guy actually BUYS the software??

BAD IT GUY....make your own coffee too!! Don't know what that daughter of yours will put into it!! :D

(And I'll go with Tough Love...Abuse would have been if he had put the bullets into his daughter instead of the laptop!! :D)

~wanders off shaking his head~
I have to agree with FunSunA. He is doing what he is complaining about his daughter doing. Gee, I wonder where she learned it from and now she has learned she can take a gun and shoot stuff up to make her point. Father of the year for sure. NOT!
Ditto to FusunA. Rise above the lowest behavior exhibited by others. Rated with an RRR
Thank you all for your comments. Your input was appreciated.
This is really a good thing for all to watch and learn from.
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